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H. Ross And The Donald

April 12, 2011

When I first heard that Donald Trump would be running for the Republican nomination for President I couldn’t believe it. He’s got to be one of the biggest libs I’ve ever read about. He’s a businessman, but a shyster businessman. He has made a lot of money but he often does it at the expense of the regular guy. As an example he would buy an apartment building, clean it up and raise the rents. The rents are what determines the value of an apartment building in the market, so the higher the rents the more the building is worth. You see, this is the same old crap. Instead of producing something of value Donald makes all his wealth on paper.

He reminds me of this guy I knew back in the eighties, H. Ross Perot. H. Ross was also a shyster businessman. He made a fortune on the backs of working people too. He conned GM into buying his company with their employees profit-sharing. That year Ford employees got about two grand in profit-sharing and GM employees got about two hundred. Nice deal huh? He could have just raised their rent.

But wait. There’s more. If not for H. Ross, Clinton might not have been a two term President. Heck, he might not even have gotten elected at all. You see, in 1992 H. Ross threw his hat into the ring as an Independent. He presented himself as a conservative businessman and siphoned more than enough of the popular conservative vote to have put Bush over the top. Then in 1996, here he comes sniffing around again. But this time even the idiotic American voters could see him for what he was. The thing that saved Willie here was “the electrifying Bob Dole”.

You see, in my lifetime, I have been screwed, blued, and tattooed by liberals. And as a result I hate them vehemently. But I also understand them. I know how they operate. And my concern here is that this is another of their shady ploys. I know, you think I’m sniffing paint in the shadows or something but I’m telling you, this is just the kind of thing they would do. They trot out one of their cleanest operatives and have them pose as a conservative just long enough to get their commie back in office for another swing at American freedom.

If you think I’m kidding let me give you a quick scenario. Mitt the twit (Romney) gets the GOP nod. The Donald (Trump) runs as an Independent. And Chairman Zero (Obama) runs again. Who you going to vote for? Assuming you’re not a lib, Trump starts to look pretty good at closing time, doesn’t he? And this is when things go horribly wrong. I’m warning you now, loud and clear. DON’T LET TRUMP BECOME A PEROT. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


September 25, 2009

Hey. The circus has come to town. Colonel Kadaffy has set up his tent in Donald’s garden. All the streets are choked with giant black SUV’s each carrying a single delagate who has come here to do something about global warming. I was listening to the radio and I understand that even Blaise Compaore, the President of Burkina Faso, is here. A splendid time is guaranteed for all. Did you know that Kadaffy’s tent has plumbing? I understand that he and Michelle may do a fashion show together. The moo-moo he was wearing the other day was particularly stunning. And how does he do his hair, electroshock in a wind tunnel?

So the clown prince took center stage and I understand he’s as long winded as he is insane. Yes, Colonel Kadaffy spoke for quite a while. He came out with such zingers as he thinks Chairman Zero should be President for life. Of course Zero, not to be outdone, did his famous ‘I’m to far above this job, I should be President of the world’ bit for the crowd and they just loved it.

Back to Kadaffy, he has a new bit and it just had them rolling in the ailes. He starts out with some incoherent stuff about Kennedy planning to investigate the nuclear power program in Isreal. The beginning is kind of slow and seems a little paranoid, even for a man with all female body guards but it quickly moves on to how Jack Ruby, who’s real name is Jacob Rubinski, is a Jew, and it was all part of the master Jew plan for him to kill Oswald to keep him quiet about the true reason for Kennedy’s assasination. Shortly after this he must have said something that really wasn’t that funny because a bunch of people got up and left. Oh well, stop by again folks. he’ll be there all weekend. Three shows a day.