Change We Can Live With

How’s that hope and change working for you? I always like to ask that just before I give the libs a good dosing of their socialist medicine. And here it comes. I always endeavor to illustrate for those of you who elect not to go to the liberal rags I sometimes direct you to. So, for the astute among you, Timmy “Bevis” Geithner has decided it is best to start by soundly screwing his own first. In other words and more simply put, your federal retirement may not be worth the paper it’s printed on. How do you like me now?

Yes friends, for a short time only (the rest of your life under obamacare) you will be receiving no retirement benefits. This is the gubmints latest attempt to blackmail you into increasing the debt limit. Oh… that’s right. I forgot to give you the rest of the story. Our fiscally responsible stewards of the treasury have once again exceeded all expectations as well as the debt ceiling. And again, how do you like me now? Hey! I’m just the messenger. Save the venom for November.

Now. Get ready for the media frenzy. First they will sound the alarm far and near. Then they will lament the heart wrenching story of how the evil Republicans are starving the elderly. And finally, without shame, they will search the alleys and overpasses to find every derelict transient they can and give them five bucks to call Boehner a jerk for taking their retirement.

Boehner is a jerk but that’s beside the point. This falls square on the shoulders of Mr. Moratorium (Obama) himself. There is one way out of our present predicament and that is to become productive once again. It doesn’t really matter what we produce just so it sells. BS, hope, change, and moonbeams out your posterior aren’t going to do it as Chairman Zero (Obama) is fast discovering. Are you beginning to see why I never fall victim to the Osama – Obama slip of the tongue trap. I just call him everything but his mooslim name. But I digress.

As I understand it more than ninety percent of federal employees are libs in good standing. Retirees are just the same and have been for many moons. So this latest developement is just about the best thing I think I have ever heard. It reminds me of the scene from blazing saddles where Clevon Little grabs himself and threatens to kill himself if anybody moves. Is this what they call the rattlesnakes eating each other? Maybe not but it should be. Anyway, Clevon was able to fool the Johnsons of Rock Ridge but I don’t think Bevis will be able to fool the American people. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

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