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Gubmint Money

February 15, 2011

I’m thinking about starting a business. The gubmint gives out money for that sort of thing don’t they? I was thinking of starting a junkyard. It seems like everything turns into junk sooner or later so that would probably be a going concern. I wonder what you have to do to get a subsidy? I think this would be advantageous to the public and I think that’s the only prerequisite to get a subsidy.

It would certainly be much more advantageous than Amtrak. And they have been getting subsidized since day one and, they have never made a nickel. I am pretty sure I could do better than that.

The Public Broadcasting System (PBS) is another one that eats up subsidies and spits out crap. I think the only thing they can point to that doesn’t offend someone is Sesame Street and I have never seen it so I don’t know, I just have not heard anything negative about it.

How about we revisit National Public Radio (NPR)? Now there’s a real crapper. I have tried to listen to it but I could never stomach anything for more than a few days. It’s like they have the Midas touch only with feces. Everything they touch turns to crap. And I think they work almost entirely on subsidies.

So now let me ask you, does General Motors (GM) work on subsidies now? I don’t know. I heard they were getting money. Then I heard they were paying it back. Now I’m hearing that they paid it back with more borrowed money. I give up. Who really knows?

Another good one is Chrysler. I remember when they got the original bailout. Lee Iacocca was in charge of that. Everybody said he was a real good con-man. I have always thought that they should have gone out of business. That was either right before or right after American Motors (AMC) went out of business. Nobody came running out to them with a bailout. At the time I think they had better models than Chrysler. I know I own a Chrysler and it has never been in a wind tunnel. That thing makes the craziest noises going down the road.

I guess what I’m getting at here is that I think that if it needs a subsidy it should not exist. Amtrak? No. PBS? No. NPR? No. I think we could do just fine without them. GM, too big to fail? Can we get by without them? I think so. Chrysler? Let them fail. How can I say this? I believe the car companies are, and have been, too big for too long. I think smaller, more localized companies should be doing the job. Oh well. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Gubmint vs. Private

June 9, 2010

Yesterday we looked at the jobs created by the gubmint so I figured today we could take a look at how these jobs impact things. I felt that yesterday was a little light so I’m hoping today to sort of continue the thoughts and elaborate a bit. We looked at how the gubmint makes its money by taxing Americans so let’s make a scenario where the gubmint is out to make a profit.

There are actually several good examples of the gubmint doing just this. One that comes to mind was discussed on, I believe Beck or Boortz, the other day. If not it was one of the usual suspects, anyway it is the off track betting in New York. It was the day before the Belmont and one of the radio guys was talking about it and apparently the State runs all off track betting in New York. So basically it has a monopoly as well. Seems like they should be able to clean up right?

Now this would be a perfect example of the gubmint in the market place. They are providing a service and it is in demand. It’s a real business, they just need to rent a place and put in some phones, lights, furniture, maybe some TV’s and they’re ready to go. All they have to do is just take the bets and pay out winnings. Nothing too involved, and they get a cut for their service. Sounds like a cash machine doesn’t it?

Well, my major objection to gubmint being in business has been averted due to their monopoly. I don’t believe our gubmint should be competing with the very people who pay their salaries. So that’s not an issue here but it would be in any scenario where gubmint competes with tax payers. It would be like GM taking Ford’s money to operate don’t you think? Oops, did I say that?

So, after all this. One of the easiest businesses to run in the history of the world, low overhead and a monopoly, what has the gubmint done. They’re bankrupt. That’s right. They owe eighteen million to the racing commission and twenty million to some track in Yonkers and they have just announced that they are not going to pay.

What are you going to do? Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Who’s Responsible

May 13, 2010

Today I have a question for you. Who is responsible for this country? Let’s look at this question in a few different ways. Who is responsible for our economic situation? Is Bush really the one who is responsible for all this crap? He did start it didn’t he? Did Bush start tarp or was it Pelosi and the boys? Or, is Obama responsible now? After all, he is the man in charge. When you buy a company do you go in and a year later blame its failure on the fact that your predecessor started it?

OK, let’s forget that for now. Who is responsible for border security? Bush didn’t get the fence built. Obama isn’t working on it. Should the State of Arizona do it all? What about Sheriff Joe? Can he do it all? I hear he’s running for Governor. The Governor they have is doing a pretty good job isn’t she? But what about Texas? Here’s an ADD question. How come we don’t hear about problems in New Mexico? Arnold is a total waste of space but then California got what they bargained for.

OK, forget that. What about unemployment? Why are GM and GE not doing more for America’s workers? (That even sounds communist.) Should there be some kind of law that says everybody is entitled to a job? What about Steve Jobs? He’s doing pretty well isn’t he? Shouldn’t he put on some more people? Or maybe the Microsoft guy, I hear he’s doing pretty good? Say, what about the feds? I hear they’re putting on 16,000 IRS agents? What’s that all about anyway?

OK, let’s look at this from my prospective. Who TOOK responsibility over the fields of Pennsylvania on September 11? Oh yeah. The American people baby, that’s who. I submit to you that the American people are responsible for this whole thing. Perhaps we should get off our couch and go vote. Or maybe do something radical like campaign for the candidate that is going to do the job we elect them for. How about this, get yourself elected? Ow that’s freaky huh?

Hey, just shooting from the hip here. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


February 24, 2010

There’s a lot of talk about Scot Brown being a disappointment. I don’t know how you feel but personally I expected a lot more. Of course I based my thinking on the thought that anyone who drives an old truck must be all good. I suppose I should have been considering the obvious, he’s a Republican from Massachusetts.

I guess he’s better than a Kennedy but here’s the thing. The Founding Fathers envisioned a congress where the average guy would leave his productive job and go “serve” in the congress and then go back home to his productive job. I read where the average salary in America today is $40,000.00. Who can afford to get elected on that kind of money? I will venture to say that we haven’t had an “average guy” in congress for many moons.

The type of jackal that runs for office today is normally backed by many a pocket-book all looking to get fatter, not skinnier. By the time an “average guy” gets in office he owes so many favors that he feels obligated to honor that he will inevitably produce votes like Mr. Brown’s “jobs bill” vote. He should be the poster boy for campaign finance reform.

Here’s a quick overview of my plan for campaign finance reform. Nobody spends more than $100,000.00. NOBODY! Not the Pres, nobody. No donation can exceed $100.00. This means all donations, corporate, personal, organization. The NRA can give you no more than $100.00. The SEIU can give you no more than $100.00. GM, GE, Mobil, McDonald’s, Fred Farkel, the girl up the street, the homeless guy on the corner, all no more than $100.00. If you can’t find 1,000 donations maybe you shouldn’t be running. All monies must be donated, none of your own.

Hey just a quick shot from the hip. Maybe one of you “average guys” out there can draft something up and introduce it. Probably not because congress has become a wealth building endeavor hasn’t it? That’s right, they’re rich when they go in and they’re even wealthier when they come out. Plus they usually have brokered a six figure income consulting some super-corporation after retirement. A retirement funded by the American people. What a scam. Oh well, until next time, screw environmentalists.

The McCain-Feingold Act

January 21, 2010

The McCain-Feingold Act was ruled unconstitutional today by the Supreme Court. What does this mean? Well that is a complicated answer. McCain-Feingold in itself is not that old (2002), but the crux of the act hearkens back to the turn of the twentieth century when robber barons used their wealth to elect politicians that would do their bidding.

Valid arguments can be made both ways. It is, after all, freedom of speech, but who’s speech? Who speaks for the SEIU, GM, the AFLCIO, or GE? I rather think the First Amendment protection of free speech applies to individuals. Does that include individual entities? Then the questionable aspects of the candidate being beholding to the corporation or organization that funds the ad comes into play, as was the case with the robber barons.

I think the ruling is correct. The freedom of speech must be preserved. But this freedom must apply only to individuals. The individuals hiding behind these corporate and organizational names should not be insulated from prosecution and law suits by the same laws that allow them this freedom of speech. An individual should be put forth to stand accountable for the good as well as the bad if an organization desires this kind of consideration from the American people.

A case in point is when I worked for a large automobile manufacturer I was required to belong to a union, even though I did not want to. The union donated to the Democrat Party. I did not like that either. If this is the case I should have been able to bring suit against the individual who made this decision. Does that sound fair? I don’t recall a vote at the union hall to see if we were going to donate. They just did it.

Let’s look at that logically. I had to pay a portion of my income to a group just to keep my job. That sounds like the old protection money the gangsters took from merchants so they didn’t put them out of business. Next they took that same money and gave it to a cause that I not only did not believe in, but at the time, worked against (I was a Republican). What’s that quote about a man being made to pay for something he abhors?

At any rate, we’ve gone back in time about a century on this law. Is that good? I don’t know. It seems like it should be so why do I have all this fear?


August 7, 2009

In case you haven’t noticed, my favorite Founding Father is Thomas Jefferson,  even though I have more in common with Benjamin Franklin. Anyway, in 1802 Thomas Jefferson said, “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

What do you think of that? Does any of it sound familiar? The Fed is a privately owned bank you know? Fanny Mae, Ameriquest, GM and the rest grew up around it you know? There was a bubble and now what is Chairman Zero doing to your dollar? Is BHO going to be your landlord? If we get out of this, what do you think we should do with the Federal Reserve Bank?

If anything good is going to come out of this it’s that Obama is destroying corporations.  If you think I’m talking insane here refer to Jefferson’s quote on standing armies, banks and corporations. Look for Beck or Limbaugh to put this together pretty soon but I think only Beck has the stones to say it.


July 4, 2009

I just got back from the local tea party and it appeared that a splendid time was had by all. It was extremely hot but there was still quite a large turn out. I enjoyed it but I came away with something nagging at me. I just had to wonder how many people really get it. I mean they had enthusiasm and they seemed to applaud at all the appropriate times. The problem is that I had to leave a little early and as I was going to my car I noticed an alarming amount of foreign scrap in the parking lot.

I realize that many of these road hazards are ASSembled in this country but when you buy one the cabbage goes overseas to increase our trade deficit. The argument that you bought it used doesn’t fly either, because that just increases their resale value, thank you very much. How can you in good conscience drive up to the local protest to stand up for America in your Toyota? When the hippies in the sixties and seventies went to the local protest for communism they darn sure drove Toyotas, Hondas and Volkswagens. The only American cars you might have seen were old Cadillacs that had been hearses. At least they had conviction.

So the next time you hop in your foreign road hazard maybe you should fondle the genuine imitation plastic teakwood trim and ponder the damage you have had on the American economy. Think about your part in the Chrysler and GM bankruptcies. Look at the homeless guy on the corner and wonder what auto union he is retired from.


June 10, 2009

So here’s what happens, GM and Chrysler get so many billion and they don’t improve so the government chucks another so many billion into them and still nothing. What now? We don’t want to lose our investment so they start putting restrictions on the competitors. All the imports get tougher restrictions and import tariffs. Through the EPA, the justice department or the Federal Trade Commission they make Ford conform to whatever GM and Chrysler are doing. Corporatism, the fundamental building block of fascism is born.

Now we have the people with the power, the federal government, and the people with the money, big business , in an unholy alliance. Unless people get worried, get interested, get active and start agitating we’re going to be in for a world of trouble. As I was listening to Glenn Beck he had a guy named Steve Milloy on talking about this and the word he used was corpocracy. I don’t think it means corporate hypocrisy, I think it’s more along the lines of corporate bureaucracy, but whatever it means it will mean big trouble for you and I.


June 8, 2009

Do you really think GM dumped Hummer because it was a money loser. If that was the case why would the chicoms (Chinese Communists) snatch it up so fast? The fact is that Hummer was one of the most profitable divisions of GM. How can this be, you say? Well, true, it was not that big of a hit here, but apparently it is a huge hit in the middle east. The hummer beats the hell out of camels all day long. They can’t get enough of them.

The chicoms are not going to stop making the Hummer, or even move the factory. It will still be made here and shipped over seas. You just won’t be able to get one. It was a simple acquisition of a profitable asset. They were probably wondering why GM would be so stupid. They now have an asset that will produce a fantastic profit for them for years to come and they only have a few dollars invested.

In case you are wondering, this Hummer is not the same one the Armed Forces use. This Hummer is based on a Suburban chassis and is a totally different critter. The military will still have their vehicles and you will be forced to settle for the all new GM Toyolet.