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Gun Grabbing In Texas

January 26, 2010

Well, I wanted to write about the Chicago gun case before the Supreme Court but the only thing I could find is that Los Angeles has joined with Chicago. What a shock. But that’s not even on the docket yet. The case number by the way is 08-1497 for those of you who want to keep track for yourself. The Supreme Court’s web site is . Just enter that case number on the docket search.

What I did run into during the course of my research was an incident in Texas. Apparently the Austin PD and the ATF decided to harass people selling guns in the parking lot at a gun show. Now in Texas this is fine and dandy. No one was breaking any laws but that didn’t detour the troops from doing their best to break it up. For a liberal slant on this from the ABC news affiliate Austin check this and watch the video .

Now the mouthpiece for the “authorities” claims they are trying to stop the flow of weapons into Mexico which, as we all know, is bunk. And the liberal media tried to paint it as a civil dispute between the property owner and the gun show owner but I didn’t find any statement anywhere from the property owner. Besides which he is legally renting his hall to someone who is doing a legal business, I have never heard of a landlord having a problem with that.

Folks, it all boils down to one thing, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.