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$24 Billion, Really

April 7, 2011

That was the annual budget for the Department of Energy (DOE) in 2009. Does that sound reasonable? They do have 16,000 employees. Doing what, nobody knows. Certainly not fulfilling their mission which is to cut our dependence on foreign oil. In 1977, when they started, our dependence on foreign oil was around 20%, today it is about 65%. Are we getting our dollars worth on this one or should we just cut our losses, shut it down and start over?

In all fairness I cannot say that this is entirely the fault of the DOE. We all have to take the hit on this one. You. Me. Everybody. Why, you ask? Environmentalism, pure and simple. It is a crock. Like unions and buggy whips they had their day, but those days are long gone and now they are just a drain on society. A drain that you and I have let run rampant for too many years. It’s time we put the hippies down and sent this environmental crap packing.

We have more coal than any country in the world. No, ANY country in the WORLD. Burn it. Build new coal-fired power plants. WE DON’T HAVE ACID RAIN ANYMORE. The power companies have cleaned up their act and there are laws in place to see that they keep it that way. Good-bye hippies.

Next, build dams on the rivers. Screw the three-eyed newt that migrates up the river to breed. Most of the time these stories are lies. How are you going to prove them wrong? They take thirty million dollars of tax payer money and set up a sex orgy commune on the banks of the river in the woods and claim they have studied the three-eyed newt. I want pictures. I can gin up some documents to prove whatever I want with thirty million dollars of tax payer money. If the newt is that horny it’ll get around the dam.

And finally, our economy runs on oil. We have vast reserves of oil. Start pumping it out. NOW! ANWR is a crock. The desired drilling area is less than one hundredth of one percent of the total area. Again, screw the caribou. If they’re that horny they’ll go around the oil derrick. Actually there are pictures of them having no problems with the oil production. Also, the drilling area is not the flowered fields the environmentalists show you when they speak of ANWR. It is actually several hundred miles north of there in a barren plain near the sea. Darn I’m sick of these people.

With these billions of barrels of oil comes tons of natural gas. We can use that as well. Wind and solar energy are some of the stupidest ideas to come down the pike. Wind “turbines” can’t even generate enough energy to keep the lights on them lit. And solar energy… well, it is what it is. It don’t work at night. It don’t work when the clouds are out. Heck, it barely works when the Sun is shining. These two together have been estimated by the environmentalists (read that optimistically) to be capable of producing five percent of our energy needs.

Wow, really? Five percent? Why are we spending so much money on losers like this and not drilling? Because of gutless politicians who shamelessly bend when the big-mouthed hippies start screaming about the three-eyed newt. If we ever expect to get back to our proper place in the world we better start screaming louder than these hippie freaks. And we better start doing it now. Until next time, screw environmentalists,