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July 23, 2009

On May 28,2009 I posted regarding NPR and PBS and how I’m sick of supporting this liberal biased media with my tax dollars. Well, since that time we have had the spectacle that is the Obama fireside chat, or whatever they called it on ABC. I don’t know how long it droned on for because, as I stated earlier, if I listen to him for more than thirty seconds I get seriously ill, but I didn’t hear of any conservative rebuttal for however long Zero spewed.

I’m considering a new approach for this onslaught of liberalism provided by the alphabet networks. Normally when I view any of the, ahem, “fine programming” (wink wink nod nod) from them I hit the mute button during the ads but in these cases I believe I will mute the programming altogether and read a book (Common Sense maybe). Then, during the ads I will write down the sponsors and send them an e-mail threatening to never purchase their product or service again as long as I live(right wing terrorist that I am).

The “hope” here is that they will “change” their wicked ways and return to some vague façade of balanced reporting of the days events. If you too long for something to view besides the constant stream of homosexual abortions produced by ABC, CBS and NBC, join me in my quest for decency in broadcasting.