Covert Chicanery

By Rick Schroeder

I wanted to come out of the gate with the best thing ever for my first post and wow the world. But after much thought and many false starts (four in this post alone) I realized that what I needed to do was just get some common sense out there and maybe spread a little decency around. Suddenly I had a tag line. I struggled with powerful thoughts that I wanted to get across and then it came to me. I have plenty of time for that. In this first post I only need to give you an idea of who I am and a brief overview of where I want to go with this blog. So, with that in mind here we go.

I was born over half century ago and in my lifetime I have experienced a lot of things. A lot of things that I don’t believe younger generations will ever be able to experience. “Sad.” you say? “Probably due to the depletion, or even the destruction of natural resources.” you say. “Maybe overpopulation?” you say. Sorry folks, nothing that complicated. The fact is this loss of ability to do some of the things that I enjoyed as a youngster results from simple gubmint (government) regulation. I said “younger generations will ever be able to experience.” but I should have qualified that with, “unless we fix it now”.

Here’s the sad truth, folks. In my daily life I have often interacted with younger people who have no idea what might be. They have been so fed up with male bovine feces that they actually believe the lies that have been shoved down their throats since birth. I purposely stated that in such a way so you would think “well of course they do”, but the reality is that it has been much more covert than you would think. I, and probably you as well, have been fooled in this way.

I was raised in the liberal bastienne of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Now Michigan is an open carry State. What does this mean? It means that I can walk down the street like Lucas McCain (The Rifleman for those of you saying “Who?”) carrying my rifle at my side in plain sight and loaded, ready for action. A side note: I will always link to items by adding a hyperlink as I did here with The Rifleman, but back to my point. Living in a liberal town in an open carry State I was about twenty eight years old before I knew I could carry that gun. This is the type of covert chicanery I speak of. Not an outright assault on your God given Constitutional right but more of a back-door usurpation of your Freedoms.

With that said, what I am attempting here is to bring these “God given” rights back to the forefront so that you may again begin exercising them. In my earlier blog, Libertyview, I was more concerned with the lie that is global warming so I ended each post with “Screw environmentalists”. This site will not be so single sighted so no such catch phrase will be employed.

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