Obama’s War

Once again I would like to resound the fact that the Ministry of Propaganda (media) blamed Bush over and over and over for getting into wars that were just police actions and what not (still looking for the sarcasm font). But now I would like to make clear that Chairman Zero (Obama) did not get us into a war in Libya. It’s a kinetic, momentum, spinning, moving, sort of stopped, kind of…ahh… someone elses…ahh…BUSH DID IT! BUSH DID IT! BUSH DID IT!

Yes, once again the pied piper of stupid has done something that can only be explained away by blaming it on Bush. You see, Bush never took Qgkhadaffy out to breakfast at Tiffany’s so he left our young President in quite a bind. You know? I see these gay bumper stickers all over the country that say stupid stuff like “Bush’s War” and “This War Is Bushit” and I just want to puke. You see I know the real story behind the failed intelligence and the liberal bureaucrats at the Pentagon. And in my opinion we should be doing just like the Paul Shanklin song says and “turn the rocks into pebbles – turn the pebbles into sand – bomb Iran – bomb bomb- bomb bomb Iran” (sung to the tune of Barbara Ann).

But more than that, here’s what I want to do. I want to get the word out and make the phrase stick. This is “Obama’s War”. When Bush went to his police actions he had the full support of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Heck, Senator Clinton (Hillary) even voted for it. Then, later, the “smartest woman in the world” claimed she was duped by that stupid George Bush. How bad is that? The smartest woman in the world tricked by the dumbest President ever. And the dummy keeps on tricking the brilliant President we have now. How can that be?

Now Chairman Zero has tried to give “Obama’s War” to everybody in the world and he finally found a sucker in Canada. Lt. Gen. Charles Bouchard. But apparently there is some kind of trouble in the Canadian leadership right now. This guy could end up with no boss. Zero claims he has turned this over to the Canadian General and that “no American boots would ever be on the ground” in Libya. Isn’t that nice?

Fact is there are already Americans on the ground in Libya. The CIA is there right now. See here. So, we’ve already been lied to, but remember, it’s legal for the gubmint to lie to us. Maybe they are wearing penny loafers as suggested by Mark Steyn on the Rush Limbaugh Show today. That would mean no American boots are on the ground. But the fact remains, this is still “Obama’s War” and that mess in the gulf was “Obama’s Oil Spill”. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

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