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June 10, 2009

So here’s what happens, GM and Chrysler get so many billion and they don’t improve so the government chucks another so many billion into them and still nothing. What now? We don’t want to lose our investment so they start putting restrictions on the competitors. All the imports get tougher restrictions and import tariffs. Through the EPA, the justice department or the Federal Trade Commission they make Ford conform to whatever GM and Chrysler are doing. Corporatism, the fundamental building block of fascism is born.

Now we have the people with the power, the federal government, and the people with the money, big business , in an unholy alliance. Unless people get worried, get interested, get active and start agitating we’re going to be in for a world of trouble. As I was listening to Glenn Beck he had a guy named Steve Milloy on talking about this and the word he used was corpocracy. I don’t think it means corporate hypocrisy, I think it’s more along the lines of corporate bureaucracy, but whatever it means it will mean big trouble for you and I.