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Warming BS

April 6, 2011

While you have been busy watching the circus in Wisconsin (Klumpenbutt has claimed victory and decreed that unions rule, by the way) the gubmint is preparing to take all the teeth out of the beast that is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Christian Science Monitor has a nice little story about it right here. As of this writing the Library of Congress does not have any results of votes on any of these bills. So I can only assume that our Congress is engrossed in one of Chairman Zero’s (Obama) long-winded speeches about himself.

The libs have no intentions of letting this go without smearing the good name of everyone involved and trying to get them arrested for anything they can drum up. Here‘s their first attempt at queering the good work done by our shiny new Representatives. Asthma? Really? Is that the best they could come up with? I have asthma. Really, these people are air surrounded by a sphincter muscle. And you know what comes from there.

I warn you, and warn you, and warn you. When they are making a spectacle of themselves somewhere, what do we do? That’s right, look elsewhere for the newest assault. They will have targeted some other God given right and moved in. Right now would be a good time to see what Zero has planned for your Second Amendment right.

The funny thing is, I think this time, the libs may be outclassed. That’s right, the conservatives have been doing an outstanding job of striking from all sides and I think it might just have them confused. The libs are on the ropes in Wisconsin (not to mention the rest of the country) in regards to that union thing. I don’t think that phony-balony recount will stick for long, at least I hope the conservative guy, Prosser I believe his name is, will challenge that crap.

This environmental fairy tale is taking flak from everywhere since the East Anglia scandal. Even Algore has admitted that ethanol was a mistake, which makes the embrace by NASCAR even more of an enigma. I’ll admit, I have never given the France family high marks for intelligence but they DO have (arguably) the number one racing organization in the world. Why tout a loser? I was listening to a local radio station this morning and a guy called in that owns a small engine repair shop and he said his business has tripled in regards to ethanol damage. ie; plastics and rubber in the fuel delivery system.

So here’s my suggestion to you. Go online and e-mail all of your Representatives right now about this EPA thing. Tell them you would like to see it gone the way of the Edsel. Here‘s your Representatives and here‘s your Senators. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


February 17, 2010

If Nixon was indeed a crook the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the reason. He proposed this cluster that hung its shingle out in December of 1970. This is one hack outfit and I don’t ever recall anything good coming out of it. I don’t expect anything, and the fact that my tax dollars support it sickens me.

The EPA is responsible for most of the BS to come down the loss of freedom pike. All that emission crap strapped to your car that reduces your fuel economy and horsepower are a direct result of this group. Unleaded gas, a perfectly worthless addition to the scene is their baby. Ethanol, the crap of the new millennium, is also a product of their nimble minds. None of this does any good and all of it is detrimental yet the agency continues.

Their latest edict, that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, is quite possibly one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. The fact that greenhouse gases do not even exist aside, carbon dioxide is an integral part of our true eco system. The plants need it. They breath it in. They will die without it. Have you ever looked at the picture that they use to describe the greenhouse effect? It’s like a comic, a bad one. For an uplifting story on this subject check out how Virginia is handling it. And as always, screw environmentalists.

You know, a good place to cut the federal budget might be the EPA. Just thinking out loud here. What have they really given us for our $62 billion or whatever ridiculous amount of tax dollars they suck up every year? (You try to decipher the federal budget.)