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Happy Earth Day

April 22, 2011

Earth day, what the heck (WTH) does that mean? Earth day was founded as an environmental (there’s that dirty word again) “teach in” (WTH?) in 1970 by Gaylord Nelson (enough said?). Dang, that sentence was full of feces. I don’t know where to start. Let’s start with the human, Gaylord Nelson. Not a totally bad guy. A lib Senator from Wisconsin that died a few years back. He was actually in WWII and was Governor of Wisconsin for a while.

Teach in. WTH is that? Oh heck, this is a cluster. See here. It’s not really defined. It’s one of those things that the libs would like to keep “sketchy”. They start off by calling it a complicated issue. I’m sick of this terminology. What’s so complicated? They are trying to make it complicated but if you get back to the basics it’s not complicated at all. It’s the Earth.

The “refusal to limit the discussion to a specific frame of time”, WTH does that mean? It sounds like we’ll just go on and on and on. Actually that’s a pretty good definition of the lib BS. They do just want to go on and on and on…

Finally, when I see that much about Berkley, Viet Nam, and Ann Arbor, I know it’s time to move on. None of those things are good and all of them are communist. So there you have it, a communist, never-ending discussion about dirt founded by a probable fag. Was that too much? Screw it.

So Chairman Zero (Obama) chooses today to end his three-day extravaganza of fuel consumption (53,300 gallons) while campaigning for 2012. So in other words we just paid $180,000.00 minimum to fly his good-for-nothing butt around the country while he tries to get re-elected. See here. I really hate these guys. I don’t care who they are if they’re going to do this crap they need to pay for it themselves. Now I just want to jump around for a few minutes yelling obscenities.

Ok, I’m back. I think I’m having a stroke but I feel better than I did when I first read this crap. I laid on the floor doing the squirrel for five minutes after that. I think the worst part of this is that I have no recourse. At least for the Human Achievement Hour I can turn all my lights on for an hour. Here, Zero has already beat me to it. There is no way I can afford to burn fifty thousand plus gallons of fuel, much less in three days. But when it’s all said and done you know what? Who is still really in charge? It’s Good Friday. Jesus died at 3:00 PM. Until the day after Easter, screw environmentalists.

Senate Climate Bill

March 10, 2010

Here we go again. The three little pigs are “crafting legislation“. That’s right Lindsay, Lieberman and Lurch (John Kerry) are hard at it but it’s just so difficult to hide the decline that they are not sure if they can get it done by Easter. They ruined Christmas and now they’re shooting for Easter. HEY! ATHEISTS! HOW ABOUT SCREWING UP RAMADAN!

Just like the failed health care fiasco the libs are “indicating” that they are willing to settle for something less so the three stooges (My deepest apologies to the Howard brothers and Mr. Fine) are toiling two, sometimes three hours a day to get this done by Easter so they can have another all night vote-a-thon on Easter morning.

They don’t seem to have the votes to pass this thing so Chairman Zero summoned some errant voters to be water-boarded at a meeting on Tuesday but there were some no shows. (Wonder why.) Anyway, the Sierra Club and The League of Conservation Voters have attacked Blanche Lincoln, the Senate Agriculture Chairwoman, for backing off on climate change. I guess she likes her job. I’m tempted to send the old bag a ten-dollar donation just for pissing them off. Until next time, screw environmentalists.