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August 26, 2009

Caster Semenya is a name that has made a lot of news in the sports world lately. If you are not aware she is the track and field star who was recently asked to take a gender test. So, here we go again, more speculative crap involving a sports problem, how can we throw tax dollars at this? I see no problem actually. Dominic Lawson wrote a brilliant piece for the Times of London that reflects my views. His solution: “Let there be no male or female athletics championships. Instead, let men and women—and all those anomalously and uncomfortably perched in the middle—compete against each other in a single championship.” Right on Dom.

I mean come on people, if we spent half the money wasted on sports problems we could end world hunger. I will give you that sports if much more fun than world hunger but what the heck, what’s more important. I really don’t care if this amazon took out Tiffany and Crystal for the 800 meter (what is 800 meters anyway, a half a mile or something?) let her win. She DID win. It’s over. What giant brain started this crusade anyway?

Speaking of crusades, we might need a modern day one. I call being King Richard.