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June 28, 2010

As a ship, capable of cleaning up Obama’s oil spill, steams its way to the gulf where it will probably not be allowed to help, Elena Kagan attempts to weasel her way into the nearly liberal body we call the Supreme Court. I say nearly liberal because they did uphold the Second Amendment today, 5-4.

5-4. Is that a true representation of the American people? I don’t mean the liberal urban hell where you stay, I mean all of America. Yes, if you live in Berkeley, California or Ann Arbor, Michigan, this probably is a true representation of the world as you know it. But beyond those “hallowed halls” of academia the sane world lurks waiting patiently for the libs to kill themselves off through stupidity like abortion and being unarmed in a dangerous world.

You might want to put a little more pressure on your liberal Senators regarding this Kagan thing. But back to the boat. The entire effort to clean this mess to date has yielded a little more than 600,000 barrels. The A-Whale is a converted tanker that can clean 500,000 barrels a day. Let’s see, 600,000 barrels in 60+ days or 500,000 barrels each and every day. I’ll take the A-Whale, pay the man Barry.

You may be wondering why Chairman Zero wouldn’t go for this. Well I’m glad you asked. You see, the A-Whale is owned by Taiwanese and fly’s a Liberian flag. I doubt if the flag or the owners bother Zero but they do bother his union buddies. Is that why Zero won’t wave the Jones Act. By the way, is that named for Ho Ho Ho Green Jobs Czar? Oh well, who needs the gulf anyway? We’ve got LA. To read about the A-Whale click here. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Who’s Responsible

May 13, 2010

Today I have a question for you. Who is responsible for this country? Let’s look at this question in a few different ways. Who is responsible for our economic situation? Is Bush really the one who is responsible for all this crap? He did start it didn’t he? Did Bush start tarp or was it Pelosi and the boys? Or, is Obama responsible now? After all, he is the man in charge. When you buy a company do you go in and a year later blame its failure on the fact that your predecessor started it?

OK, let’s forget that for now. Who is responsible for border security? Bush didn’t get the fence built. Obama isn’t working on it. Should the State of Arizona do it all? What about Sheriff Joe? Can he do it all? I hear he’s running for Governor. The Governor they have is doing a pretty good job isn’t she? But what about Texas? Here’s an ADD question. How come we don’t hear about problems in New Mexico? Arnold is a total waste of space but then California got what they bargained for.

OK, forget that. What about unemployment? Why are GM and GE not doing more for America’s workers? (That even sounds communist.) Should there be some kind of law that says everybody is entitled to a job? What about Steve Jobs? He’s doing pretty well isn’t he? Shouldn’t he put on some more people? Or maybe the Microsoft guy, I hear he’s doing pretty good? Say, what about the feds? I hear they’re putting on 16,000 IRS agents? What’s that all about anyway?

OK, let’s look at this from my prospective. Who TOOK responsibility over the fields of Pennsylvania on September 11? Oh yeah. The American people baby, that’s who. I submit to you that the American people are responsible for this whole thing. Perhaps we should get off our couch and go vote. Or maybe do something radical like campaign for the candidate that is going to do the job we elect them for. How about this, get yourself elected? Ow that’s freaky huh?

Hey, just shooting from the hip here. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


December 7, 2009

I hear a lot of talk about Tiger Woods and his love life. Most people are “shocked” or “disappointed”. They can’t believe it. How can this be? What a load of stupidity. Why would you be shocked or disappointed? Why would you be in disbelief? The man is 34 years old. He was born in 1975 and grew up in California.

Oh. You’re not following my train of thought? Let me see if I can break it on down for you. Have you ever watched a soap opera? Lately? How about late night TV? How about prime time TV? With role models like Charlie Sheen and whatever the current crop of homos is on the soaps we’re lucky he came out this well. I half expect men to start coming out of the woodwork looking for their cut of the pie for being his lover.

A lot of people are looking for a place to point a finger of blame for all the problems we are having now. I think we would be better served trying to find solutions rather than pointing a finger. But if you insist, I don’t think there is a finer candidate than the media. What of any value do they really contribute, they can’t even report the news. They have turned this culture into a freak show.

The only reason I am making this suggestion is that in order to fix the problems we are going to have to stop the flow of depravity. I know people who are preparing to stop watching soap operas after twenty, thirty and forty years due to the depravity that they are now seeing. The more we try to make this behavior look normal the more of this you are going to get.

Oh yeah, and here we go again. Millions spent on some sports star’s problems.

The New Dustbowl

June 19, 2009

Is California the new dustbowl? New York? Michigan? The evidence is really starting to mount. Fleeing from the usual consequences of liberal policy (confiscatory taxes, a stagnant economy, and social degradation) the number of people leaving such states for greener pastures in conservative states is staggering.

The IRS has figures that show over a quarter of a million left California for Texas and Oklahoma from 2004 to 2007. That’s more than twice as many as went there from these places in the 1930’s. Check that with the Sacramento Bee at if you don’t believe me.

According to a migration survey by United Van Lines New York is second on their list at 59.5 percent. The percentage of those moving out of New York has continued to rise during the past three years. This from the Business Review at

Michigan is just as bad, 11% of 600 people questioned in an EPIC-MRA Poll say they are likely or certain to leave in 5 years…that translates into roughly 600,000 people from the adult population. According to Craig Ruff, senior fellow at Public Sector Consultants Inc., “If we had a net loss of 600,000 people we would likely lose a seat in the United States House of Representatives.” This is from WZZM in Grand Rapids, MI. Check it out at

What have we learned about liberal rule?