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Warmis Are Heating Up

September 29, 2009

Well the Senate Environmental and Public Works committee (that’s sure a commie sounding name) has produced a master piece of legislative engineering co-sponsored by the best and brightest the socialist party has to offer, Lurch (John Kerry) and Boxer. It has provisions that would reduce the cost of emissions permits for utilities and “other major greenhouse gas producers”. Besides this gap in specific language it has many other gaps that the socialists are saying demonstrates how much they are willing to negotiate to pass this bill.

Well that’s darn swell of them but again, we breath in the air and breath out the carbon dioxide and the trees breath in the carbon dioxide and breath out the air. Perfect set up designed by God. No need for socialists to regulate it. You see my major objection to all the “regulating” that the federal gubmint is doing is that they have no authority to do it, the individual States are responsible for this. The same for health care and the auto industry, get out and stay out.

Now, if that doesn’t get your thong in a wad, the Republicans are cozying up to this. Yeah, it has some provisions that they find exciting. It offers new incentives for nuclear power plant construction. David Doniger, the climate policy director for the Natural Resources Defense Council called it a “green flag” and said that there is still time for the Senate to get something done this year. WTF is the Natural Resources Defense Council? I looked it up. It’s another one of those parasitic “non profits”. But it sure sounds impressive, huh? I envision David as one of those old hippies with thinning hair and a scraggly pony tail in one of those awful tweed jackets with the gay patches on the elbows reaking of his compost pile. But I could be wrong. At any rate it appears we have to start nagging our clowns in DC again or we’ll be paying through the nose for worthless regulation of a non problem.

Climate Change Not Dead

September 19, 2009

Will Alexander, an 85 year old S. African U.N. scientist is retiring. He says, “…the whole climate change issue is rapidly disintegrating…about to collapse like a house of cards…”. These words are music to my ears but hold the wagon there Charlie, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet. Conspicuously absent of late is the esteemed Algore. He’s like a retarded Chairman Zero. He may not move near as fast but you can bet he’s still festering somewhere so let’s keep the heat on. That crap and trade bill is still lingering in congress somewhere so an e-mail now and then to our reps wouldn’t hurt.

An article in the Politico quoted  Harry Reid as saying he doesn’t have time for it (Is it just me or does Harry Reid look like Harry Potter at seventy?). The article went on to say that the senate majority leader seems ready to move the debate to 2010 and the Democratic Caucus is split over the bill. It’s all good but stay in your seat. I’m telling you it’s not over yet. The article went on to say that Boxer and Lurch (John Kerry) are planning a little scam of their own to be introduced in the Senate, so watch for this debacle and be sure to contact your reps.

And don’t think the Republicans are clean in this they are part of a little bill that would require power companies to get 15 percent of their power from renewable resources by 2021 (read that INCREASE IN YOUR BILL). And the Democrats are back to their old program of “incrimental” taxing I mean… I don’t even know what is meant here but they are going to pass something that leaves a platform for crap and trade. Remember, keep a tight leash on them now through e-mails and phone calls and pitch them all out in 2010 and start with a fresh crew.