By Rick Schroeder

Terminology is confounding the Constitution. We need to make people learn how to talk again. As terminology changes with each new generation it seems that the dictionary is updated and everything that has gone before is just forgotten. Now as far as I’m concerned that is just fine for Michael Jackson songs but I suppose there are those who would want to debate that with me. Just as I want to debate the terminology in the Constitution with libs.

Here’s one to get you going. Which Bible is better? Now I know there are some of you out there saying what is he talking about? Well here goes. There are actually quite a few Bibles out there but for this example I am going to use just two. The King James version (KJ) and the New International version (NIV). Which is better? Think about it and get yourself an answer.

Now, here is the right answer. The NIV is far superior to the KJ. Some of you are out there right now howling about how the KJ is much older and therefore must be much better and closer to the facts because they were closer to the actual times and people tend to distort things over time, and so on and so forth.

First off, thank you for making my point with your “people distort things over time” argument, but here is the facts on this case. The KJ and the NIV were translated from the same documents. The original documents. So what makes the NIV so superior? Understanding. The translators of the NIV were historians who studied the civilization at the time the documents were written. For all his worthy intentions King James and his team just didn’t understand that gay would mean something totally different than it did fifty years ago.

Examples. Do you think the Flintstones would have been having a”gay ole time” if they knew what that meant now? Civilians. Have you ever heard a cop refer to civilians? Cops ARE civilians. This is a military term. Here’s a term that’s close to my heart, “well regulated”. It’s from the Constitution. The Second Amendment to be exact. What does regulation mean today? Certainly not what I want for my firearm ownership. In the time the document was written it meant something totally different.

I have an old dictionary from the mid sixties. It has several definitions of “regulate”. The first is newer and states “to control or direct by a rule”. Not what I want. But the fourth which would be much older and phasing out states “to put in good order”. I would much rather have my Second Amendment rights in good order than controlled by rule. Wouldn’t you?

These are but a few examples of how manipulating our terminology can change the very meaning of things. It demonstrates the importance of remembering how things began. Now this, I look at this as simple common sense. But you would be surprised how many people want to tell you that in spite of the circumstances surrounding how a document like our Constitution was produced we still need to look at it with the new meanings in mind. They like to call it a “living document”. Don’t even ask me what that means. It’s libspeak to me. It is not a living document and it means exactly what it says.

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