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April 15, 2011

As you can clearly see on the video here, these people are high on something (nice hats, by the way). Isn’t Bolivia the place where they chew coca leaves. You know, the stuff they make cocaine out of? I’ve seen them guys on cocaine. They always think they are so much smarter than everybody else. And, they are always moving a mile a second towards a brick wall. Kind of like what’s going on here.

Let’s review for those who didn’t check the video or read the article. Bolivia is going to pass some laws giving all of nature human rights. Basically that’s all you missed. Let’s look at this idea. Does this mean that nature will be purchasing land for its quiet enjoyment? Will the monkeys be taking responsibility for the actions of the trees or will the trees take care of themselves? What if I don’t want the ants trespassing on my land, do I poison them or sue them? If I poison them will I be charged with murder? If I sue them and win who will be evicting them? I can clearly see we’ll be needing a lot more coca leaves to solve these tough problems.

But not so fast. Let’s take a look at the players here. I started with the first one quoted, Álvaro García Linera, the Vice-President. According to his bio on Wikipedia he’s a socialist. Who’d a thunk it? Well, that certainly makes more sense.

Then comes Undarico Pinto. In the article he’s called the leader of a social movement but upon further scrutiny that “social movement” turned out to be The Unique Confederation of Rural Laborers of Bolivia. Can you say union? Which would make Rico the “union president”. How unique is that? (sarcasm font)

Then I checked out the religion cited, Pachamama (is that really pronounced pack a mama). I even went to their website. That was frightening to say the least. But apparently they are some sort of greenpeace on steroids focused like a shotgun on the Bolivian jungle that is, oddly enough, headquartered in San Francisco, CA. (scroll to the bottom of their site and look).

Then there is President Evo Morales, whose party, “the Movement Towards Socialism (that’s really the name. I’m not making this up), enjoys a comfortable majority in both houses of parliament.” Well, that pretty much sums up the players now doesn’t it? (sarcasm font)

Now, the reason I bring this to your attention is that this is not some isolated group of wackos like usual. This is a whole country. A whole country that has managed to funnel itself down the drain in one fell swoop. Hey. On the bright side maybe Algore will move there. But seriously, all I’ve got to say is CYA. Cover your assets. This has the potential to go horribly wrong, unbelievably fast. There are already other coca chewing countries crafting just such legislation. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


April 14, 2011

The current budget situation has given me cause to think more than usual about what makes people do things. I know that I have done things that I later wondered what I was thinking. It happens. You just get so tired and so worn down that you agree to something you would not otherwise have agreed to. On the good side I have noticed that the older I get the less I am susceptible to this. I am almost to the point where I will argue anything to the death for no apparent reason.

When John (Boehner) and the boys made that budget deal public I really didn’t pay much attention to it and I actually got sucked in by the Ministry of Propaganda (media) and thought we had won some kind of victory. Then I looked at it and started to slowly unravel. The first thing that came to mind was, “What the heck (WTH) are they doing?” Then I started to get the reports, $38 billion, $20 billion, finally $342 million. WTH? That’s what, twenty-two minutes of spending? They could have taken a long lunch and done better. Go here and time it.

So anyway, I’m thinking John and the boys just got worn down. Then I start hearing their responses to questions and it becomes obvious, they are just lazy. They threw this lame deal together and passed it in the middle of the night and said they were afraid of shutting down the gubmint. Does that pretty much cover it? These guys really need to be driving a bus or something. It’s a shame that we let these jackals use their job as a public servant to set themselves up in these cushy consultant positions after their term is over because most of them really need to be picking up garbage along the road.

Then I start thinking about the liberals I have known and how they respond to questions about their beliefs. In my experience they never want to talk about it. Every now and then they will initiate a quick salvo and then retreat to the safety of not talking about it. The few times I have had conversations with them it was amazing. They actually believe that the people they elect know what’s best for them better than they do themselves. And that’s why they elected them. I am not kidding about this. They are truly happy that these jackals are “taking care of them” and  trust them completely. They are willing to take the higher taxes and loss of freedom because, in my opinion, they are too lazy to take care of themselves. It boggles the mind. On the plus side most of them are fun people. In fact that’s all they really want to do. That’s all I really want to do too, but that’s not the way it is. Like they say, “Freedom is not free.” Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Dear Leader Has Spoken

April 13, 2011

Did you get the chance to listen to Dear Leader today? What a great orator. He made everything so clear. He summed up his position so concisely. I now understand what we must do. And now, I’m going to try to relate that to you. You see, we’ve been looking at this all wrong. Maybe the best way to describe it to you is to give my original position first.

You see, I always thought that you had a certain amount of money and you adjusted your living style to fit that level of income. Or better yet, you toned it down just a notch so you could actually get ahead. Man, was I stupid. Now I clearly see the light. What a fool I have been. Now if you’re sitting there thinking that I may have been correct before, you really need to listen to this. Then, you too, will become a liberal.

First, you look at what you would like to do. Perhaps go on 61 vacations in two years. Or become the biggest philanthropist in the world. Then, and only then, I mean once you have a kind of crystal clear vision of all the things you want and would like to do this year, you determine how much money you will need to do it.

Now that we have a figure in mind we will take a look at the kind of cash we have on hand to do these things. OH! Bad deal, you say? Not so, and here’s why. Now we get out the plastic. Credit cards. We see how much we can get there. That should cover it. But if it doesn’t there are still no worries. We just get the credit card company on the phone and let them know that we will probably be going a bit over this year, but we are sure we can make those minimum payments. That should do it. Now we’re ready to party.

No. Really. This is how they think things work. Oh. There is one more little thing. As our minimum payments may be going up a bit we will need to generate a little more income so we might have to take up welfare fraud or check kiteing. I don’t believe that I’ve ever heard the communist position summed up so concisely. Oh yeah, there it is. You knew where I was going with this. But wait! It gets better.

In the gubmint version of this scenario we don’t even have to find the extra income. All income is produced by taking money from the peasants. This is the scary part of the whole thing. He actually believes that the gubmint is responsible for all the wealth. He doesn’t realize that money is just paper and ink until it is earned. When you just print money, even if it’s real, and buy back our securities from China, it devalues every other dollar out there because it hasn’t been earned. In other words, it wasn’t really needed. Now, when you force people to earn the money it just isn’t worth as much. Just like communist money. Isn’t that strange? Until next time, screw environmentalists.

H. Ross And The Donald

April 12, 2011

When I first heard that Donald Trump would be running for the Republican nomination for President I couldn’t believe it. He’s got to be one of the biggest libs I’ve ever read about. He’s a businessman, but a shyster businessman. He has made a lot of money but he often does it at the expense of the regular guy. As an example he would buy an apartment building, clean it up and raise the rents. The rents are what determines the value of an apartment building in the market, so the higher the rents the more the building is worth. You see, this is the same old crap. Instead of producing something of value Donald makes all his wealth on paper.

He reminds me of this guy I knew back in the eighties, H. Ross Perot. H. Ross was also a shyster businessman. He made a fortune on the backs of working people too. He conned GM into buying his company with their employees profit-sharing. That year Ford employees got about two grand in profit-sharing and GM employees got about two hundred. Nice deal huh? He could have just raised their rent.

But wait. There’s more. If not for H. Ross, Clinton might not have been a two term President. Heck, he might not even have gotten elected at all. You see, in 1992 H. Ross threw his hat into the ring as an Independent. He presented himself as a conservative businessman and siphoned more than enough of the popular conservative vote to have put Bush over the top. Then in 1996, here he comes sniffing around again. But this time even the idiotic American voters could see him for what he was. The thing that saved Willie here was “the electrifying Bob Dole”.

You see, in my lifetime, I have been screwed, blued, and tattooed by liberals. And as a result I hate them vehemently. But I also understand them. I know how they operate. And my concern here is that this is another of their shady ploys. I know, you think I’m sniffing paint in the shadows or something but I’m telling you, this is just the kind of thing they would do. They trot out one of their cleanest operatives and have them pose as a conservative just long enough to get their commie back in office for another swing at American freedom.

If you think I’m kidding let me give you a quick scenario. Mitt the twit (Romney) gets the GOP nod. The Donald (Trump) runs as an Independent. And Chairman Zero (Obama) runs again. Who you going to vote for? Assuming you’re not a lib, Trump starts to look pretty good at closing time, doesn’t he? And this is when things go horribly wrong. I’m warning you now, loud and clear. DON’T LET TRUMP BECOME A PEROT. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Yes We Can

April 11, 2011

A guy walks into a bar and the bartender says, “How long would it take John Boehner to cave if three idiots dragged him down to their level?”  And the guy says, “Just before gubmint shutdown.”

WHAT THE HECK (WTH) HAPPENED? Were we perhaps unclear about cutting the budget? (He said, still looking for that sarcasm font.) I don’t think $500 billion would have been unreasonable at all but I do think Boehner might need to return to his former job vacuuming ashtrays at the car wash. Maybe we can help him out with that come November 2012. Now they’re talking $5 a gallon gas by Memorial Day. WTH? I’m just sick and tired of the whole thing. I will not buy into it  any more. Instead of fearing the increase and trying to find ways to cut my fuel consumption, I’m going to find ways to keep more of my money so I can buy even more fuel. Screw these jerks. So, here’s my new battle cry, “YES WE CAN!” Yeah, I know it’s been done, but not in this context. From now on I will consciously try to use more. This is America and Rush Limbaugh is right, I will not apologize for who I am or my culture.

I grew up with fast cars and cheap fuel. The cars were built by people who made things with their own hands. The fuel came from people who worked hard and played hard and got a good days wage for a good days work. For some gay reason this is changing  and I’m sounding the warning right now. Yeah, it’s not “some gay reason” it’s limp-wristed, left-leaning leaders selling us down the river. Limp-wristed, left-leaners like Boehner. That, and everybody wants to be a dot-com millionaire. Nobody knows how to, or wants to, work for a living anymore. No matter how good that living may be, they would rather have food stamps and gubmint cheese given to them by me and the other three people working out there.

Honestly it’s the “no drilling” crowd that’s screwing us. If you don’t do something now you won’t be cruising later. Gas prices are just the outward sign of what is happening to our culture. Wayne’s World sucked cruising in a Pacer but you know what would suck even worse? Cruising in a Leaf. Boehner and the rest of the limp-wristers are giving our culture away. To the delight of Soros, Obama, and the rest of the sour foreigners out there who hate us.

Hey folks. I am not without a plan. We need to start making things again. We need to start producing things again. We need to make it a bad thing to own foreign scrap again. We need to make the American product the quality product again. Not the ‘inflated price because we are supporting a bunch of bully’s calling themselves a union’ product. Yeah. I said that. There it is, the elephant in the room. I pointed it out. Now get it the heck out of here before it drops more stool. Take the unions, the limp-wristers, and the no drillers out of the equation and we start winning again. Yes we can. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Big-Mouthed Hippies

April 8, 2011

In my experience, it has never been the tea party movement out protesting in the street and trying to camp out in gubmint buildings. No. Never. But you know what? If we want to take our country back we might have to start doing some of this crap. We’ve had good luck with orderly meetings and the voting booth so far but if the kind of thing keeps happening like went on in Wisconsin we may have to start fighting fire with fire-retardant.

Here’s what is getting on my nerves about this whole deal. These liberal union thugs want to point their filthy little fingers at us and claim that we are the “extremists”. They expect us to compromise with them, to borrow money from the communists and give it to them and leave the debt to be paid by children that haven’t even been born yet. I’ve got a better idea. Screw them.

The conservatives in Congress have proposed what, $60 billion in cuts? If it doesn’t pass they need to come back with $120 billion in cuts. Continue to double it until they get the idea. Rand Paul did a neat thing the other day, he quietly put an amendment in an otherwise unrelated bill that the libs really wanted passed. The bill was about small business or something but the amendment was worded in such a way as to make the libs either vote against something Senator Obama said or against something President Obama said. This was only possible because Obama contradicts himself so much. Harry Reid was so bent out of shape he closed the Senate for the weekend. Good stuff.

You see, they are the extremists and we are not going to compromise with them. The days of taking it are over. I really want them all gone. France or hell I don’t care which. You see, there is this saying, “Never argue with an idiot because he’ll just drag you down to his level and then beat you with experience.” Well, my friends, that is exactly what has been going on here. And we need to make them fight on our terms, not theirs.

Oh, I’m sorry. Am I asking too much of you? Will you have to get off the couch and go vote. E-mail your Representatives, maybe protest when you see something wrong? (Still looking for the sarcasm font.) Yeah. You’re going to have to do something about it. If not, shut up. That’s just the way it’s shaking out. We are fighting big-mouthed hippies. Our battleground is the weak minds of politicians. Our weapons are common sense and intelligent thought. The big-mouthed hippies are already howling mad over using logic on them so we need to continue the assault.

They should have gotten out the fire hoses, tazers, and dogs in Madison. They should have made those people get out of that building at closing time and go rent a motel room and act like humans instead of the filthy union animals that they are. $7 million was the estimate of the damage they did during their siege of the State Capitol. So, my question at this point is, “Are hippies really all about love and peace?” I think not. Hang the tag of “Extremist” around their neck. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

$24 Billion, Really

April 7, 2011

That was the annual budget for the Department of Energy (DOE) in 2009. Does that sound reasonable? They do have 16,000 employees. Doing what, nobody knows. Certainly not fulfilling their mission which is to cut our dependence on foreign oil. In 1977, when they started, our dependence on foreign oil was around 20%, today it is about 65%. Are we getting our dollars worth on this one or should we just cut our losses, shut it down and start over?

In all fairness I cannot say that this is entirely the fault of the DOE. We all have to take the hit on this one. You. Me. Everybody. Why, you ask? Environmentalism, pure and simple. It is a crock. Like unions and buggy whips they had their day, but those days are long gone and now they are just a drain on society. A drain that you and I have let run rampant for too many years. It’s time we put the hippies down and sent this environmental crap packing.

We have more coal than any country in the world. No, ANY country in the WORLD. Burn it. Build new coal-fired power plants. WE DON’T HAVE ACID RAIN ANYMORE. The power companies have cleaned up their act and there are laws in place to see that they keep it that way. Good-bye hippies.

Next, build dams on the rivers. Screw the three-eyed newt that migrates up the river to breed. Most of the time these stories are lies. How are you going to prove them wrong? They take thirty million dollars of tax payer money and set up a sex orgy commune on the banks of the river in the woods and claim they have studied the three-eyed newt. I want pictures. I can gin up some documents to prove whatever I want with thirty million dollars of tax payer money. If the newt is that horny it’ll get around the dam.

And finally, our economy runs on oil. We have vast reserves of oil. Start pumping it out. NOW! ANWR is a crock. The desired drilling area is less than one hundredth of one percent of the total area. Again, screw the caribou. If they’re that horny they’ll go around the oil derrick. Actually there are pictures of them having no problems with the oil production. Also, the drilling area is not the flowered fields the environmentalists show you when they speak of ANWR. It is actually several hundred miles north of there in a barren plain near the sea. Darn I’m sick of these people.

With these billions of barrels of oil comes tons of natural gas. We can use that as well. Wind and solar energy are some of the stupidest ideas to come down the pike. Wind “turbines” can’t even generate enough energy to keep the lights on them lit. And solar energy… well, it is what it is. It don’t work at night. It don’t work when the clouds are out. Heck, it barely works when the Sun is shining. These two together have been estimated by the environmentalists (read that optimistically) to be capable of producing five percent of our energy needs.

Wow, really? Five percent? Why are we spending so much money on losers like this and not drilling? Because of gutless politicians who shamelessly bend when the big-mouthed hippies start screaming about the three-eyed newt. If we ever expect to get back to our proper place in the world we better start screaming louder than these hippie freaks. And we better start doing it now. Until next time, screw environmentalists,

Warming BS

April 6, 2011

While you have been busy watching the circus in Wisconsin (Klumpenbutt has claimed victory and decreed that unions rule, by the way) the gubmint is preparing to take all the teeth out of the beast that is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Christian Science Monitor has a nice little story about it right here. As of this writing the Library of Congress does not have any results of votes on any of these bills. So I can only assume that our Congress is engrossed in one of Chairman Zero’s (Obama) long-winded speeches about himself.

The libs have no intentions of letting this go without smearing the good name of everyone involved and trying to get them arrested for anything they can drum up. Here‘s their first attempt at queering the good work done by our shiny new Representatives. Asthma? Really? Is that the best they could come up with? I have asthma. Really, these people are air surrounded by a sphincter muscle. And you know what comes from there.

I warn you, and warn you, and warn you. When they are making a spectacle of themselves somewhere, what do we do? That’s right, look elsewhere for the newest assault. They will have targeted some other God given right and moved in. Right now would be a good time to see what Zero has planned for your Second Amendment right.

The funny thing is, I think this time, the libs may be outclassed. That’s right, the conservatives have been doing an outstanding job of striking from all sides and I think it might just have them confused. The libs are on the ropes in Wisconsin (not to mention the rest of the country) in regards to that union thing. I don’t think that phony-balony recount will stick for long, at least I hope the conservative guy, Prosser I believe his name is, will challenge that crap.

This environmental fairy tale is taking flak from everywhere since the East Anglia scandal. Even Algore has admitted that ethanol was a mistake, which makes the embrace by NASCAR even more of an enigma. I’ll admit, I have never given the France family high marks for intelligence but they DO have (arguably) the number one racing organization in the world. Why tout a loser? I was listening to a local radio station this morning and a guy called in that owns a small engine repair shop and he said his business has tripled in regards to ethanol damage. ie; plastics and rubber in the fuel delivery system.

So here’s my suggestion to you. Go online and e-mail all of your Representatives right now about this EPA thing. Tell them you would like to see it gone the way of the Edsel. Here‘s your Representatives and here‘s your Senators. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Union Rights

April 5, 2011

When I first saw this term my first thought was, what the heck (WTH)? I guess I never really gave it much thought. Does an organization have rights? How does that work? I think we would need a lawyer to make this so difficult to understand that we would never get to the end, but in order to properly answer you have to consider everything.

First thing that comes to my mind is NO. The union doesn’t have rights. Only a person can have rights. Right? But what about my Church? Do they have rights? Do you see how I asked that question wrong? That’s the ploy the union will try to use on you. It’s not, do they have rights, it’s does it have rights. “They” implies humans and it is an organization not a human and as such requires different rights than a human would. Humans have God given rights, the organization does not. The organization may have some rights under some law or another but that is all.

When I said humans have rights I felt all of you animal owners out there bristle. You thought, “my animal has rights”. Well I submit to you that in order to have rights you have to be able to take responsibility for your actions. When your dog bites my kid who is going to take responsibility. Be careful here, because I have been through this before. You are going to try to tell me that your animal is an animal and as such should be granted some kind of “free pass” here. WTH?

When your dog jumps the fence and eats my patio furniture who’s going to take responsibility? You? Then how can your dog have rights? You, as an animal owner, have certain rights and responsibilities. You, as a Church member, have certain rights and responsibilities. You, as a union member, have certain rights and responsibilities. Are you beginning to see a pattern here?

When the founding Fathers set this country up they did not see blacks as human so they did not see any reason they would have God given rights. That, was an error. As humans, blacks, of course, have God given rights. It took a war to rectify that situation. I don’t want it to take a war to rectify this union situation. But I am prepared for it. The union has only the rights granted to it by laws. And laws, as in Wisconsin, can be changed. People are sick and tired of paying these bully’s. They are ready to fight back and keep their lunch money.

A long time ago, on this site, I wrote a piece called Schoolyard Wimps. This is the reason Chairman Zero (Obama) and his crew of wimps are standing with the union. It comes natural. They are used to huddling together in the shadows. Only jumping out when there are five of them and one of you. Only attacking you by cover of night, or behind your back. They’re going to huddle together and tell you whatever they think you want to hear in order to keep the power they have over you. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

The Root

April 4, 2011

I often say things that cause people to look at me as if I were insane. I have been told that I am talking out of my… you know what. I’ve noticed that many more women are offended by the things I say than men. This has always been perplexing to me as these things I say would not have even needed to be said forty years ago. They would have “gone without saying”. They were just common sense. What the heck (WTH)?

For a long time I have just figured most women didn’t like me for whatever reason. I didn’t know if it was my smile or what but I just accepted it and moved on. I have always been a risk taker. I have the desire to move forward and get more. Heck, I’m a mechanic by trade and now here I am doing this on my own dime. Is that a risk? Is that a risk you are willing to take. I think most Americans are risk takers. Or at least descended from risk takers. You have got to risk something to get ahead, and the more you risk the more you seem to get.

In the sixties people were going out on a limb all the time. John DeLorean comes to mind. He IS the man behind the GTO. Did you know that? The machine that was GM got sick of him and away he went. Next thing you know he builds an iconic automobile. Lee Iacocca is not my first choice for man of the decade (or even the day) but you have to admit he got a lot done. He took some risks and they paid off handsomely. Why do my examples always go to the auto industry? Refer to paragraph two sentence five.

So anyway, I’m listening to Limbaugh, as I often do, and he’s saying something about some poll by someone named Celinda Lake. See that here. And the word is that she ran a poll to see what women really want. That was the catch line. The real story is, as it relates to the economy. The truth is scary. See it here. That’s right, a full 70% would pick security over opportunity. In my words, they would sell their souls for safety.

Oh, you guys out there are pointing and laughing aren’t you? Well, the survey said 54% of men would do the same thing. I can only hope this is a survey of the French, Democrats, libs, or all three. This is telling me that the majority out there would sell their souls for safety and the only thing standing between me and wearing bubble wrap from the cradle to the grave is the Constitution. God bless Thomas Jefferson and the boys.

So there you have it. The root. This is what has our country in the shape it’s in. Too many of you are afraid to do anything. You want GM and GE to do it all for you. And when the gubmint puts too many restrictions on the risk takers you want the gubmint to give you a block of cheese and some food stamps. For the FIRST time in my life I know what shame Michelle Obama was talking about. Until next time, screw environmentalists.