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Global Hoopla

September 23, 2009

I warned you, I knew it was coming when the troops started saying it was over. Chairman Zero made his beautiful oratory to the climate change boobs and summed it up (because he has no real plan other than to soak up our freedoms). “We understand the gravity of the climate threat.” he said. Yeah, we understand that it is a scam designed to take more of our God given rights away. I’ve had my fill of this crap and I’m going to start calling  it as I see it in reference to this lie.

He went on to trot out the children, as all good libs do when confronted with opposition of this magnitude. They hope to get Mom worried about the future of her children and wiggle in the back door with the crap about “the children”. I’m sick of it. The children will be just fine if we leave them a productive society but he and his ilk want a humble populace of sheep to blindly follow their omniscient leader into global slavery.

The entire thing was vague and general. If he really was worried about “climate change” he would be looking into such things as hydrogen fuel for internal combustion engines. That’s right, hydrogen. Any item powered by an internal combustion engine can be fueled with hydrogen. The byproduct of this is steam. That’s steam, period. Nothing toxic and nothing that would deplete ozone or any of their catch BS. The sick part is that it would cost about $1500.00 to do this to a vehicle.

Opponents claim it’s too dangerous. Fires, explosions and such. Hydrogen is no more explosive than gasoline and when the tank is ruptured and the fuel escapes it rises in the atmosphere and dissipates. It’s part of the chemical makeup of water so it’s not polluting. Gasoline spills on the ground and ignites or pollutes the ground water.

Why don’t he just piss up a flagpole.

Take My Guns, Please

July 11, 2009

I just want to go on record here about one of my least favorite politicians from one of my least favorite families in all the world. Sir Ted is a disgrace to the United States. The entire Kennedy family is nothing more than a bunch of liars and thieves. The old man, Joseph, made his fortune by out thinking Al Capone. He did all the same things he just paid off the right people. Go back and look it up. He ran liquor into the United States during prohibition. That’s the only thing he ever did that was successful. Then, he bought the presidency for his son.

But that is history, my concern is the future. I got all worked up like this by watching a video from another more decent Ted. One who is standing up for my Second Amendment right. If we stand idly by and expect someone else to do all the work for us, our right to defend ourselves will go the way of our right to breath. Once cap and trade takes over you will be taxed on all that “evil CO2” you are exhaling. That’s how these jackals intend to control your life, and they will need to get those firearms out of your hands because, just like Hitler, they know that an armed individual is a free individual and they can’t have that.

Anyway, I’ll get off my soapbox now and turn you over to someone who is doing more for you than you know. Why don’t he run for Governor, Senator or President?

Cap and Tax

June 30, 2009

Ok, it’s past the house and on to the senate. I nagged my representative (who voted nay) and I continue to nag my senators. If this crap becomes law, life, as we know it, will change for the worse. This is the change you voted for if you put this schoolyard wimp in office. Yeah, I was noticing the other day how all these people he is putting in office look like the same wimps that used to take daily whippings in the schoolyard at recess. More on that observation later.

Cap and Trade (or crap and tax as I like to call it) will impact every aspect of your life. Not a thing you do, touch or consume will be unscathed. NOW IS THE TIME TO CONTACT YOUR SENATORS. NOW! If you don’t do this now, I promise you will regret it later. Yeah, you’ll hate yourself in the morning when that big old fat tax comes down on your Cheerios and you no longer can afford sugar to put on them before you try to catch the bus to work.

You’ll say, “Why didn’t I listen? Why didn’t I e-mail my gay senator and threaten him if he voted for this crap?” The little three hundred page “earmark” (didn’t Zero say no more of this?) says you can’t even sell your house without government approval. What is that, comrade? Don’t think you are this macho dude who will do as you please regardless of what they say. Remember, they own the banks now. Unless you know someone with cash (that’s becoming worth less and less day by day) you won’t be selling until little Timmy G says so. Hope you like that change?