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A Tribute As Such

May 20, 2011

I often lament the fate of the American auto industry. And for that I sometimes get ridiculed. They were too big and slow to react to the market demands. They didn’t give us the little piece of crap cars we wanted. What is the number one selling vehicle in America? No. Not a darn Corolla, a full-sized American pick up truck. Why do you think that is? Because it’s what America wants.

I called the local talk radio station one day. They have a little piece called “what’s bugging you” or something along those lines. I just said, “The Toyota in front of me with the “Proud American” bumper sticker.” The jerk DJ almost tripped over his own posterior trying to suck up to the Toyota dealer sponsor of his. He tried to run me into the ground but I had already hung up and now he wonders why nobody calls him. But I digress.

What is it you do for a living? Are you a craftsman? Are you a professional? Are you a salesperson? Suppose some gubmint agent walked into your place of business one day. And it was obvious from the git go that he had no idea how to do what you do. But he forged ahead and made it law that you had to do things his way. And everything he wanted you to do was exactly the wrong thing at the wrong time. How long would your business last? The auto industry has lasted forty years so far. In the shadow of the EPA. Looming like the angel of death waiting to give another defunct car company the double tap.

Here’s a fact that I know first hand. In other words I was there. I saw it. When I was young I worked as a dealership mechanic. I used to prep new cars for delivery. A car that sold in America for eight thousand dollars sold in Sweden for thirty thousand dollars. That’s almost four times as much. Was it due to shipping? No. Was it due to the exchange rate of money? No. I know you’re wondering, “Well what the heck can it possibly be?” Tariffs and taxes. Swedish tariffs and taxes, to be exact. The Swedes did not want our vehicles in their fair country. But some Swedes were apparently willing to pay that price because I prepped a lot of vehicles for that program. But you know what the funny thing was? A Volvo in America was about ten grand at the time. How can that be?

1979. That’s how long we’ve been taking it in the shorts on that deal. Is that a monument to longevity or what? That company is still in business. For now. How many Volvo’s would we see running around if they were being marked up 375 percent due to import taxes and tariffs? I venture to say quite a few less than we do now. Let’s see, thirty grand conservatively times 3.75 is one hundred twelve thousand five hundred dollars. You going to pay it? Yeah, the Japs are the same way. You going to pay a hundred grand for a crappy Toyota with no cup holders? Didn’t think so. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


October 4, 2009

Why the auto industry? Why air travel? Why the banking industry? Why health care? If ever anything needed socializing it’s the utility companies. They already have a monopoly in most areas so what the heck could the gubmint hurt? This is quite possibly the only business that the gubmint should be in. At least at the local level. I have seen small utilities run by local co-ops and it works great. The people own it and run it and the rates are much lower because it is a true non-profit. The stock holders are the customers and it is fantastic. I long to belong to one.

Although I was watching the video “Banking Queen” by Bawney Fwank and it occured to me that somwone like him could even screw this up so I guess it would have to be local co-ops. Of course all gubmint should be local. The feds should have little or no power over the local scene. Their jobs is to keep our borders (FAIL) and determine foriegn policy (FAIL). But back to the matter at hand, how many times have you moved somewhere new and asked what are my electric supplier options? Ever? Anybody? I didn’t think so. It’s always Monopolized Conglomerate Electric or… well even nothing is not an option. Through peer pressure, marketing and codes you pretty much must have electrical power to your home to even get a certificate of occupancy. Maybe I’ll turn Amish.

Warmis Are Heating Up

September 29, 2009

Well the Senate Environmental and Public Works committee (that’s sure a commie sounding name) has produced a master piece of legislative engineering co-sponsored by the best and brightest the socialist party has to offer, Lurch (John Kerry) and Boxer. It has provisions that would reduce the cost of emissions permits for utilities and “other major greenhouse gas producers”. Besides this gap in specific language it has many other gaps that the socialists are saying demonstrates how much they are willing to negotiate to pass this bill.

Well that’s darn swell of them but again, we breath in the air and breath out the carbon dioxide and the trees breath in the carbon dioxide and breath out the air. Perfect set up designed by God. No need for socialists to regulate it. You see my major objection to all the “regulating” that the federal gubmint is doing is that they have no authority to do it, the individual States are responsible for this. The same for health care and the auto industry, get out and stay out.

Now, if that doesn’t get your thong in a wad, the Republicans are cozying up to this. Yeah, it has some provisions that they find exciting. It offers new incentives for nuclear power plant construction. David Doniger, the climate policy director for the Natural Resources Defense Council called it a “green flag” and said that there is still time for the Senate to get something done this year. WTF is the Natural Resources Defense Council? I looked it up. It’s another one of those parasitic “non profits”. But it sure sounds impressive, huh? I envision David as one of those old hippies with thinning hair and a scraggly pony tail in one of those awful tweed jackets with the gay patches on the elbows reaking of his compost pile. But I could be wrong. At any rate it appears we have to start nagging our clowns in DC again or we’ll be paying through the nose for worthless regulation of a non problem.

Health Care

August 7, 2009

Back in the sixties the auto industry was booming. The seventies rolled around and the government got into the auto business in the way of regulations. You folks really didn’t see this coming? When government starts to regulate something, all is lost. It really is a monument to our auto industry that it lasted this long. Now, if you think health care will be any different send me some. Of course I mean whatever you’re smoking ,because it must be good stuff.

The health care industry is far more frail than the auto industry ever was. It will be lucky to last a year after Obamacare. They have already been beaten down by the judicial system in the form of malpractice, which tied in nicely with the insurance industry. I couldn’t have written a more sinister plot. The only part of the trifecta from hell that is missing are the corrupt politicians. Refer to “The Big Three” May 20,2009.  Hello.

A solution? Government clinics. Government clinics should be their only involvement in health care. If an individual doesn’t have health care doctors should be able to refuse treatment and send them to a government clinic. Sound harsh? Hey, at least I’m trying, what have you got?


July 10, 2009

“Carol Browner, the White House climate czar, instructed auto industry execs “to put nothing in writing, ever” regarding secret negotiations she orchestrated regarding a deal to increase federal Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards.” “Federal law requires officials to preserve documents concerning significant policy decisions, so instructing participants in a policy negotiation concerning a major federal policy change could be viewed as a criminal act.” This comes straight from an article by Mark Tapscott in the

Where’s the transparency? They are shredding anything that could incriminate them. These liars, thugs and criminals being appointed to positions in Chairman Zero’s administration should be in prison, not in office. The media are willing accomplices to these crimes and rather than flourish they should be jailed along side the perpetrators. Where is the outrage from these pillars of integrity that call themselves journalists. The alphabet networks sicken me. To think that I grew up watching this swill leaves me wondering how I ever came to know right from wrong, a testament to my parents I suppose because government schools certainly had nothing to do with it.

Once again we are to be lead down the old path to cap and trade legislation being treated like a mushroom the whole way, kept in the dark and fed crap.

To read Mark Tapscott’s story follow this link,