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The Left

April 21, 2010

Now that we have Obamacare and one in ten of us is unemployed let’s show the left what we can do with too much time on our hands. I’m sick and tired of all the liberal crap that has been foisted on us in the last eighty years. The other day Chairman Zero was flapping about the “unfettered market”. I believe, in his own commie way, he was referring to our capitalist market or a vague facsimile thereof. At any rate it just made me think of how the gubmint needs to be fettered with all of it’s regulations in the name of environmentalism.

Then I believe it was Rush Limbaugh who was talking about an article in the National Review Online by Tony Blankley where he spoke of frogs boiling in a pot, as if we Americans were cooked and Rush said he believed it would instead be America’s finest hour. I’m think I agree with Rush on this. If we all remember to get to the voting booth in November, every November, and register and vote in the primary as well, it should begin to turn the water up on these toads we call liberals.

Now I will return to my thought that Chairman Zero is like a retarded Energizer Bunny because now I hear that the Census is being under-reported in urban areas. One question. How do they know that? If they already know how many people there are why do we have a census? Could it be that they need some more numbers in the urban areas for some reason? What could that reason be? Hey. just food for thought.

A parting shot, don’t forget to ask where you sign up for free Obamacare each and every time you go to a medical professional. Not that you’re going to get a decent answer but it helps to generate confusion (Rule For Radicals #32). Until next time, screw environmentalists.