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Church And State

December 9, 2012

By Rick Schroeder

Separation of Church and State, where did this concept come from? If you are saying the Constitution right now, you are wrong. Here it is, read it. No, our Founding Fathers actually intended this to be a Christian Country. Check this post. I think that’s pretty clear.

Another thing I’m getting sick of is the liberal media’s efforts to run down the Founding Fathers. You know, all the “documentaries” on PBS about anything bad, real or conjured up. I won’t even dignify it by mentioning examples here but you know what I’m talking about. Just because it’s on TV doesn’t mean it’s true, especially PBS.

Maybe we should all just go ahead and cancel cable and quit watching TV and reading news(?)papers for a year and see how they like that. That’s the way to beat these people you know? Hit them in the pocketbook. This strategy is so effective with them because they can’t do anything for themselves. The only thing vaguely resembling a talent that they have ever developed is running their mouths.

Meanwhile, I want God back in the schools. I want God back on our money. I want God everywhere in this Country. If you’re from another religion and you don’t like it go right ahead and go to wherever your religion is king. I won’t miss you. Also, if the American flag offends you, feel free to go to whatever armpit of the Earth suits you but we will fly our flag.

These are a few of the things that MUST return to the forefront of American life if we are to remain the Country that I grew up in. It would just be a terrible shame to be the presiding generation as this Country turns into a piece of… let’s just say becomes a banana republic. I do not intend to do that. I would rather die fighting it.

Now, back to the question of the day. Where did that idiotic concept come from. Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to the Danbury Baptists in 1802. From that letter liberals have attempted to contrive this concept. And with the help of their willing accomplices in the media they have been making it stick. But we ARE a Christian nation in spite of what our socialist mooslim of a mistake President says. We need to bring that back into the mainstream and get rid of this sensationalist garbage of the day or we will be lamenting this from the safety of our cave without lights in the near future, just like India. By the way, does that power outage thing in India affect customer service call centers for Verizon and what not?

Sexy Socialism

December 9, 2012

By Rick Schroeder

About now you’re probably wondering why I’m hacking on what seems like small stuff like chicanery and terminology. Well, since Worthless Woodrow (Woodrow Wilson) began his progressive agenda in 1913 the libs have made massive strides toward dismantling this Country. And they didn’t do it over night. It started with the little things. A little bit at a time. Some tribe somewhere had a saying, “You eat an elephant one bite at a time.” and that is just how the libs have been tearing this Country down.

Every time I turn around I see another example of how this Country is being destroyed. And the worst part is that most of the people around me can’t even see it. The whole thing is normal to them. I suppose a key thing here would be an intimate knowledge of the Constitution. It is actually a very simple document and all it does is lay out the limits of the feral gubmint (Federal Government). You used to be able to get a free pocket copy from the Heritage Foundation. I don’t know if that’s still true but it’s worth a try so I gave you the link there.

Once you know what is supposed to be you have no problem spotting the things that shouldn’t be. Let me give you one of those worthless lawyer disclaimers here, once your mind has been expanded by the truth you can’t go back to being blissfully ignorant. It gnaws at you constantly and you are compelled to do things like write a blog. Eventually it gets to the point where you can’t stand idly by and watch any more and you find yourself having scathing debates with the libs in your life. Basically all of this is good. Very good. And as it should have been all along. I have no idea what previous generations were trying to do. Get along with people that were trying to destroy our very way of life? I don’t know, but I won’t keep my mouth shut to get along with people who are trying to destroy my Country. And for the most part the libs in your life are not the hardcore socialists they are just the foot soldiers who have been seduced with the rhetoric and BS that is socialism. After all, they can’t seriously want to live in freakish poverty for the rest of their lives like their comrades in Cuba and Venezuela. Right?

You see, libs have worked tirelessly for a century to get to this point. They have tried to make the sick and twisted socially acceptable. And for the most part it has worked quite well. But there are those few who would dare to question the Kings new dress. And I am one of those few. I am compelled to sound the alarm. To wake the Silent Majority. This is a warning alarm. All the compartments are full of sea water and the ship IS going down. Start baling for all you are worth and start now. Remember freedom is not free and if you don’t take responsibility you will never have freedom.

School Zone

December 9, 2012

By Rick Schroeder

In the great State of Florida the speed limit in school zones is 20 mph. Really. You go from sometimes as much as 50 mph to 20 mph. So I’m driving by one the other day and the school is way back. Maybe 200 feet off the road. And people are hanging out everywhere guiding the little darlings into the building for a daily dose of liberalism. So I’m wondering, why am I going 20 mph when these kids would have to launch an all out assault to get anywhere near the road. And it comes to me. People. The parents. These people are so stupid that they can’t merge smoothly into the flow of traffic.

OK, right now you’re saying I’m an idiot but here’s a test. The next time you go to WalMart watch the people in the parking lot for a while. Watch the ones walking. Are they oblivious or what? Are the ones driving any sharper? Is it not a wonder that there aren’t mass deaths in WalMart’s parking lot every day. Maybe there are and the evil corporation is hiding it from us.

Is that the end of it? Oh no. In Detroit they have these acceleration ramps to get onto the freeway. I’m sure they have them everywhere but Detroit is the only place I have witnessed this. Driver A turns onto the ramp from the surface street and begins to accelerate down the ramp. He gets to the end and decides he can’t merge so he stops dead. Allowing Driver B to pile into the back of him at 50+ mph. I’m not kidding here. It used to happen every day at least once. I saw it. In Driver A’s defence there are some ramps in Detroit that have traffic signals at the bottom so you have to stop. I don’t know, go figure. I always ran them.

When I first moved to Florida I worked for an engineer in the roadway maintenance department near Tampa. If you have ever been to an urban area in Florida you may have noticed that almost all the streets are boulevards. They have a median to separate the opposing traffic flows. When I left Michigan there weren’t too many boulevards, I don’t know now. As a result I found it cumbersome to drive. Always having to go past where I wanted to go and find a turn around and come back. Why don’t they just have left turn lanes instead of all those medians. When I asked the engineer why this was he told me they would drive right into each other if we didn’t. I could not believe it but he patiently explained that Florida has a lot of retirees from other States with differing traffic patterns as well as foreigners with no traffic patterns. I have since come to accept that as the truth.

On top of this they like to make a left turn onto the roadway into the left turn lane and then sit there with their right turn signal on trying to get into traffic. Or worse yet they kind of ease along looking backwards for a break. They are technically making a right turn out of the left turn lane. I have seen tickets issued for this. I have also seen cops doing it.

My final shot here is what some call left lane drivers. Listen up Sport. If you’re in the left lane you’re supposed to be passing. Not camped out next to the car in the right lane so Grandpa taking Grandma to the hospital has to get ugly with you. Don’t say a thing, I see it every morning. You could at least do the speed limit. I guess what I’m asking here is have people really become this stupid? I guess Barack didn’t elect himself, did he?

Tax Me

December 9, 2012

By Rick Schroeder

You will find that a common theme here will be the feral gubmints (Federal Governments) limitations as spelled out by the Constitution. If there is one thing that makes me madder than anything else it would be the feral gubmint overstepping its little bitty bounds. If you research a particular situation that is resulting in certain groups of people claiming some kind of slight being committed against them by the gubmint you often find the same root cause. The feral gubmint overstepping its little bitty bounds. So as you may have guessed my blood pressure has traveled into dangerous territory.

In the situation I am thinking of gays want to get married. Where did this come from? If you will think back, way back, before i-phones and flavored vodka, gays were mad because they were not getting tax breaks like married people. Oh! I’m sorry. Have you forgotten that this is where this hornets nest that has become “gay marriage” came from? Yes. It was decades ago. But I digress. If you want to debate all that go to the gay site of your choice and have at it. My point is that the root cause is once again the feral gubmint doing things it shouldn’t be doing.

You see, back in the day, gays got mad because straights were getting tax breaks for this, that, and the other thing. But gays weren’t getting these breaks because they were not married. PRESTO! The problem. Now common sense begs the question why are some folks getting tax breaks while others aren’t. So people immediately went to work to get homos married.

Whoa there broke back, time for some common sense.

Does not every citizen of major age have access to the same services from the feral gubmint? Answer this question simply and truthfully. No editorials here just a yes or no. Does not Jesse Jackson, Jesse Ventura, Jesse James and Jesse Duplantis all have the same access to the same feral gubmint? So why are they charging you, me and Simon Legree three different amounts for the same thing? My point here is that we all receive the same services, so by logic, shouldn’t we all pay the same amount? When did this get convoluted into the fifteen thousand page tax code that we now enjoy?

Now, while the Constitution does actually give the feral gubmint the authority to tax us I don’t recall anywhere that it says they can pick and choose who pays what and give unfair advantages to one group over another. Shouldn’t single people be just as outraged as homos? And, in reviewing history, before the original socialist (Wilson) gave us permanent income tax it was used very prudently by administrations and usually just to pay off war debt. Of course we didn’t have cogresscritters knocking down $175 grand back then either. And to be fair we didn’t have nearly half the country on the gubmint dole. Stupid is costly.

One last question. Where does the money go? Well, that depends on who you ask. Libs will tell you it goes to greedy corporations via corporate welfare and I’m inclined to agree with that to a certain extent. Conservatives will tell you it goes to lazy parasites via entitlement programs and I will agree with that to a certain extent. But none of this rhetoric explains why the feral gubmint borrows fifty eight thousand dollars a second.


December 9, 2012

By Rick Schroeder

Terminology is confounding the Constitution. We need to make people learn how to talk again. As terminology changes with each new generation it seems that the dictionary is updated and everything that has gone before is just forgotten. Now as far as I’m concerned that is just fine for Michael Jackson songs but I suppose there are those who would want to debate that with me. Just as I want to debate the terminology in the Constitution with libs.

Here’s one to get you going. Which Bible is better? Now I know there are some of you out there saying what is he talking about? Well here goes. There are actually quite a few Bibles out there but for this example I am going to use just two. The King James version (KJ) and the New International version (NIV). Which is better? Think about it and get yourself an answer.

Now, here is the right answer. The NIV is far superior to the KJ. Some of you are out there right now howling about how the KJ is much older and therefore must be much better and closer to the facts because they were closer to the actual times and people tend to distort things over time, and so on and so forth.

First off, thank you for making my point with your “people distort things over time” argument, but here is the facts on this case. The KJ and the NIV were translated from the same documents. The original documents. So what makes the NIV so superior? Understanding. The translators of the NIV were historians who studied the civilization at the time the documents were written. For all his worthy intentions King James and his team just didn’t understand that gay would mean something totally different than it did fifty years ago.

Examples. Do you think the Flintstones would have been having a”gay ole time” if they knew what that meant now? Civilians. Have you ever heard a cop refer to civilians? Cops ARE civilians. This is a military term. Here’s a term that’s close to my heart, “well regulated”. It’s from the Constitution. The Second Amendment to be exact. What does regulation mean today? Certainly not what I want for my firearm ownership. In the time the document was written it meant something totally different.

I have an old dictionary from the mid sixties. It has several definitions of “regulate”. The first is newer and states “to control or direct by a rule”. Not what I want. But the fourth which would be much older and phasing out states “to put in good order”. I would much rather have my Second Amendment rights in good order than controlled by rule. Wouldn’t you?

These are but a few examples of how manipulating our terminology can change the very meaning of things. It demonstrates the importance of remembering how things began. Now this, I look at this as simple common sense. But you would be surprised how many people want to tell you that in spite of the circumstances surrounding how a document like our Constitution was produced we still need to look at it with the new meanings in mind. They like to call it a “living document”. Don’t even ask me what that means. It’s libspeak to me. It is not a living document and it means exactly what it says.