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Gubmint vs. Private

June 9, 2010

Yesterday we looked at the jobs created by the gubmint so I figured today we could take a look at how these jobs impact things. I felt that yesterday was a little light so I’m hoping today to sort of continue the thoughts and elaborate a bit. We looked at how the gubmint makes its money by taxing Americans so let’s make a scenario where the gubmint is out to make a profit.

There are actually several good examples of the gubmint doing just this. One that comes to mind was discussed on, I believe Beck or Boortz, the other day. If not it was one of the usual suspects, anyway it is the off track betting in New York. It was the day before the Belmont and one of the radio guys was talking about it and apparently the State runs all off track betting in New York. So basically it has a monopoly as well. Seems like they should be able to clean up right?

Now this would be a perfect example of the gubmint in the market place. They are providing a service and it is in demand. It’s a real business, they just need to rent a place and put in some phones, lights, furniture, maybe some TV’s and they’re ready to go. All they have to do is just take the bets and pay out winnings. Nothing too involved, and they get a cut for their service. Sounds like a cash machine doesn’t it?

Well, my major objection to gubmint being in business has been averted due to their monopoly. I don’t believe our gubmint should be competing with the very people who pay their salaries. So that’s not an issue here but it would be in any scenario where gubmint competes with tax payers. It would be like GM taking Ford’s money to operate don’t you think? Oops, did I say that?

So, after all this. One of the easiest businesses to run in the history of the world, low overhead and a monopoly, what has the gubmint done. They’re bankrupt. That’s right. They owe eighteen million to the racing commission and twenty million to some track in Yonkers and they have just announced that they are not going to pay.

What are you going to do? Until next time, screw environmentalists.


June 15, 2009

Has it occurred to anyone that the Founding Fathers seemed to be the kind of people that you could relate to, speak to, maybe even be friendly with? I wouldn’t even have minded being in business with Franklin or Jefferson. That’s just the kind of people they seemed to be. I realize that history may have been somewhat skewed but they had a long way to go to measure up to the crop of political refuse we have today.

As long as I can remember the President has been some kind of jerk. Always something to hide or something they should’ve admitted up front. I don’t really remember Ike. Clinton and Kennedy were womanizers. Nixon “may” have had knowledge of wrong doing? Johnson, Carter, Ford and both Bush’s were just weak and/or silly. Reagan was hard to read but he seemed somewhat quirky and really started the untouchable attitude that Presidents have taken in the last few decades.

Nixon was also scary and intimidating. You can’t talk to them and you wouldn’t want to if you could because you never know what’s going to happen to you if you say something they don’t want to hear. And now we have chairman zero (Obama). He’s nothing more than a rabble rousing street thug from Chicago. He associates with known terrorists and criminals and he’s attempting to rule by intimidation. I’m afraid to even e-mail him. He makes me nostalgic for Nixon.


June 10, 2009

So here’s what happens, GM and Chrysler get so many billion and they don’t improve so the government chucks another so many billion into them and still nothing. What now? We don’t want to lose our investment so they start putting restrictions on the competitors. All the imports get tougher restrictions and import tariffs. Through the EPA, the justice department or the Federal Trade Commission they make Ford conform to whatever GM and Chrysler are doing. Corporatism, the fundamental building block of fascism is born.

Now we have the people with the power, the federal government, and the people with the money, big business , in an unholy alliance. Unless people get worried, get interested, get active and start agitating we’re going to be in for a world of trouble. As I was listening to Glenn Beck he had a guy named Steve Milloy on talking about this and the word he used was corpocracy. I don’t think it means corporate hypocrisy, I think it’s more along the lines of corporate bureaucracy, but whatever it means it will mean big trouble for you and I.


May 16, 2009

Are you a union man? When I used to work in the factories I was asked that question a lot. I was raised in the sixties when we were in a cold war with the UNION of Soviet Socialist Republics. Now I am watching my country being turned into the Union of Socialist States of America. I do belong to a credit union. I once belonged to the International Brotherhood of Chauffeurs and Warehousemen of America. I also belonged to two different branches of the United Auto Workers. I didn’t think much of them at the time, I was probably more management material than a union man.

Some years later my views began to change. Big business was running rampant. I didn’t really want to have anything to do with big business or unions. I had the view that they deserved each other. It was what I call a “who cares fight”, you don’t really care who wins, just so they fight long and hard and do a lot of damage to each other. Maybe that was short sighted. Maybe the damage they have done to each other is culminating in this mess we are seeing today. Maybe we will not come out of this predicament.

Then again, maybe this is just what we need. Perhaps Obama is more cunning than we originally thought. One hundred years ago there were over a hundred car companies in America, all healthy. Google it, you’ll be amazed. Stanley, Stutz, La Salle, Oldsmobile, Cadillac, Ford, Buick, Lincoln, Chevrolet, Mercury and many more. All separate little companies producing products locally and causing communities to thrive. Then the megalomaniacs got in the business and the smaller companies were either swallowed up by the bigger ones or systematically put out of business.

I have always thought it would be nice to have a small company churning out a couple hundred cars a year. Maybe this could come to be. I don’t think that would be such a bad thing. We’ll need to get the government out of the business, but once they drive GM and Chrysler into the ground I think the American people will see through the shroud of secrecy and throw them out. Then entrepreneurs from all over America could begin new and maybe we will see a whole new crop of options to choose from. Might as well look for some kind of silver lining in this cloud of doom.