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Health Care

May 21, 2009

When health insurance was created it was for catastrophes. If you broke your leg it would take care of it, if you had a heart attack it would take care of it. If you had a cold you paid the doctor. If you had a baby you paid the doctor. It worked very well and health care was affordable.

When things didn’t happen to people they thought the insurance company owed them something, even though they had peace of mind for fifty years, they felt that the evil insurance company had somehow ripped them off. They demanded more of a return for their payments. The insurance companies responded, for a few dollars more a month you could get full coverage, doctor visits and babies birthed.

People ate it up, but the demand was high. Prices went up. Insurance companies began to bargain with doctors. They denied claims. The doctors countered, aspirin became three, four and five dollars each. A simple bandage, twelve dollars. If the insurance company caught it they argued, if not it was paid. Finally, the insurance companies came out with health care companies. Everything covered in one stop. Fine if you always stayed near the clinic. But if you got out of the area we were back to the denied claims and twelve dollar bandaids.

K.I.S.S. Keep it simple stupid. I’m a big fan of this. Back when you just paid for your health care it worked. Should we maybe just go back there?