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The Cause Pt. 2

February 25, 2011

To get what they needed the progressives were going to have to get at that Constitution thing. Hempha Jr, and Royce III were in regular contact with their handlers in Overcastistan. They received instruction on how to change the Constitution but they had become assimilated into the culture and, as worthless commies, they were too high to do the things asked of them by their communist overlords.

Finally they met up with a woman named Carrie Nation, a hatchet faced woman who carried a hatchet and a Bible (she really did see that here). She specialized in depriving others of their freedoms and blaming it all on God. Hempha and Royce were overjoyed. Together they were able to outlaw beer and whiskey. The overlords in Overcastistan could not believe what they heard. Only idiots would attempt such a thing they said, but Hempha, Royce and Carrie were successful and Prohibition went into effect.

After a decade of stupidity the total sum of Prohibition was to make a bunch of scoflaw libs, like Joseph Kennedy, wealthy. No other notable things happened. The Amendment was repealed and the libs were back to square one. Changing the Constitution to favor their views had been a colossal failure. They needed another plan, and as usual Royce and Hempha were too high to come up with anything. The overlords told them to begin working on a plan to consolidate the workers. That would serve to weaken the country so they could be captured.

Many invaders came forward to join the labor movement. They tried all kinds of things to bring down the country. Strikes, vandalism, arson and intimidation. But all to no avail. The people of the country could not be turned into the whinny wusses needed to leave the country open to invasion. While it did contribute a lot to weaken the country the labor movement could not do enough damage to make the country vulnerable to the invaders. Both the prohibition scheme and the labor scam would be kept in place to help weaken the country but clearly a new scam was needed.

Finally, after decades of plotting, the progressives came up with a plan that made Satan blush. They would shame the people into turning on their own country by making it look as if the people were destroying their own country with their own success. How would they do this? With an intricate plan involving the wilderness. A new idea that claimed the people were destroying not only animal habitat but their own. And soon they would not be able to live with what they had done to the wilderness. It was a plan worthy of the greatest charlatans of all time. And many came forward to answer the call. And so was born the environmental movement. Until next time screw environmentalists.

Now That’s A Good Joe

February 17, 2011

That’s just Ol’ Joe. That’s what the Ministry of Propaganda (media) says every time Biden makes yet another gaffe. I still can’t figure out how he ended up where he’s at. It defies all common sense. Did I really just say that in regards to Democrat voters? Honestly, Biden is the butt of a joke just by being Biden. But he’s so much more…

But I came here to tell you about a good Joe. Joe Arpaio. If you’re asking who, you need to brush up on current events that really mean something instead of the Democrat Senators getting on the short bus and running away. See that here. I would so fire them. I’m loving every minute of it. This is one of the greatest things I have seen in my lifetime. To bust this union would be a beautiful thing. These thieves have been sucking the life out of America for as long as I can remember. No part of life has been improved by them for a half a century that I have seen, and many positive aspects have been diminished by them. I wish Wisconsin and it’s Governor the best of luck in this. I can’t wait for 2012. But I digress yet again. Back to Sheriff Joe.

If you’ve never heard of Sheriff Joe you really need to get out of your mama’s apron and look around. Have a look here. This guy’s talking about a run for the Senate, but I think he’s just what we need to take out Chairman Zero for Prez. I really want you to take a look at this guy and research him. If we trot out a Mitt Romney or a Ron Paul we are going to get four more years of Zero. Think about it carefully. We need a new and exciting candidate and Joe Arpaio has the stuff.

This guy takes a common sense approach to everything. Is there anything wrong with that? His inmates wear pink jail uniforms. Seen any of them out on the street? I didn’t think so. So he went ahead and made everything in the jail pink. Try escape in that. He set up a program where he took over animal control. It was hemorrhaging money. He offered the inmates a chance to get out of their cell for a few hours a day and learn a salable trade. It not only makes money now but the inmates don’t come back so much.

They also don’t come back because jail is no fun in Joe’s county. They get the bare minimum allowed by law. Nothing fancy. He cancelled cable and the libs made him turn it back on so he swung a deal with the cable company for the Disney Channel and the Weather Channel. Other than basic that’s it. Actually that’s still more than I have but good for Joe. Say, why don’t we all e-mail the Republican National Party with this guys credentials and see if we can’t get something going? Until next time, screw environmentalists.

New Reps And Tea

February 9, 2011

I see lots of articles in the news these days about the new Republicans and the tea party. I’m not sure if this guy is a lib or not but he seems to think the tea party wants the patriot act and the new Republicans have double crossed them. See that here. We do not need the patriot act and these new Representatives were sent there to get rid of this kind of legislation.

The hits just keep on coming. Here‘s one where the “freshman class began expressing doubts”. May I just be the first to say, WELL DONE! BRAVO! This is why we sent you there. Keep up the good work. Sorry Ministry of Propaganda (media) this is what we of the “tea party” want.

On this one all I’ve got to say is sorry libs. This is just bad legislation all around but particularly bad now that you have a commie in the White House. Chortle away.

How about this. “Democrats Pounced”? Like it was a secret agreement or something where the Republicans are always supposed to pass these kinds of things? Is that how it has always been done and now these new guys have come in and “mishandled” it so now they must be pounced on?

Now here‘s the rest of the story. As you can see, in this article it has become “a successful bid” instead of a “mishandled vote”. Are things starting to get clearer? Oh. Perhaps it was intended to be this way. You’re darn right it was. These guys (no sexism intended, if you’re offended go to the Politico now because wait ’till you read this) were sent there to take care of this kind of intrusive legislation. I want to see it all dead. Obamacare, welfare, medicare part ab&c to xy&z. Not to mention AC-DC and foodies. Yes,  ne’er-do-well’s do have a pet name for them and they know how to trade them for beer and cigarettes so raise the tax just as high as you like, your tax dollars will be paying it.

So now, as the smoke clears and things become a little clearer, we have the “old guard” Republicans looking to get on the band wagon before it runs them down next election cycle. Here‘s Orin Hatch (R-Utah) at work. According to the WSJ it’s not looking too good for Orin.

John Boehner (R-Ohio) isn’t doing much better. Look here. He thinks he should be a member of the “Tea Party”. Sorry John, the Tea Party is nothing more than a liberal media plant to confuse the weak of mind. If you are part of the “silent majority” you ARE a member of the tea party. Are you noticing the capitalization here. The Tea Party is just that, a liberal plant. The tea party is nothing more than the silent majority getting vocal in the only way that counts. We ARE, eighty percent of the population and will no longer be pushed around by the big-mouthed liberals. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

South Dakotans Must Own Gun

February 1, 2011

Now this is my kind of law. Five South Dakota Legislators have introduced a bill that requires all South Dakotans to own a firearm. I think I’ll be moving there. Don’t believe it? Look here. Ok, so it’s not what you had in mind but it is true. If we’re going to have a mandated purchase I’m going with this one not some sleazy insurance that should be outlawed instead of mandated.

Yes. It is a protest move against obamacare, and when this is struck down for forcing a citizen to buy a product it will set a precedence for obamacare. This is great work from the legislators here. This is the kind of thing we need going on all over the country if we are ever going to beat the libs. Hit them from all sides with the most far-reaching things you can come up with. Get people used to seeing this kind of thing again. A while back I said they (the libs) were like a retarded Energizer Bunny. Well now we’re starting to show some of that and it’s great. WELL DONE!

With the Federal Judge ruling for the Constitution in Florida we have a real movement going on here. That’s what happened down there you know? That Judge ruled FOR the Constitution, not against obamacare. That, with this, is the kind of thinking we have to keep going. Here‘s the Florida ruling. I think Limbaugh hammered this home today about how good this ruling is. He even read a bunch of quotes from it. Really nice stuff done here as well. The thing is it always seems like when the media puts conservatives on the air they find the dumbest and ugliest among us and then try to get them mad and paint our side in that light.

I know a lot of people are getting tired of me saying our side and their side but that’s how it is. There is no getting along with them. That’s what I and the rest on my side are tired of. We have been trying to get along for a century. Well that’s over. I won’t be happy until they’re all gone out of this country and back to Libya or where ever the heck they think is gay enough for them because I won’t let it be here. Now, to make sure that happens, we need to go here, to our Senators (the more liberal the better) and tell them to vote for repealing this obamanation that is obamacare. You might want to ask them to get some of this buying a gun legislation going too. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Get “Carry”ed Away

January 20, 2011

As most of you know if there is any restriction placed on a law biding citizen carrying a bazooka down main street it is an infringement of the Second Amendment as I see it. That Amendment wasn’t put in there for hunting or some lame home defence crap. It was put in there as a final defence against a gubmint gone wild. So, anything less than citizens being free to carry any and all items available to the military is an infringement. Period. It’s just that simple. Also, I have never had any desire for a “concealed carry” permit or anything like it as I think it could be construed as a contract with the gubmint to relinquish some of your Second Amendment right.

Now. With that stated clearly. Let’s move to this freak in Tuscon. Jared Lockhorn or whatever. This is where I break from the Ministry of Propaganda (media). They want to get his name right and everything else, I couldn’t care less what his name is and you sure won’t see a picture here. I don’t want him to be known far and wide. I want him to be refered to as that left-wing nutbag, so for the rest of this post that is how I will refer to him.

He is not connected to the tea party or talk radio or even right-wing. He is indeed a left-wing nutbag and still, nobody knows why he did what he did. The only thing for certain is that Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh didn’t get him to do it. Now, the point I would like to make here is to connect the dots as they have been presented in this post. (That is always my intent but I sometimes wander off the trail.)

The point being that this left-wing nutbag is a total loser. He is a loser at everything. And this, to me, is the reason for gun control. Let me break that down. In a perfect world where carrying weapons is as I stated in the first paragraph this left-wing nutbag would have, yet again, been outclassed by 99% of the people on the street. But thanks to liberal meddling from, no doubt, Sheriff Dipstick, among others, he was able to purchase a viable weapon and inflict maximum damage, safe in the knowledge that few were able to defend themselves.

And now, as Limbaugh so eloquently named them, the new castrati (libs) have called for a ban on those evil high-capacity magazines (still looking for that sarcasm font). This has always puzzled me. Libs recoil from a gun laying in a drawer like it is a coiled viper ready to strike. Why is that? It is no more deadly than a hammer or a steak knife. A left-wing nutbag has to get ahold of it and handle it improperly before it is a danger. But none the less they want to infringe on my Second Amendment right and I will have none of it.

112 Congress. Here’s what I expect. After obamacare and light bulb bans I want to see a full repeal of ALL federal laws regarding firearms as well as the disbandment of the ATF. Thank you for your cooperation. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

McCarthy-ism Again

January 13, 2011

I’m warning you. Keep your eyes on both hands and the feet. The libs are not laying down as ordered. They are bad dogs and this is what they are up to. I just feel so dirty when I link to these lib sites. I run my clean up utilities over and over. Anyway, the “dingbat” in the green is Carolyn McCarthy not Joe. I don’t know, or care, if they’re related, but I like what Joe was doing more than I like what the dingbat is doing. She’s infringing on my Second Amendment rights. Big time. The funny thing is she is attempting to ban the very thing that saved lives in this situation. The weapon in question was not set up to use the large capacity clip and thus jammed allowing the time needed to tackle him.

The commie will be introducing this crap next week. This would be a good time to nag your Representative about the dangers of voting for this kind of thing and to just sort of say, “Hey. That’s dangerous thinking Representative.” Don’t forget to ask if they’ve introduced any “light bulb ban” repeals yet. Stop laughing, I’m serious. I’m not going to use those curly little, slow lighting, eight dollar pieces of feces. I’ve got a closet full of Edison’s finest. When incandescents are outlawed, I intend to be an outlaw.

Also you might want to ask if they’ve got a bill in the works to get rid of that ethanol garbage yet. Algore even says it’s a mistake. The stuff is still rotting my fuel line from the inside. I read an article the other day that said that I was lying. I left a comment and asked them if they’d like to come and take a look. No response yet and they removed my comment. (Read this in your best high-pitched gay voice) CENSORED!!!!

OK. So they had a colleague get shot. Now they’ve got to take the week off? WTF? I’m getting tired of these overpaid SOB’s. Here‘s what I’m talking about. Let’s see, I believe they had them in there on Christmas last year but of course the birth of our Savior cannot compare with this tragedy that could have been prevented had the lib Sheriff done his job using the overly restrictive gun laws that already exist to stop this documented criminal from buying a gun.  Heck, she opened her eyes and winked at Zero. Not really, but Limbaugh said something like that on his show and I decided to steal it.

Finally, what did I just say yesterday? America has a lot of coal. Remember? Do these people read this little blog and do these things just to spite me? Apparently we’re going to continue to have a lot of coal. Read this. VETOES? WTF? Who the heck are they to veto anything? Again. Why does the EPA still exist? I scoured the Constitution and I cannot find anywhere that says we gave some two-bit bureaucrat veto power. I’m going to vomit now. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

The Plight Of Arizona

January 11, 2011

How did a once strong State come to be in this condition? It wasn’t bad enough that they have an illegal alien problem. Then there’s the whole “boycott” thing. Anybody heard anything about that? I didn’t think so. Stuff like that usually sounds good to libs but they rarely have the stuff to keep it up for long.

Now they are plagued with this rouge Sheriff attempting to go toe to toe with Limbaugh. I hear Dipstick or Dupcheck or whatever the heck his name is has singled Rush out as the one now responsible for the shooting. Is that a lib view or what? He truly is a dipstick. I wonder how that’s working out for him?

I’m just starting to think that Arizona can’t buy a break. Here‘s the skinny on Sheriff Dupnik. Now remember, this is HIS website. Some of these entries are downright offensive to me. He seems to be the consummate gubmint suck a$$. I’m embarrassed for him. The only FEMA SWAT team? Did he ever wonder why? But I digress. Just for fun I went to the Sheriff’s translator in the upper right corner and translated into Hindi. It was pretty but it didn’t get any better.

Of course he was appointed for his first term because I doubt he would have been elected and now the sheeple have elected him for six, count ’em, six terms. And he was one of the first to hop all over the State law on illegal aliens. Here‘s a little something from Arianna on that. I hate linking to her site but if you want something Liberace gay you almost have to. Also I would like to ask each and every one of you out there to go back to calling them illegal aliens as calling them any kind of immigrant is just wrong and harmful to real immigrants who work extremely hard and pay large sums of money to be a citizen.

One thing to watch closely here is your Second Amendment rights. These people are ready to go on this and this is just the kind of crisis that they don’t want to let go to waste. Somebodies congresscritter has already introduced legislation that the newly elected need to be reminded to slap down. You might want to fax, call or e-mail your particular Representative regarding the meaning of “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”. If you need that address click here.

 Lastly, where do you think Pima County is located in Arizona? Here‘s your answer. Isn’t that just ducky? Front and center in the border battle. With this guy responsible for security it’s no wonder we have forty million of them running around on food stamps and social insecurity. This is what happens when you allow renters to vote. Oh well, more on that later. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


January 4, 2011

I grew up watching a great city peak and decline. I am more astute than most so I know why a lot of things are as they are. I want to pass that knowledge along to future generations. That is why I am here. Sometimes I write something and I just can’t get the words right to express what I know inside.

I heard a commercial on the radio today. I have no idea what it was for but some kid was talking to his grandfather. They must have been fishing and the kid is saying he caught one but he can’t see it yet because the water is too dirty. All I could think was, WHAT!?

Kids don’t know such things, they must be taught. Obviously the libs are making ads again. What puzzles me is why I hear this crap on conservative stations. This particular station has talk all day, all conservative. Does the program director really think his audience wants to hear this kind of thing? But I digress.

Here’s the thing, watching this great city peak involved watching large corporations grow. At the time nobody was concerned with what it took to grow these companies they just wanted the growth.

This is the kind of thing that turned me into a Libertarian. It was obvious that the Democrats were full of whatever that crap they spew is and the Republicans were tools of the corporations, they were better than the Democrats but tools none the less. I digress yet again. Sorry, back to the point at hand.

Dirty water. You see, back then the corporations definitely made the water dirty. There was no doubt about it. Half the time there was something floating in the water with a corporate name on it. I’m not kidding you, pallets, cans, bottles, you name it they dumped it in the river, look here. It wasn’t a crime. Now it is a crime. You rarely see it anymore. Once again I ask you, why is the EPA still around?

Next item. Hippies. Hippies are old now. They like to lay on the grass and look at the sky while smoking their medical marijuana. I don’t know if that’s true I just made it up, my point is that now it’s the grass that’s dirtying the water. I know what your thinking, “What the heck is he talking about?” Well, not so much JUST grass but everything that uses the chemicals to enhance growth and control weeds. You know, fertilizer and pesticides, and I don’t mean dung.

Yeah. That’s right. Your golf course. Number two, right behind big farms. Actually I think the golf courses are number one but this is the data I’ve read. Private lawns and gardens bring up a distant third but still figure in the equation. I know what you’re thinking, “But Rick, what can we do?” Well I do have an answer for you. How about we do as Google is doing. No. Not boycott China (although that is a good idea). Use goats.

You’re still not following are you? Let me splain. Google uses goats to take care of their lawn. No kidding. Look here. Next time, five gallon flushless toilets, the environmentalists next goal (really, look here). Until next time, screw environmentalists.

A Little Here, A Little There

December 27, 2010

Death panels are all the rage today. Everywhere I go that’s what I hear. “They’re paid by medicare!” “Doctors get paid to consult with people and advise them to die!” “Ahh! They couldn’t pass obamacare with them in so they wrote them in the rules after the fact instead!” “Oh no! Now they can write anything in there that they want!” It was like Chicken Little, running around screaming about the end of America as we know it. Hey! Chicken Little! I got a news flash for you! This is how it’s always been.

Yeah. That’s what I said. It’s always been like this. That’s why I think Chairman Zero is the greatest President of the last century. Because of his “audacity” (pun intended) things like this are being brought out into the light of day. Do you think maybe this is what he meant by “transparency”? Perhaps he is a genius and this is his way of exposing all the corruption used by congresscritters. Now isn’t that a perplexing thought. B.H.O. Our savior.

Now we’re going to get down to grinding it out. Here’s the meat. For my entire lifetime I have watched this happen. As a youngster I was called everything from heartless to an idiot for pointing it out. But here, once again, is how it has happened for over a hundred years that I know of. The libs have an objective. Any objective. Say taking schooling away from the peasants. Now, if they just came out and said we want you peasants to quit teaching your children to read and write and do math, the outcry would be gargantuan. So they do a little bit here and a little bit there. And after a hundred years our gubmint schools are turning out idiots. Are you seeing the big picture now?

Let me see if I can put a little more shine on that. In 1910 how many children attended school? How many attended private schools? How many attended gubmint schools? Is anyone out there suffering under the illusion that gubmint schools give the same level of education as private schools? Perhaps at one time they did but that day is far behind us now. The first thing the libs did was get it mandated that all children MUST attend school. In 1910 a child could work with his father and learn a trade that would carry him comfortably through his entire life and never attend a day of school. They probably still could but that would be child endangerment or some thing.

Once they had the unwashed masses bound to their indoctrination centers (gubmint schools) for twelve years they began to whittle away at the quality of education. History changed, ever so slightly each year. Math got “friendlier”, spelling became more “phonetic”. What the heck is that anyway? If little Frank was smarter than little Jeremy the playing field needed to be leveled. Jeremy was given a B and Frank was told to ease up, slack off, take it easy. You’re making it hard on everyone. Don’t try and tell me this didn’t happen because I was little Frank. There was another sentence here describing a horrible fate for those people but I had to remove it, anyway, hippies suck!

That is the plan for education. They are doing it. They have this type of plan for everything. Healthcare, welfare, housing the whole gamut. They are trying to dumb the United States down to the level of the third world. Level the playing field, if you will. You don’t have to have suffered it to see it happening. Look around you. Here’s what I want you to do when you see it. Take it back. A little at a time. Do you save a thousand dollars by getting it all at once or do you save it ten, fifteen twenty dollars at a time? Take your pound of flesh when you can. Make the filthy hippies give it back to you. They will be extremely grudging when they have to give you what is rightfully yours so expect that. But make sure you take everything. A little at a time taken by the silent majority will bankrupt this BS. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

The Golden Rule

December 23, 2010

Was there any question as to whether Rahm Emanuel would be Mayor of Chicago? Of course they said that in spite of living in DC for the last year he is a Chicago resident. See that here. This brings me to my point, do you think they would have said the same about me? Or you? Of course not because of the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule states, “He that has the gold, makes the rules.” Is that simple enough for you?

Throughout history who has kept the records? Was it the rank and file populace so that we had a real depiction of life or was it the guys with the gold? Kings, dictators, and emperors? And how do they get that gold? They fleece it from the people. Is that what they call the golden fleece? There is no other way this type of person can get the gold. Let me give you a scenario. You’re on trial for your life. You are accused of committing murder. And the judge says the trial has to be over in four weeks because she’s going on vacation. WHAT? Yeah. It’s true. See here.

Did you see the calloused way she dismissed the whole thing like her vacation was the focus of everybodies life. She said she “admonished ” them several times to speed things up. HEY! BEOTCH! I’M ON TRIAL FOR  MY LIFE HERE! These kind of things rarely happen to me because I would have made it MY life’s focus to see her working at the local car wash vacuuming ash trays until she was old and gray. Yes, take away their gold and they no longer make the rules. What? Were you suffering under the illusion that you lived in a free country or some such thing?

Get real. They give you a few trinkets. Tokens of freedom. A gun, but not a real gun like their army carries, a Sears gun that only holds seven rounds. What are you going to do with that, blow your head off before they can take you alive? The founding Fathers intended for us to be able to buy, own and carry everything the military has access to. That was the purpose of the Second Amendment. As a final defense to a totalitarian gubmint like the one we are currently experiencing.

Finally, the feds are not supposed to own land. Yeah, it’s really not something they’re supposed to be doing. Check your pocket constitution. It’s in there, specifically spelled out as to what land they can own and no where are vast tracts mentioned like the ones they are trying to control here. I believe you’ll find Teddy Roosevelt started this crap. I’m really growing tired of these treasonous…….. Well, enough said there. That would be our other trinket of freedom. We own land. Or do we? Do you really own your home? What if you don’t pay the mortgage? I believe Jefferson had something to say about banking institutions and standing armies.

OK, so you paid off your mortgage. Feeling pretty smug right now? Try not paying your taxes. As the holder of the gold I can tax you right out of that home you think you own. Anyway, that’s my take on the golden rule. If you disagree or don’t like it let me know. Until next time, screw environmentalists.