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Abandoned Troops

June 21, 2009

I’ve seen it over and over. Some egregious activity in some third world arm pit of the Earth and here comes the United States to the rescue with the liberals jumping up and down in their seats brimming with excitement. Then about half way through the job the same liberals lose their taste for war and decide that we are doing the wrong thing and should stop funding it. Then, as usual, they stir up unrest throughout the country, get in power, and hang our troops out to dry. They did it in Korea, they did it in Viet Nam and I think they are twisted out of shape because they didn’t do it in the first gulf war.

I was too young for Korea so I remember nothing about returning soldiers. I was unaware and young when they came back from Viet Nam but I do remember the way they were treated and if I were just a few years older I would have made a difference in the faces of some of the jerks that greeted them. But I’m old now and I guarantee you that if I see any returning soldier treated as they were when they returned from Viet Nam that someone will be going to the hospital.