Real Estate Typhoons

As real estate typhoons our congresscritters leave a lot to be desired. If you were a real estate tycoon and you had some real estate that you owned free and clear and paid no taxes on do you think you could do pretty good? Yeah. It sounds like a sweet deal, huh? Well guess who’s screwing this up big time? That’s right, the same people who ran a whore house into the ground, our federal gubmint. All owned free and clear because they spent your tax dollars on them. All tax-free because they are the tax man. All hemorrhaging money because they are idiots.

How the heck can this be you say? Well let me tell you. First off I remember reading somewhere that our gubmint shouldn’t even be owning real estate for any reason. I guess we’ve found out why. But back to your query, how can any body lose money on real estate like that. Well let me tell you another thing. They all have buildings on them. 14,000 buildings. You know, the kind of thing Carlton Sheets says you can get rich with. Carlton says you can lose money pretty good on vacant land unless you have a plan for it but improved properties? You’ve got to be pretty stupid to lose on them. Enter the gubmint.

Again you say, “HOW?!” Well here‘s the story, you tell me. That’s right, maintenance. I don’t know. You keep reading in that article and the savings could be in the tens of billions. They went on about “underused” buildings and so on and so forth. What the heck (WTH)? Are they total idiots? Apparently so, they need to form a committee to sell these things. How about we just pay a real estate broker to get rid of them for us. You know, if we gave them away we would be money to the good? Hows about we just auction them off to the highest bidder?

It comes down to 1.2 million buildings. Is there even that many buildings in the world? With an annual operating cost of $19 billion. WTH? The official quote is, “the bureaucratic process of selling off and consolidating federal property is lengthy and complex. ” At the risk of sounding juvenile let me just go ahead and say why? Do we need a blue ribbon commission to tackle the tough issues? WTH? Highest bidder, that’s what we need.

You know, I really could use $19 billion right now. What with the price of gas and everything. I just don’t know how much more I can take. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

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