Are You Poor

Have you ever thought you were poor? Have you seen those people on TV with the flies buzzing all around them? Are they the poor? Who decides who is poor? Apparently in America the Census Bureau, or as I like to call them the senseless bureau (SB). And that decision, in my opinion, is quite poor. Let me show you what I’m talking about. According to the SB about 13.5% of America is poor in any given year. That is an average I have come up with, with figures from the SB that hover between 11 and 16%. That amounts to about 40 million. Hey, that’s the same amount of illegals we’re supposed to have. No relation though.

Now, those people designated as poor by the SB are not even close to being those people on TV with the flies. The American poor, in fact, live quite well compared to other countries. No wonder they hate us, huh? I don’t think that they are watching us suffer with antiquated video equipment while some shyster hawks for thirty-eight rupees a day though. It would seem that 43% of poor Americans own their own home. The heck you say? Yeah. Our poor own the house they live in. Pretty neat, huh? When did you become the proud owner of your own home? I know what you’re thinking, “Yeah, it’s one of those tumble-down pieces of junk over on the other side of town.” No, no, no, my friend, the average home owned by America’s poor is a 3/2 with a garage and a porch. Dang, that’s more than what I’ve got.

More than two-thirds of these “poor” have two rooms per person in the household so they’re not really climbing all over each other either. In fact, according to The Heritage Foundation (see here) “the average poor American has more living space than the average individual living in Paris, London, Vienna, and Athens.” Note that this comparison is America’s poor to the average citizens in the foreign countries. And 80% have air conditioning. Now you can’t tell me that all the American poor are in the south, I’ve been to Detroit, Chicago, and New York. There has got to be some “poor” with air up there too. On top of that 97% have a color TV with over half of them owning two color TV’s, and a full 78% have a VCR or DVD player. Ain’t no flies on that, now is there?

They’re not really stuck in the house either. Three-quarters own a car with almost a third owning two cars. A third of them have both cellular and land line telephones. Dang again. Nearly two-thirds are single-parent homes, if they just got married almost three-quarters would no longer be considered poor. The bottom line is that about one-third of the folks we consider poor are actually poor in the traditionally accepted image of poor. If the other folks considered poor by the SB would just get married and go to work at some of those jobs they consider to be “below” them, poverty would be drastically cut in America. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

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