Tax Me

By Rick Schroeder

You will find that a common theme here will be the feral gubmints (Federal Governments) limitations as spelled out by the Constitution. If there is one thing that makes me madder than anything else it would be the feral gubmint overstepping its little bitty bounds. If you research a particular situation that is resulting in certain groups of people claiming some kind of slight being committed against them by the gubmint you often find the same root cause. The feral gubmint overstepping its little bitty bounds. So as you may have guessed my blood pressure has traveled into dangerous territory.

In the situation I am thinking of gays want to get married. Where did this come from? If you will think back, way back, before i-phones and flavored vodka, gays were mad because they were not getting tax breaks like married people. Oh! I’m sorry. Have you forgotten that this is where this hornets nest that has become “gay marriage” came from? Yes. It was decades ago. But I digress. If you want to debate all that go to the gay site of your choice and have at it. My point is that the root cause is once again the feral gubmint doing things it shouldn’t be doing.

You see, back in the day, gays got mad because straights were getting tax breaks for this, that, and the other thing. But gays weren’t getting these breaks because they were not married. PRESTO! The problem. Now common sense begs the question why are some folks getting tax breaks while others aren’t. So people immediately went to work to get homos married.

Whoa there broke back, time for some common sense.

Does not every citizen of major age have access to the same services from the feral gubmint? Answer this question simply and truthfully. No editorials here just a yes or no. Does not Jesse Jackson, Jesse Ventura, Jesse James and Jesse Duplantis all have the same access to the same feral gubmint? So why are they charging you, me and Simon Legree three different amounts for the same thing? My point here is that we all receive the same services, so by logic, shouldn’t we all pay the same amount? When did this get convoluted into the fifteen thousand page tax code that we now enjoy?

Now, while the Constitution does actually give the feral gubmint the authority to tax us I don’t recall anywhere that it says they can pick and choose who pays what and give unfair advantages to one group over another. Shouldn’t single people be just as outraged as homos? And, in reviewing history, before the original socialist (Wilson) gave us permanent income tax it was used very prudently by administrations and usually just to pay off war debt. Of course we didn’t have cogresscritters knocking down $175 grand back then either. And to be fair we didn’t have nearly half the country on the gubmint dole. Stupid is costly.

One last question. Where does the money go? Well, that depends on who you ask. Libs will tell you it goes to greedy corporations via corporate welfare and I’m inclined to agree with that to a certain extent. Conservatives will tell you it goes to lazy parasites via entitlement programs and I will agree with that to a certain extent. But none of this rhetoric explains why the feral gubmint borrows fifty eight thousand dollars a second.

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