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Want Some Chinese

January 18, 2011

Chinese President Hu Jintao, hey, that’s fun to say. Hu Jintao. Kind of like who wants a gin and tonic. Well…sort of. Anyway, he’s visiting Zero. How fitting, what a nice pair of boobs, I mean commies. I don’t know what I mean, I used to like Nixon, now China owns a lot of our debt. How did that happen? Apparently Nixon took us off the gold standard and opened China up for just this sort of thing. Man we have got to quit befriending these little commie shops.

The latest in a string of insults, intended or otherwise, from this guy is his statement that we need to develop an international currency to replace the dollar. See that here. I don’t know about all that but I have read similar reports all through the Ministry of Propaganda (media) this is just the clearest one. Most of them say he wants to use the Chinese yuan. The economy seems to be quite a concern for these two. That’s amazing seeing as how they both seem to want to destroy it. Basically Hu is doing the same thing with the yuan that Obama is doing with the dollar. No, not spending every one he can borrow, attempting to keep them from rising in value, just for different reasons.

Here is one from the Washington Post. There’s a lot of good stuff in there. It would appear that all that commie loving Zero learned in his younger days isn’t paying off. He’s finding that you need to “stand firm” with the commies. Gee, that doesn’t square with the way he was taught about Mao? Oh well, as John Wayne is told to have said, “Life’s tough…it’s tougher if your stupid.” It seems like Hu is more into talking about how to build roads and get around EPA type BS while Zero is more concerned with human rights violations. That just don’t sit right because it’s mainly Christians that take a whooping in China and Zero, as a mooslim, should be all about that.

Did you notice how Zero was painted as the wide-eyed optimist who has had to take a hard-line against the disagreeable Chinese? That is way too funny that even the Post would stoop to this level of glorifying Obama. When he’s king of the world he’ll probably have them executed so they might as well just quit sucking up right now. The Times (your choise, Washington, New York or LA) has them beat on the sucking up trail so there’s no hope for redemption. They might as well just throw in with us now and avoid the rush in 2012. As a parting shot I  heard somewhere that Hu intends to bypass Zero and begin funding bankrupt American cities. Look that up. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

The First Amendment

March 24, 2010

Here we go again. The ink isn’t even dry on the last assault on our freedom and already they are after free speech. The bricks thrown through the window that I spoke of the other day – the fault of a blog. Death threats – blogs. I heard Slaughter on the radio with my own ears blame the whole brick thing on a blog. Some other lib was spouting about addresses being put on blogs.

You see, they can’t tolerate any opposition. They will now demonize this medium to the point that Chairman Zero will have to regulate it. REGULATE IT! My free speech. Regulate my free speech. China is working out the details for him as we speak. The liberal champion, Google, is taking it on the chin from China right now. Now that’s funny. But you know what? It’s the proving ground for things to come. Mark my words. Just like the military and the police are the only ones who really need guns, the mainstream media are the only ones who really need free speech. You see how it rolls?

Come on folks, these are God-given rights, not some crock dreamed up by Che Guvera or however you spell his cursed name. These are not privileges granted by Chairman Zero, to be revoked at his whim. If we keep letting them infringe on one because it don’t appeal to us we will soon have none.

One tactic that I liked for fighting back is described in the iowntheworld blog and you can check it out right here. One thing I really like here is that they give a site you can go to and find out who your favorite shopkeep donates to. Other than that I just want to say, as usual, screw environmentalists.

Chinese Global Warming

June 18, 2009

Ready. Set. Go. How much money do we owe China? Does it really matter. We need to do this for the children. How else will they become impoverished slaves of the chicoms if we don’t act now. We must immediately give money to the chicoms in the name of global warming.

This really makes me want to vomit. In a quote from CNS News the U.S. special envoy for climate change, Todd Stern, said that there was “no question” that China would receive both financial and technological assistance from the United States as part of upcoming climate change talks to be conducted in Copenhagen, Denmark.

They went on to say that China is a “developing” nation, (even though we owe them billions, perhaps trillions) we are expected to give them free money as part of the “spread the wealth around” scheme that is the climate change scam. Have you had enough yet? If you think I’m kidding check this link;

Censored Speech

June 17, 2009

China’s a communist country, that’s why I call them the chicoms. Socialism abounds in the land of opium and pandas. Here’s a sample from the News & Advance in Lynchburg, VA.

Associated Press Writer
Published: January 21, 2009

BEIJING (AP) – China censored its translation of President Barack Obama’s inauguration speech, removing references to communism and dissent, and quickly halted state television’s live broadcast of the address when Cold War-era animosities were mentioned.

You can get the full story here


Let that sink in. He borrowed how many million, billion, trillion from them? Seems like they should be getting pretty tight doesn’t it? Do you think perhaps he is more cunning than we give him credit for?

Sorry. I just had to yank you like that. He was pulling his Chicago mobster stuff right from the beginning. He’s “Al Capone-ing” them. When you’re done rolling on the floor, laughing at the thought of chairman zero being Al Capone, go ahead and look at the story and see what you can come up with. Besides, he’ll be censoring our news soon. This is all just too Orwellian for me. One world government. Queer congressmen. Gay pride month. #&$^%(@__%@$.