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January 21, 2011

I motored through the parking lot of my local Wal-Mart the other day and as I cruised past the front of the store I noticed that I was having to come to a complete stop no less than six times. I can see before the cross walk but in the middle and at the end, WTF? Now it didn’t end there. The people I was stopping for were not even taking a quick look to see if I might be, indeed, stopping for them. They and their mentally challenged offspring just ambled along to show off their latest spandex creation. Not wanting to miss the next edition of “Wal-Mart People” I, of course, stopped…and took photos.

Now I AM going somewhere with this, I am not just kicking the morons while they are down. One of my pet peeves has always been how little respect people have for driving and automobiles. It WILL kill you. If you really want to see some terrible casualty figures dig up the stuff on auto wrecks. Another part of this peeve would be that there is no such thing as an accident…only wrecks. They all could have been averted in one way or another.

Anyway, there is a Lowe’s adjacent to my Wal-Mart, and their parking lot is much more motor friendly. But some of the Wal-Mart People seemed to have strayed over and I found myself having to stop, yet again, for the blind (I can only assume). As I stared in disbelief at the brood-mare and her litter who were responsible for the coffee down the front of me I realized that they looked as if they were walking through a park. I instantly wanted to yell, “It’s a parking lot, not a park!”

That’s when it hit me. These people were destined to be Wal-Martered. Yes. I am quite astute when at the wheel. I have actually pulled out of a turning lane and watched the car that was behind me rear-end the car that was in front of me. But these people. They couldn’t even be bothered to see if I was even looking where I was going. They weren’t long for this world. The sad part is, later, after watching them try to buy driveway pavers and a coyfish pond with food stamps I really didn’t care.

Friends. This is what “cradle to grave” nanny state legislation produces. Here’s the scenario, you tell me how it plays out. You take several of these people and put them all over a parking lot and set them free in vehicles and on foot. What’s the outcome? This is bound to play out for real in the near future. Write this down and watch for the news story. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Auto Makers

February 3, 2010

“My car was built in America even though it has a foreign name.” I’ve heard that said many times, usually followed by, “So it didn’t hurt anything to buy it.” Is it just the fact that liberals lie or do they honestly believe this crap? Anybody that can say that with a straight face has got to be a liar or the most incredibly foolish oaf ever.

Quick break down for you. When you buy a foreign nameplate, regardless of where the car was assembled or the parts were made, all the profit goes overseas. Read that, increases our trade deficit. If I have to elaborate on that you need to study up on economics 101. One exception is a used car but this is creating an aftermarket for them. This is truly a case where you’re either part of the problem or you’re not. No gray areas here.

What has happened here can be traced to the root of so many other problems related to our industries. Environmentalists. Real quick let’s root that word. They would like you to think that the root is environment but the real root is mental. That’s right, all these people are mental. Anyway, back in the hey day of the auto companies the environmentalists started such a ruckus that the good old boys in the gubmint started regulating the life out of the companies as well as the cars. “Heck, it’s just in Detroit” is what I believe they were thinking, if at all.

It wasn’t long before the cars could not compete with the crap coming in from overseas. The American companies bellyached until the gubmint applied some of their BS regulation to the foreign junk so then they started assembling them here. I see it as they threw us a bone by giving us a few unskilled jobs but the profit still goes overseas.

Final answer, we better get rid of the ridiculous regulations and make it easier for small companies to join the car building ranks and reset our industry to build the inexpensive and competitive products for the world or we’ll soon be serving a foreign master.