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The Game

April 29, 2010

The recent crossing over of so many politicians from one party to another or, such as Rino Charlie Crist in Florida from a party to an Independent, not only illustrates what these people will do to stay in office (Any office.) but lays the foundation for the game.

By now you must be thinking what in tarnation is he talking about? Well, let me lay it out for you. First these people move so easily from one position to another because there really isn’t much difference between them to begin with. They pick a few key issues that the people feel strongly about (abortion, gun control, health care) and align themselves with one party or the other. By the time you notice that they are waffling all over the place they have been in office for most of a term.

Next they play you off against one another over these few issues and throw baseless accusations at their opponent. This stirs up the populace and gets them passionate about a candidate. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the real candidate for change is left out in the cold because he; A) Doesn’t get the big money from the parties. and B) Can’t get the populace passionate about him. Are you starting to see how this works. The real guy is boring because he’s talking about getting to work on some real change while the shysters are whipping up the masses.

For decades I have watched this play out over and over. The politicians always win and the American people have been “shut out” repeatedly. Never a win that I can remember. We always get the least of the evils. Well, I suggest to you that this time you go for the win. Register to vote. Register with a party affiliation so you can make a difference in their primary (Read that no more McCain/Palin tickets). Research your candidates. Don’t listen to any baseless accusations. And most important of all, don’t play the game. Don’t get whipped into a frenzy over one issue and vote that way. Good luck and until next time, screw environmentalists.


January 15, 2010

Do you know how many Presidents we have had that were Independents? Three, and two of those were only Independent for half of their term and one was only half Independent. John Tyler took office as a Whig but soon changed to an Independent. Andrew Johnson took office as a Democrat and later became an Independent. The only President we have had that was an Independent when elected was… Anybody? Anybody? George Washington.

Since 1869 our President has been either Democrat or Republican. That is BS. I’m not an Independent, Democrat, or Republican. As a matter of fact I have no party affiliation. And I don’t like my taxes paying for the party that goes on while these vermin nominate their criminals, I mean candidates. But I can see the way things are going, so I offer this to you. Do you want to win the next election? Then here’s your candidate. Lieutenant Colonel Allen West. This guy will make your blood boil and then run cold as ice. This guy has his finger on the pulse of America.