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More UN Foolishness

September 8, 2009

The United Nations has once again gone beyond the call of duty in naming Fidel Castro “World Hero of Solidarity”. Let’s examine this. Cuba is a dictatorship, right? Fidel did that with some kind of military action back in about 1959, right? Once in power he threw all the rich Americans out, right? Then he executed anyone who was loyal to the previous administration, right? Then he confiscated everything of value for his new government, right? Does that about sum it up?

Didn’t he have the t-shirt guy, umm, Che Guvera or something like that, help him out. Why do people pay money for a t-shirt with him on it? We need some t-shits with Oliver North and Norman Schwartzkopf on them. Now that’s something I’d buy and wear. Anyway, why are we supporting a group of… whatevers, that idolize a person like this? I’ve said since the seventies that we need out of that mess and this is more damning evidence that they are up to no good.

So let me get this straight, all I need to do is go to Puerto Rico with a small army, oust the rich Americans, execute some loyalists, and take everything of value for my new dictatorship, I mean government, and I’ll be the next World Hero? The scams just keep getting sweeter. To see what a true “patriot” thinks about this check the video below.


August 10, 2009

Everybody’s favorite little dictator and CEO of CITGO has made a new move towards world domination. He’s joined Stewie Griffin and Barry Obama and taken over the media. Yes that’s right sports fans  240 radio stations seized by the little frump. He claims he’ll turn them over to the people. What people do you suppose he means? It was “people” he took them from, but it seems that those “people” didn’t agree with some of his views. So I suppose that like Chairman Zero before him he’ll turn them over to “people” more sympathetic to his goals.

Now this brings a thought to my head. I’ve been watching things like this go on all over this round world of ours and it occurred to me that perhaps, instead of a civil war we may be looking at a world war. That thought is just chilling to the bone. What exactly are these little tyrants doing out there? What ever happened in Honduras? How are things going in Cuba? I don’t want to run to Canada, it’s just too cold and social(ist)up there.

So. What’s your take on this?