Sexy Socialism

By Rick Schroeder

About now you’re probably wondering why I’m hacking on what seems like small stuff like chicanery and terminology. Well, since Worthless Woodrow (Woodrow Wilson) began his progressive agenda in 1913 the libs have made massive strides toward dismantling this Country. And they didn’t do it over night. It started with the little things. A little bit at a time. Some tribe somewhere had a saying, “You eat an elephant one bite at a time.” and that is just how the libs have been tearing this Country down.

Every time I turn around I see another example of how this Country is being destroyed. And the worst part is that most of the people around me can’t even see it. The whole thing is normal to them. I suppose a key thing here would be an intimate knowledge of the Constitution. It is actually a very simple document and all it does is lay out the limits of the feral gubmint (Federal Government). You used to be able to get a free pocket copy from the Heritage Foundation. I don’t know if that’s still true but it’s worth a try so I gave you the link there.

Once you know what is supposed to be you have no problem spotting the things that shouldn’t be. Let me give you one of those worthless lawyer disclaimers here, once your mind has been expanded by the truth you can’t go back to being blissfully ignorant. It gnaws at you constantly and you are compelled to do things like write a blog. Eventually it gets to the point where you can’t stand idly by and watch any more and you find yourself having scathing debates with the libs in your life. Basically all of this is good. Very good. And as it should have been all along. I have no idea what previous generations were trying to do. Get along with people that were trying to destroy our very way of life? I don’t know, but I won’t keep my mouth shut to get along with people who are trying to destroy my Country. And for the most part the libs in your life are not the hardcore socialists they are just the foot soldiers who have been seduced with the rhetoric and BS that is socialism. After all, they can’t seriously want to live in freakish poverty for the rest of their lives like their comrades in Cuba and Venezuela. Right?

You see, libs have worked tirelessly for a century to get to this point. They have tried to make the sick and twisted socially acceptable. And for the most part it has worked quite well. But there are those few who would dare to question the Kings new dress. And I am one of those few. I am compelled to sound the alarm. To wake the Silent Majority. This is a warning alarm. All the compartments are full of sea water and the ship IS going down. Start baling for all you are worth and start now. Remember freedom is not free and if you don’t take responsibility you will never have freedom.


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