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The Cause Pt. 6

March 25, 2011

As you can see Royce and Hempha’s little plan to overthrow the country has been on quite a journey. As the years piled up it has not lost any of its momentum, it has just swung wildly past its objective over and over, until finally, it has swung out in the open for all to see. If a guy like me can see the reality of their agenda anybody can. If they want to. And that’s the difficulty I face. Getting you to take a fair and objective look at their agenda. If you’re tempering it through the Ministry of Propaganda (media, MOP) you will never see the truth, as they are a willing accomplice.

I have presented you many media items, real photos and videos, and actual evidence to prove my point. All I’m asking is that you do your own due diligence. Now I am going to state the obvious in simple terms so you can see exactly where my loyalties lie.

Global cooling was a mistake, made by people who really cared about what they thought was happening. But they realized it wasn’t happening so they let it go. It is being revisited. Why? I’ll tell you in a moment. Global warming was a miscalculation by an individual who found his error and discounted his own research. It was picked up by a dubious individual and used to perpetrate a hideous scam on the American people and then the entire world. It has been discounted but the media has invested heavily in this scam and is not willing to let it go. Climate change is a hybrid of the two with the same dark goals as the global warming scam.

This stuff has become big business. It will not go away easily. If you go on listening to the sages like Lady GaGa and Ed Begley, Jr. you will find yourself in a world of hurt and leave the next generation with severe problems.

Royce and Hempha are products of my imagination but there are hundreds, maybe even thousands like them out there. With the breakup of the former Soviet Union where do you think those people went. Some of them are right here, right now, working hard for the down fall of their former nemesis. Lord Monkton so much as said they are involved with greenpeace, do you contribute to that? I think many of them found a spot in the new Soviet Union, labor unions. But that’s another story.

I don’t know if I’ll look for another series to write. This one really took a toll on me then I got hooked right up in that College Degree thing and that just makes me sick. I can’t believe all the ways to fleece us out there. Well, until next time, screw environmentalists.

College Degree Pt. 1

March 24, 2011

Sometimes when I am working on things in the garage I will put the TV on for noise but not really pay attention. So this program was on the other day and this woman was saying how a college degree just isn’t enough anymore. I wanted to get her name and find out just what the heck (WTH) she was talking about, but again, I was busy with my hobby. And you know the old saying, “No horseplay in the work area, and likewise, no work in the horseplay area.”

Anyway, I couldn’t find the remote and she kept on bleating and it was obvious that she wasn’t talking about one thin area like brain surgery, she actually thought everybody needed a doctorate. She spoke about how the “economy is shifting” and “will continue to shift” towards higher education. So I’m thinking, Ok, so who’s going to do the work? Who’s going to make things? Who’s going to deliver them? Who’s going to clean them? Who’s going to maintain them? A DoD (Doctor of Delivery)? WTH? This… my friends… is the liberal mindset. This is the concept I want to get across to you. And once I get that concept across to you I will tell you how to overcome it. We’re going to shoot for that goal today but I’m not sure we will hit it. It may take several posts. We’ll see.

The liberal mindset is such that they actually believe that we can all have doctorates. It’s true. But not so much all of “us”, as all of the people they want to include in “us”. So the best way for me to start would be to try and tell you who would be in “us”. The first part of “us” would, of course, be the people who are actually smart enough to get a doctorate without any outside help , no matter how they think. The next part of “us” would be the people that think liberal, no matter how smart they are. By golly, that was easier than I thought it would be. That’s all the people who would be in “us”.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “What about the people who are really conservative who got their doctorate?” Well here’s the thing with the libs, they are the true bully’s. The people who are conservative who have a doctorate will be so consumed with their work that they will be easily bullied into going along with the libs. In addition they have been indoctrinated for twenty years in the gubmint schools, so it’s an easy step.

The next step of their plan is to keep the conservatives beholding to them. Are you starting to see where this is going? That’s right, they will do the thinking for you and you will owe them so much for the brilliant thinking that you will give them whatever they ask in return. Sound familiar? It gets better, remember the conservatives who got their doctorate? Well we’re just going to include them in with the libs who were too dumb and needed to cheat or pay off to get their doctorates so you owe “us” for their thinking too.

How do you like me now? Well the fact is I am way over on this post so I’m going to have to finish Monday as tomorrow is, hopefully, the last day for Royce and Hempha. We’ll see about that too. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

The Cause Pt. 5

March 18, 2011

Gather ’round boys and girls it’s time for the next part of our story about the environmental movement (EM). Many of the people that joined the EM either hailed from or had an affinity for the third world. Others simply turned their countries into war-torn holes and sought to do the same for the country. It’s not so much that they hated the country as what the country had accomplished. They felt that the standard of living was too high and that it was obtained at the expense of less fortunate countries.

Up to this time Royce and Hempha’s old friend, Al, had spent his time going to university and even joined the military and went to war for four whole months. Then he became a reporter and attended some more university. During this time the EM was becoming more and more vocal. They claimed their goals were to “advocate the sustainable management of resources and stewardship of the environment through changes in public policy and individual behavior.” Now that sounds pretty darn good right there. It’s from the Wikipedia on them. But they didn’t stop there. They went on to say, “In its(the EM’s) recognition of humanity as a participant in (not enemy of) ecosystems, the movement is centered on ecology, health, and human rights.” Now I believe that lie was put in their to put people’s minds at ease as they did just the opposite. The “(not enemy of)” was theirs not mine. Again, they believe that the accomplishments of humans are at odds with nature and that we should live more like the third world countries. See here for one idea of theirs. I think I’ll keep my flush toilet and let them empty their dry toilet, thank you.

The dry toilet is simply one example of their plans to stifle mans creativity. Remember our old friend Al. He’s been busy. He got himself elected to congress and held the first congressional hearings on climate change. On what you say? Climate change. It’s a new term coined to help bail the EM’s chestnuts out of the fire after the global warming scam blew up in their face. Actually, at the time (1976), they thought we were in a mini ice age. See that here.

But after the ice age idea went south with the rising temperatures they decided to give global warming a try. That blew up in their face with the East Anglia Scandal, see that here. But remember, that has been scrubbed because they are still shooting for a success with “climate change” and with your tax dollars (scientific grants) to live on they have all the time in the world to edit these sites. Basically, at the time, all those “rejected allegations” were being admitted to and found to be real and correct.

At any rate, back to Al. He has been quite successful in his political career. He has attacked the people of the country from all sides. As one of their highest elected officials, from their beloved media, and with legislation. All unsuccessful, so far. He was even forced to admit some of his crazy ideas were bad ideas. Ethanol comes to mind. It gets thirty percent less mileage than gasoline and uses the equivalent of 1.3 gallons of gas to produce one gallon of ethanol. In addition it eats rubber parts in the fuel delivery system creating problems with clogging and leakage. I think we have come far enough for one day. Next time I think we will be wrapping this up, but we will have to wait and see if I can stuff it all in one post. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Outrage And Rallys

March 17, 2011

Limbaugh was on a rant one day about something or other but the thing that caught my ear was when he started asking, “Where’s the outrage?” and “Where are the rallys?’. He was referring to the tea party movement. Now don’t get me wrong, I like Rush and I really think he is about the best out there for “getting the tea party movement” but if he thinks we’re going to leave our jobs and go traipsing around protesting like the libs he’s wrong. I’m not so sure he was kidding or just making a point, I think he really thought we were going to do this. HONEST. HE IS NOT THE LEADER OF THE TEA PARTY MOVEMENT.

The thing is we ARE outraged. By a lot of things. And we elected some people to take care of it. We will send them help as soon as possible. If they can’t get it done we will replace them. We have families to feed and jobs to do. This “depression” that was created by the Ministry of Propaganda (media, MOP), while counterfeit, still hurts. And those of us who still have work must do what we can and let our votes do the protesting for us. That would be the tea party movement because we never really bought into this “depression” to begin with but now that so many others have, we must work through it.

Now some things outlive their usefulness. Then they just hang around and get fat and greedy. So if we had the money we have wasted on unions for the last fifty years we might be able to take a 674 days, 18 hours and 6 minutes off (time Zero has left, see that here) and run around the country sitting outside where ever Chairman Zero is speaking to scream “Obama lied and our economy died”. Also the race thing is over. This guy is about the worst representative of every demographic he belongs to and he clawed his way to the top so really, a crackhead Somali pirate can do it.

One more question. The MOP keeps saying how highly intelligent and learned this guy is. How he steps back and evaluates the situation. Well, if he’s so darn smart, why doesn’t he think up a way to solve our alleged energy problem instead of just attacking the energy industry? The damage done by this guy is beyond criminal and borders on treasonous. I am sick and tired of liberal crap being shoved down my throat and I will not take any more. Get used to it. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

“All New” News

March 16, 2011

As a rule I don’t watch the news from the Ministry of Propaganda (media) but I was flipping by the other day and I heard the anchorette say the news was “all new” and I thought to myself, “So what have they been giving us?” In an attempt not to give you recycled news I have forged ahead and gone right out on a limb and researched for myself, often getting the information I need from the source of said information. Now actually that little piece about new news is one of those things I spoke of yesterday that I printed out and kept around because I felt I owed it to you but I couldn’t stretch it into a full post. So now, on to the real new news.

I went to The Library of Congress and looked up all the bills relating to funding the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Here‘s the results. Look at H.R. 235 sponsored by Kevin Brady of Texas. Check the title, Cut Unsustainable and Top-Heavy Spending Act of 2011, nice. But that’s not why I’m here, I was looking for the amendments to H.R. 1 and I noticed they have all been agreed to. This bill has been hanging around for quite some time, see here, it is kind of getting on my nerves that it hasn’t been passed and look at all the amendments. WTH?

At this time, boys and girls, I would like to point out that I haven’t presented any recycled news. But that’s all going the way of the honest and caring liberal as we look at an article from the Politico right here. Now, here’s an interesting factoid. The article referenced here is allegedly recycled from an article referenced in the article. But, if you go to the article referenced (“GOP led offensive”) by the Politico you will see that it was written an hour and thirty-four minutes after the article that references it. WTH? Oh well, I guess that’s why anchorette had to tell us the news was all new.

So this led me to some interesting reading (Not at Politico, don’t even joke about that.) where I found this item about Gina McCarthy. Who, you say? If I had said J-Lo would you know? Well let’s look at the sadness of that. J-Lo is not going to be able to raise your energy bills any time soon but this bimbo can. She is the Chief of the EPA’s Air Programs. Does that kind of sound like a full diaper to you? Well it probably is but back to the point. As you can see from this article she has no idea how much CO2 even exists in the atmosphere. Do you? It doesn’t really matter whether you do or not but you would think that this (insert expletive here) would. Anyway, I added the Energy Tribune to my favorites and moved along. I can’t find anywhere where it says that the EPA has been defunded yet so I guess reports to that effect have been exaggerated. Oh, by the way, 390 ppm or .039% CO2 in the atmosphere. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

The Cause Pt. 4

March 11, 2011

Gather ’round boys and girls it’s time for the next part of our story about the environmental movement. Contrary to popular belief Royce and Hempha were not the fun-loving hippies they had been portrayed as, and in spite of their dope addictions they were cold and calculating saboteurs. Now that they had their plan to weaken the country they needed an army and a vehicle to deliver their plan. They found both in an organization that was formed for all the right reasons.

Greenpeace was founded to protest the country testing nuclear devices in Alaska. From those humble beginnings it has morphed into the human hating crap of today. How could this have happened. See their Wikipedia page here. As you can see from the ‘Oil Fuels War’ banner they are attaching to the building they have trespassed on they do hate human achievement, but it wasn’t always that way.

In the beginning the organization had a real concern for humans and all life on the planet. They had many followers and very important people were among their ranks. But as often happens, when they went awry the very supporters that made them so great were the ones most well equipped to take them down. None more disillusioned than Lord Monkton. See one of his clips here.

As I said, the organization was formed for very noble reasons with the best of intentions by some of the brightest and the best the world had to offer. But soon after that it began to be a landing pad for some of the most dangerous individuals in the world. The Soviet Union was coming apart at the seams and the communist bloc was flying apart. Disillusioned dictators and commies were looking for a new venue for their brand of despotism, and Greenpeace was looking like it had quite a bit to offer them. Royce and Hempha were no exceptions and their plan was just what the mad doctors ordered.

Meanwhile, ol’ Al had weaseled his way into the political system of the country and was poised to spring his own version of the plan, so, due to blind dumb luck, the assault would be multi pronged. In addition there were many willing accomplices with in the country due to the dumbing down plan initiated by the original Royce and Hempha when they first came here. There were many sandal wearing, long-haired hippies that had a commie streak a mile wide running through them and they gladly took up the cause as if it were for their own good. The year was 1970. Next time we will start getting into the specifics of the whole diabolical thing. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Well Done

March 8, 2011

I just felt compelled to write to all of you today and congratulate you on a job well done. Bravo! This is what I’m talking about. This brought me right out of a thirty year depression. The American people DO care. What I am talking about is YOU, hitting them from all sides, like an Energizer bunny. You are putting the hurts to the libs and it’s thrilling me to death. First up would be Chairman Zero’s stunning order on Guantanamo. Restart the trials. Really, see it here from the liberal LA Times, who is none to pleased with their leader. Hey, he flapped his mouth like this was a done deal but he had no idea what he was talking about. With only 164 days on the job I don’t even think he knew where the executive toilet was. The funniest part of the whole ordeal was when nobody would take these poor, misunderstood, detainees. Not even the countries they came from wanted them.

Next item, the queer NPR exec running his lib mouth to the camera. The Network’s senior vice-president? Now that’s comedy. Giant sized kudos to the O’Keefe team for a splendid job. I loved every minute of it. It’s 11 minutes and 38 seconds long but well worth the watch. Go here to be entertained by unbridled stupidity. I can only hope he loses his new job as well. Here‘s a little story from ‘The Week’.

Next on the laugh riot, union busting. How about a gargantuan round of applause for Gov. Scott Walker and every one of his 280,000,000 supporters. As you can see it’s just a small, albeit very big-mouthed, fraction of the population that actually supports the union. Just call it what it is and run with it. I’m fine with outlawing unions altogether. When people were dying in mine accidents every day and getting dismembered in the sweat shops, the union had a purpose, but I don’t really think anybody’s getting killed in the Wisconsin schools due to cave ins maybe out of control liberal youths that need a whooping, but not cave ins. Maybe if the unions started sending thugs to schools to kick butt on unruly gang bangers, instead of elderly tea partiers, they would find favor with the rank and file Americans. Here‘s a little FOX News piece on that.

There are many things going on all over this great country of ours. Defunding obamacare and the EPA. Gun rights bills and State’s rights bills in State legislatures everywhere. But I think one of the best things out there is this guy. Rep. Peter King from where? You got it, New York. Who’d a’ thunk it? I have a question for all of you thinkers out there. How long before the libs start calling this guy McCarthy? I say run with it. If McCarthy had been left to finish his work we wouldn’t be in the mess we are now would we? To heck with them commies and the libs they rode in on.

One last note, I think God might be mad. First it was birds falling from the sky. Thousands of them. Then fish floating up dead on the shore. Again, thousands of them. Now… it’s anchovies! This time millions of them… in the LA harbor. Couldn’t happen to a nicer place, well maybe Malibu, but you take what you can get. I think there’s two guys in LA that read this blog, sorry guys. You know this is kind of like a plague thing I think, like the frogs or the locusts, so you better pay attention. Anyway, see that here. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

The Cause Pt. 3

March 4, 2011

Gather ’round boys and girls it’s time for the third installment of our story of the environmental movement.

At the beginning of the environmental movement it was easy for the progressives because the people had truly trashed their land. Toxic crap had been dumped into the lakes and rivers and junk had been dumped all over the wilderness. In the early days of the industrial revolution the people of the country truly did some terrible things, one was called hydro mining. They basically took a high pressure hose and ate the planet away. Here‘s a video for those of you who are not familiar with this. From what I can gather hydro mining has been outlawed in the country for quite some time but still exists in other parts of the world. Pollution in lakes had gotten so bad that you could actually walk on some of the them. Here is a video showing that. Shortly after this video that lake actually caught fire. Filth was also dumped into the air, see that here.

Household sewage was often piped directly into the waterways untreated. Farming had become such a competitive business that farmers resorted to using chemicals that were not biodegradable and this also ran off into the water. As a final nail in the coffin of the environment toxic industrial waste was often stored improperly and even abandoned in the wilderness where it found its way into the water as well as the local food supplies, often with devastating results like Homer Simpson’s three eyed fish.

When this was brought to the attention of the people of the country they began to clean it up immediately. They started to put laws in place to prevent this from ever happening again. If you are under forty years old have you ever seen anything like this? You old folks, have you seen anything like this in the last forty years? I didn’t think so, so I’m guessing the laws are working. But remember, Royce and Hempha were not really concerned with that.

Royce and Hempha found a young guy who was going to one of the liberal colleges. His name was Al. They shared the same vision for the country and became instant friends. One of Al’s teachers, Roger Revelle, was toying with an idea about the environment and had spoken about it in school. Al zeroed in and fixated on it. The theory was called global warming but the teacher decided it was not correct and trashed the whole thing.

Late that night Al, Royce, and Hempha found it in the dumpster and took it. Their handlers in Overcastistan were thrilled with it so they ran with it. This would be the base of their plan to weaken the country. The people of the country were scared by what they had just cleaned up and they were ready to believe almost anything. The scam was ready. Next time we’ll explore those early years of the scam that is ‘global warming’. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Being Green

March 2, 2011

Sorry I’m late I was just out pouring waste oil into my wood burner. I can only burn it at night because the thick black smoke it billows would give Algore a stroke. The heating bill last month was brutal I’ve got to do something to supplement my system or my pipes are going to freeze. We’ve already got old rotten pallet wood and junk furniture burning in the fireplace. Let me tell you, nothing makes a funkier green smoke than the fabric and padding in a couch. And the springs radiate heat for hours. I just don’t know how long I can keep paying these ridiculous bills. And they just keep going up. Chairman Zero, we need help.

The fuel for my car keeps going up. I’d like to get a newer one that gets better mileage but there’s no way I can afford it and still drive so I’ve pulled all the emissions crap off of this one to increase the mileage. Seems like it worked a little but the smell is terrible for people behind me. And food has gone up so much that I have taken to poaching for sustenance. I’ve got about seven squirrels right now but I don’t think they’re going to last long. They’re kind of scrawny. I guess they didn’t get much to eat since our garden failed this year. I couldn’t afford the water bill to keep it watered.

Before you get your check book out to give me a helping hand let me just say that this is a story not my actual circumstances. But let me tell you, there are plenty of people out there with similar solutions to similar problems. Things are getting tough all over. People are having to scratch to get by. It’s only about ten dollars more a fill up at the gas pump but when you have to do it three times a week that’s $30.00 a week, $120.00 a month, and $1,560.00 a year. If you only make $25,000.00 a year that’s six percent of your income. That’s not total for fuel that’s how much it has increased. The cost of getting to work has just increased six percent. That amounts to a six percent cut in pay courtesy of the gubmint. Before you call me a liar let me just say, drill here, drill now. Again, courtesy of the gubmint.

Here’s what it boils down to, a lot of people are scrambling to put food on the table and get to their job, if they are lucky enough to still have one. And our illustrious leader is still trying to shove his environmentalism down our throats. Well the fact is when you’re scrambling to make ends meet you couldn’t care less about BS like being green. Don’t care. Don’t care! DON”T CARE! Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Affording Fuel

March 1, 2011

The gubmint puts out these whack reports every now and then. I don’t know what they’re called but I’ll give you a few examples here, here and here. As you can see they’re designed to mislead and confuse you. I think they call it the consumer price index which means absolutely nothing to me. But here’s what I see in there, and I’m hearing this stuff all the time like everybody knows how it affects everything.

First they tell me that housing is costing X amount of dollars. Then they continue on and tell me that fuel is Y amount then they go on with food being Z amount, and they go through the whole gammit of life itemizing everything with an amount attached to it. When they are finished they tell me nothing that makes any sense to me. So I wade through one of these things and I come up with no real answers for myself or anyone else. So I’ll just tell you how I see it.

The first thing that catches my eye is the housing number. WTH? I bought my house and paid a certain amount and the rate is fixed on the mortgage I gave the bank so their number is already suspect. Next, the fuel prices are changing as we speak so where do they get this info. It must be a slice in time so it’s already outdated and worthless. Now frequency comes into play. I but food much more often than I buy fuel. And I buy fuel much more often than I buy houses.

This is getting us nowhere. So, I went back and went through it again. The questions got even more disturbing. What seasonal factors are they adjusting for? Now this is right from their report, ‘The CPI is a statistical estimate that is subject to sampling error because it is based upon a sample of retail prices and not the complete universe of all prices.’ The complete universe of all prices? What are they trying to do here? Be vague ar deceitful? I think that’s pretty bad when you can’t even tell how they are doing whatever it is they are trying to do to you.

Now Chairman Zero, he likes this. He’s happy were being shafted on these oil prices. He’s said it before, see that here. He just wanted it to happen a little slower. Read that ‘get ready to pay’. So here’s what I came up with. Zero hates us just because we are Americans. The people selling us the oil hate us because we are Americans. As a result they are charging us these giant prices. As the joke goes we should be charging them giant prices for the food so it all equals out, but I digress. So, because they are charging us the giant prices because they hate us, is it a hate crime. Until next time, screw environmentalists.