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The Cowboy Way

April 26, 2010

1960’s radical Bill Ayers (that’s how the MSM is labeling him) had a speaking engagement canceled by the University of Wyoming. Huffpo paints it as if the rednecks just didn’t like his looks. The fact is the Cowboys don’t want the founder of the Weather Underground, a radical anti-war group that claimed responsibility for bombing the Pentagon and the US Capitol and also resulted in the death of one of their own, talking to their kids.

Obama condemned Ayers actions and claimed they were not friends even though his political career was started in Ayers living room not far from Obama’s Chicago residence. Tom Buchanan, President of Wyoming University was quoted earlier today as saying there were death threats if Ayers showed up but I sure can’t find that anywhere now. I wonder if they’ll scrub this little blog as well.

Francisco Rios, director of the University of Wyoming Social Justice Research Center (there’s that term again, social justice), had invited Professor Ayers (that;s right, he’s teaching your children to bomb things) to speak about education issues, as he is an education professor (WTF?) at the University of Chicago. Do you suppose that has anything to do with needing the national guard there now?

So a student extended an invitation from the Student Secular Alliance (What the heck is that?) to speak off campus as the University won’t let him on campus (Wise move.). This guy is a total piece of pelosi and should be in prison with Bubba for many moons, instead he is out there corrupting the minds of our youth. How much longer will we stand for this folks? Until next time, screw environmentalists.