As you can clearly see on the video here, these people are high on something (nice hats, by the way). Isn’t Bolivia the place where they chew coca leaves. You know, the stuff they make cocaine out of? I’ve seen them guys on cocaine. They always think they are so much smarter than everybody else. And, they are always moving a mile a second towards a brick wall. Kind of like what’s going on here.

Let’s review for those who didn’t check the video or read the article. Bolivia is going to pass some laws giving all of nature human rights. Basically that’s all you missed. Let’s look at this idea. Does this mean that nature will be purchasing land for its quiet enjoyment? Will the monkeys be taking responsibility for the actions of the trees or will the trees take care of themselves? What if I don’t want the ants trespassing on my land, do I poison them or sue them? If I poison them will I be charged with murder? If I sue them and win who will be evicting them? I can clearly see we’ll be needing a lot more coca leaves to solve these tough problems.

But not so fast. Let’s take a look at the players here. I started with the first one quoted, Álvaro García Linera, the Vice-President. According to his bio on Wikipedia he’s a socialist. Who’d a thunk it? Well, that certainly makes more sense.

Then comes Undarico Pinto. In the article he’s called the leader of a social movement but upon further scrutiny that “social movement” turned out to be The Unique Confederation of Rural Laborers of Bolivia. Can you say union? Which would make Rico the “union president”. How unique is that? (sarcasm font)

Then I checked out the religion cited, Pachamama (is that really pronounced pack a mama). I even went to their website. That was frightening to say the least. But apparently they are some sort of greenpeace on steroids focused like a shotgun on the Bolivian jungle that is, oddly enough, headquartered in San Francisco, CA. (scroll to the bottom of their site and look).

Then there is President Evo Morales, whose party, “the Movement Towards Socialism (that’s really the name. I’m not making this up), enjoys a comfortable majority in both houses of parliament.” Well, that pretty much sums up the players now doesn’t it? (sarcasm font)

Now, the reason I bring this to your attention is that this is not some isolated group of wackos like usual. This is a whole country. A whole country that has managed to funnel itself down the drain in one fell swoop. Hey. On the bright side maybe Algore will move there. But seriously, all I’ve got to say is CYA. Cover your assets. This has the potential to go horribly wrong, unbelievably fast. There are already other coca chewing countries crafting just such legislation. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

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