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Outrage And Rallys

March 17, 2011

Limbaugh was on a rant one day about something or other but the thing that caught my ear was when he started asking, “Where’s the outrage?” and “Where are the rallys?’. He was referring to the tea party movement. Now don’t get me wrong, I like Rush and I really think he is about the best out there for “getting the tea party movement” but if he thinks we’re going to leave our jobs and go traipsing around protesting like the libs he’s wrong. I’m not so sure he was kidding or just making a point, I think he really thought we were going to do this. HONEST. HE IS NOT THE LEADER OF THE TEA PARTY MOVEMENT.

The thing is we ARE outraged. By a lot of things. And we elected some people to take care of it. We will send them help as soon as possible. If they can’t get it done we will replace them. We have families to feed and jobs to do. This “depression” that was created by the Ministry of Propaganda (media, MOP), while counterfeit, still hurts. And those of us who still have work must do what we can and let our votes do the protesting for us. That would be the tea party movement because we never really bought into this “depression” to begin with but now that so many others have, we must work through it.

Now some things outlive their usefulness. Then they just hang around and get fat and greedy. So if we had the money we have wasted on unions for the last fifty years we might be able to take a 674 days, 18 hours and 6 minutes off (time Zero has left, see that here) and run around the country sitting outside where ever Chairman Zero is speaking to scream “Obama lied and our economy died”. Also the race thing is over. This guy is about the worst representative of every demographic he belongs to and he clawed his way to the top so really, a crackhead Somali pirate can do it.

One more question. The MOP keeps saying how highly intelligent and learned this guy is. How he steps back and evaluates the situation. Well, if he’s so darn smart, why doesn’t he think up a way to solve our alleged energy problem instead of just attacking the energy industry? The damage done by this guy is beyond criminal and borders on treasonous. I am sick and tired of liberal crap being shoved down my throat and I will not take any more. Get used to it. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

“All New” News

March 16, 2011

As a rule I don’t watch the news from the Ministry of Propaganda (media) but I was flipping by the other day and I heard the anchorette say the news was “all new” and I thought to myself, “So what have they been giving us?” In an attempt not to give you recycled news I have forged ahead and gone right out on a limb and researched for myself, often getting the information I need from the source of said information. Now actually that little piece about new news is one of those things I spoke of yesterday that I printed out and kept around because I felt I owed it to you but I couldn’t stretch it into a full post. So now, on to the real new news.

I went to The Library of Congress and looked up all the bills relating to funding the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Here‘s the results. Look at H.R. 235 sponsored by Kevin Brady of Texas. Check the title, Cut Unsustainable and Top-Heavy Spending Act of 2011, nice. But that’s not why I’m here, I was looking for the amendments to H.R. 1 and I noticed they have all been agreed to. This bill has been hanging around for quite some time, see here, it is kind of getting on my nerves that it hasn’t been passed and look at all the amendments. WTH?

At this time, boys and girls, I would like to point out that I haven’t presented any recycled news. But that’s all going the way of the honest and caring liberal as we look at an article from the Politico right here. Now, here’s an interesting factoid. The article referenced here is allegedly recycled from an article referenced in the article. But, if you go to the article referenced (“GOP led offensive”) by the Politico you will see that it was written an hour and thirty-four minutes after the article that references it. WTH? Oh well, I guess that’s why anchorette had to tell us the news was all new.

So this led me to some interesting reading (Not at Politico, don’t even joke about that.) where I found this item about Gina McCarthy. Who, you say? If I had said J-Lo would you know? Well let’s look at the sadness of that. J-Lo is not going to be able to raise your energy bills any time soon but this bimbo can. She is the Chief of the EPA’s Air Programs. Does that kind of sound like a full diaper to you? Well it probably is but back to the point. As you can see from this article she has no idea how much CO2 even exists in the atmosphere. Do you? It doesn’t really matter whether you do or not but you would think that this (insert expletive here) would. Anyway, I added the Energy Tribune to my favorites and moved along. I can’t find anywhere where it says that the EPA has been defunded yet so I guess reports to that effect have been exaggerated. Oh, by the way, 390 ppm or .039% CO2 in the atmosphere. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Gubmint Garden

March 15, 2011

How is your seed bank coming along? How many seeds do you have in it? What kinds of seeds do you have? Did you make sure not to get the sterile hybrids put out by the seed companies? I wrote on seed banks before, see that here. I told you about the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, see that here. Why would “they” spend so much money to build such a thing if “they” didn’t think “they” were going to need it? Well, on to the next threat.

So here comes this article threatening what, of all things, the garden you produce using your seeds. So now I’m looking into this whack stuff. That was the only article I could find about this subject. I did find a lot of articles about this article but no others. I really couldn’t find a definite answer as to what they were trying to protect us from this time, be it ourselves or some, as yet, unknown affliction resulting from the improper growing of food stuffs. Can’t “they” just leave us alone?

Then I get this e-mail about Michigan’s new Governor and how the State is screwed. So I go there to find a woman who sounds like a dinner plate scraping down a blackboard bleating about receivership like it’s some new evil the Republicans just dreamed up. Take a look here. If I recall correctly Michigan had a Democrat Governor when Stevie Wonder’s hometown of Ecorse (just south of Detroit) went into receivership back in the eighties. Here‘s the scoop on that. The part about $1.7 billion is spin on welfare recips and business incentives. No wonder I don’t watch PMSNBC.

Did you see how positive the liberal media was when James Blanchard, the democrat governor, was in charge and how the woman nearly screams about the sky falling in now? How come we got nothing about Chairman Zero trying to take over our gardens? It’s every bit as relevant and pertinent as this crap.

Oh well. As you may have noticed that piece about the gardens is a little old. It caught my attention and I printed it out and kept it around and I finally got to the point where I figured I needed to get it out there. I liked it and I didn’t want to lose it. Sometimes that happens. It wasn’t enough to write about by itself but I wanted to say something. Another such item is this, and this is just for your information, in case you have forgotten or are just too young to remember. We didn’t always have wall to wall dope commercials with thirty-second disclaimers about explosive diarrhea and projectile vomiting. As for the gubmint garden, I wanted to tie it in with the seeds and the gardening and all but I just thought it was kind of like a garden full of all these different items. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


March 14, 2011

So I’m watching “Apocalypse Now” and thinking how much Charlie Sheen looks like his dad and it occurs to me what a flaming lib Martin Sheen is. Then I think how if Martin Sheen had done what Charlie has done how the Ministry of Propaganda (liberal media) would have spun it to his benefit (I think they did). Charlie is an upstanding conservative you know? People do things. I’ve done things. I know you’ve done things. But we move on. I didn’t really care for Charlie until he got in this trouble. Now I will watch his career and support him just as I have avoided his lib dad.

You see, here’s the problem, I am watching the original version of “Apocalypse Now” not the spin doctored redux. I had to look that up to see what it meant. It doesn’t occur in my 1965 dictionary. It doesn’t occur in my 1975 dictionary. I found it online. They claim it’s Latin from 1650. WTH? So they grabbed some old Latin word to justify their doctoring of old movies? Have you ever seen the original version of “Blazing Saddles”? If the conservatives took some old piece of crap and doctored it up to fit their current agenda what do you think would be going on right now?

This is the double standard BS that we have got to quit allowing to happen. Teddy was such a piece of feces but they have made him out to be a saint. How much grief have the Kennedy’s caused over the years? They have caused me more than I want to remember. How many afro-american families are they responsible for breaking up? Is one too many? Or is that irrelevant compared to all the good they have done. Could you please list some of that good?

I just get tired of Ron Howard and Rob Reiner changing whatever they have done in the past to fit todays agenda. I have the old movies. I pirated them. And now, like everyone else, I have made them available on YouTube. Get them while you still can. If nothing else they are extremely embarrassing to the creators. It’s like they are saying, “I get a do over now that I have influenced the world to look at something a certain way.” So I am putting all my old VCR’s on DVD’s so the next generation can see what was actually said.

So now pictures can be changed via Photoshop, I’m guessing the next thing needed will be something to alter the movies so the libs can claim they never took a picture of Slim Pickens saying, “That uppity nigger went and hit me on the head with a shovel.” because they sure edited it out of the Redux. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

The Cause Pt. 4

March 11, 2011

Gather ’round boys and girls it’s time for the next part of our story about the environmental movement. Contrary to popular belief Royce and Hempha were not the fun-loving hippies they had been portrayed as, and in spite of their dope addictions they were cold and calculating saboteurs. Now that they had their plan to weaken the country they needed an army and a vehicle to deliver their plan. They found both in an organization that was formed for all the right reasons.

Greenpeace was founded to protest the country testing nuclear devices in Alaska. From those humble beginnings it has morphed into the human hating crap of today. How could this have happened. See their Wikipedia page here. As you can see from the ‘Oil Fuels War’ banner they are attaching to the building they have trespassed on they do hate human achievement, but it wasn’t always that way.

In the beginning the organization had a real concern for humans and all life on the planet. They had many followers and very important people were among their ranks. But as often happens, when they went awry the very supporters that made them so great were the ones most well equipped to take them down. None more disillusioned than Lord Monkton. See one of his clips here.

As I said, the organization was formed for very noble reasons with the best of intentions by some of the brightest and the best the world had to offer. But soon after that it began to be a landing pad for some of the most dangerous individuals in the world. The Soviet Union was coming apart at the seams and the communist bloc was flying apart. Disillusioned dictators and commies were looking for a new venue for their brand of despotism, and Greenpeace was looking like it had quite a bit to offer them. Royce and Hempha were no exceptions and their plan was just what the mad doctors ordered.

Meanwhile, ol’ Al had weaseled his way into the political system of the country and was poised to spring his own version of the plan, so, due to blind dumb luck, the assault would be multi pronged. In addition there were many willing accomplices with in the country due to the dumbing down plan initiated by the original Royce and Hempha when they first came here. There were many sandal wearing, long-haired hippies that had a commie streak a mile wide running through them and they gladly took up the cause as if it were for their own good. The year was 1970. Next time we will start getting into the specifics of the whole diabolical thing. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Let’s Protest

March 10, 2011

I want to be extremely clear here. Allah forbid I should step on anyones sandaled toes. No, we’re not talking about mooslims today, just good for nothing hippie , union thugs. You see the Wisconsin legislature did what they had to do to get the people’s bidding done today and this rent-a-mob tried to thwart them. The people in the Wisconsin legislature need to be honored by every American citizen out there. But here‘s what they got. The pieces of feces that ran away, the ones that should be prosecuted and jailed, they get the honor from the Ministry of Propaganda (media).

That was a piece from the Washington Post, not the most liberal rag out there but certainly in the running. Look at the picture of the protesters, what in the heck are they getting ready to do, the hokey-pokey? And when the heck did the filthy, good for nothing union become God, giving out rights? These were not union rights, they were ill-gotten advantages over the very people the employees were sworn to serve. Here’s a few facts about these ‘protestors’. 95% of them are not even from Wisconsin. They have pretty much occupied the capitol building in Madison for, I believe, 11 days, the locals are complaining that the building is starting to stink. Estimates of the damage they have done to the building and the grounds is around $7 million. Forty-some rounds of ammunition were found just outside the doors of the building. Does this sound like a tea party to you?

But it gets even better. The rent-a-mob got wind of the vote to take place today so they show up to try and stop it. So many of the jerks are there clogging up the halls of the capitol building that some of the Democrats, that might have been able to make a difference (not really) were unable to get to the chamber to vote. Now that’s darn funny. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot, but I’m sure these draft-dodging, hippie types have had experience with that before.

Now, before we wrap it all up and tie a nice bow, are you all even aware of what went on here? To sum it up the state workers belong to a union, let’s stop right here and examine this first. Who do the state workers work for? If you said the gubmint you would be wrong. They are the gubmint, they work for the people of the State, Wisconsin in this case. So if they are organized in a union who are they organizing against? Once again the people of the State. Does that make any sense? Is this starting to look like the self-defeating crap that it is yet?

Back to our sum up, the state workers belong to a union and the people of the State do not want their workers bargaining against them. This is not a for profit enterprise here, it’s the darn gubmint. So they elect Representatives to put a stop to this. The union thugs see their meal ticket getting punched so they throw a bunch of jerks in some busses and go to Madison to see if they can cause a problem. Undaunted, the Representatives do the job they were elected to do and that’s the end of this story. For now anyway, I’m sure these jerks are not going to just go away. So watch for the next installment of this prime example of bullying. Say, do you think FLOTUS could do anything about this? Until next time, screw environmentalists.

What’s Cool

March 9, 2011

A lot of people seem to have a problem with the way things are. They hem and they haw about how things used to be. They mill around talking about how they miss the old days and how things were better then. They don’t understand why kids are the way they are nowadays. Well here’s the low down, if I get one more e-mail with all the old gum and TV shows I’m going to puke. I don’t even like trifive Chevy’s, they are clunky. Yeah, even the fifty sevens. So what say we get over it and do something about things?

 You see, in the ‘old days’, we didn’t act like fags were cool, and we didn’t act like communism was cool. They are not cool and Che Guevara sucked and got exactly what he deserved. Shooting. Not a drive-by but really going out to Grandmas farm and shooting, that’s cool. Racing. And I don’t mean from stop light to stop light I mean under controled conditions where you can, that’s cool. Biking. And I don’t mean that stuff with the tapered turd hell-mate, I mean with friends, out in the elements, like the days passed, that’s cool. It’s a risk. Life’s a risk. Without the risk it’s not cool. Without the risk it’s not life.

You see…if you’ve become so afraid that you wrap your children and yourself in bubble wrap every time you get out of bed, life is going to suck. In most places you can’t even shoot a squirrel in your back yard any more. Talk about infringement. Tree rat chews up the wiring on your car and you can’t even rid the world of the vermin. What the heck (WTH)? Kill me now! I get a kick out of places where you can ride a motorcycle without a hell-mate but not a bicycle. WTH? Yeah, we really did look beyond the squirrel and line up a careful and thoughtful shot and kill the tree rat with a .22… right in the city… no problems… no kidding.

So if you’re sitting there thinking how I must be brain-dead to say things like this you might as well just pack it in and move to Europe because I will be spending the rest of my life making this right. Europe seems to be fine being second best and staying safe. Me? I’ll take the risk and shoot for number one. If I lose I’ll do it again and again until I win. Because in this country… I still can. Canada and Mexico? Not so much. If you’re ok with selling your soul for safety, again, move to Europe. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Well Done

March 8, 2011

I just felt compelled to write to all of you today and congratulate you on a job well done. Bravo! This is what I’m talking about. This brought me right out of a thirty year depression. The American people DO care. What I am talking about is YOU, hitting them from all sides, like an Energizer bunny. You are putting the hurts to the libs and it’s thrilling me to death. First up would be Chairman Zero’s stunning order on Guantanamo. Restart the trials. Really, see it here from the liberal LA Times, who is none to pleased with their leader. Hey, he flapped his mouth like this was a done deal but he had no idea what he was talking about. With only 164 days on the job I don’t even think he knew where the executive toilet was. The funniest part of the whole ordeal was when nobody would take these poor, misunderstood, detainees. Not even the countries they came from wanted them.

Next item, the queer NPR exec running his lib mouth to the camera. The Network’s senior vice-president? Now that’s comedy. Giant sized kudos to the O’Keefe team for a splendid job. I loved every minute of it. It’s 11 minutes and 38 seconds long but well worth the watch. Go here to be entertained by unbridled stupidity. I can only hope he loses his new job as well. Here‘s a little story from ‘The Week’.

Next on the laugh riot, union busting. How about a gargantuan round of applause for Gov. Scott Walker and every one of his 280,000,000 supporters. As you can see it’s just a small, albeit very big-mouthed, fraction of the population that actually supports the union. Just call it what it is and run with it. I’m fine with outlawing unions altogether. When people were dying in mine accidents every day and getting dismembered in the sweat shops, the union had a purpose, but I don’t really think anybody’s getting killed in the Wisconsin schools due to cave ins maybe out of control liberal youths that need a whooping, but not cave ins. Maybe if the unions started sending thugs to schools to kick butt on unruly gang bangers, instead of elderly tea partiers, they would find favor with the rank and file Americans. Here‘s a little FOX News piece on that.

There are many things going on all over this great country of ours. Defunding obamacare and the EPA. Gun rights bills and State’s rights bills in State legislatures everywhere. But I think one of the best things out there is this guy. Rep. Peter King from where? You got it, New York. Who’d a’ thunk it? I have a question for all of you thinkers out there. How long before the libs start calling this guy McCarthy? I say run with it. If McCarthy had been left to finish his work we wouldn’t be in the mess we are now would we? To heck with them commies and the libs they rode in on.

One last note, I think God might be mad. First it was birds falling from the sky. Thousands of them. Then fish floating up dead on the shore. Again, thousands of them. Now… it’s anchovies! This time millions of them… in the LA harbor. Couldn’t happen to a nicer place, well maybe Malibu, but you take what you can get. I think there’s two guys in LA that read this blog, sorry guys. You know this is kind of like a plague thing I think, like the frogs or the locusts, so you better pay attention. Anyway, see that here. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Extremely Lucky

March 7, 2011

I’m going to take a risk here and talk about something other than my usual rants. I’m going to talk about family. I just got done watching that fishing show about the crab guys in Alaska. The particular show I watched featured four sets of brothers, one of them a father with two sons working together. Not very many of them seemed to appreciate the full rarity of their arrangement.

Here’s the ugly truth as I have observed it. You almost never get to work with who you want or do what you want. Almost without fail if you’re doing what you like nobody you know wants to do that. Think about it. A lot of your friends you met at work but you didn’t know them before hand and say I want to work with them doing that. Like wise I know a lot of people who have taken jobs with their relatives or friends only to be miserable but employed. Hating what they do every waking hour. And they usually end up hating their friends or relatives as well. Now that’s got to hurt. Third case scenario is really ugly. Unfortunately it think it describes the majority of people out there. They work for and with people they hate or don’t like doing something they hate or don’t like. That’s why most heart attacks occur on Monday mornings. People going to jobs they hate with people they don’t care for.

You see, if I had my way I would own a junk yard and my entire family would work it with me. I mean Aunts and Uncles, Cousins and Siblings, Moms and Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas, Inlaws and Outlaws, all of them. Every one. Worse than that we would all live in a house together like Southfork or something. And every position we had to fill would be filled by my old friends. But you know what? That just didn’t happen. I think in my entire lifetime I only worked with someone I knew before hand and liked, at a job I liked, twice. And both times were great. Neither job was what you would call a real career but I would still be doing both had things lasted. Both fell apart due to circumstances beyond our control.

So, I think the best way to proceed is to try to make sure you like what you’re doing and especially to like who you’re doing it with. Otherwise you’ll be visiting the ER some Monday morning. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

The Cause Pt. 3

March 4, 2011

Gather ’round boys and girls it’s time for the third installment of our story of the environmental movement.

At the beginning of the environmental movement it was easy for the progressives because the people had truly trashed their land. Toxic crap had been dumped into the lakes and rivers and junk had been dumped all over the wilderness. In the early days of the industrial revolution the people of the country truly did some terrible things, one was called hydro mining. They basically took a high pressure hose and ate the planet away. Here‘s a video for those of you who are not familiar with this. From what I can gather hydro mining has been outlawed in the country for quite some time but still exists in other parts of the world. Pollution in lakes had gotten so bad that you could actually walk on some of the them. Here is a video showing that. Shortly after this video that lake actually caught fire. Filth was also dumped into the air, see that here.

Household sewage was often piped directly into the waterways untreated. Farming had become such a competitive business that farmers resorted to using chemicals that were not biodegradable and this also ran off into the water. As a final nail in the coffin of the environment toxic industrial waste was often stored improperly and even abandoned in the wilderness where it found its way into the water as well as the local food supplies, often with devastating results like Homer Simpson’s three eyed fish.

When this was brought to the attention of the people of the country they began to clean it up immediately. They started to put laws in place to prevent this from ever happening again. If you are under forty years old have you ever seen anything like this? You old folks, have you seen anything like this in the last forty years? I didn’t think so, so I’m guessing the laws are working. But remember, Royce and Hempha were not really concerned with that.

Royce and Hempha found a young guy who was going to one of the liberal colleges. His name was Al. They shared the same vision for the country and became instant friends. One of Al’s teachers, Roger Revelle, was toying with an idea about the environment and had spoken about it in school. Al zeroed in and fixated on it. The theory was called global warming but the teacher decided it was not correct and trashed the whole thing.

Late that night Al, Royce, and Hempha found it in the dumpster and took it. Their handlers in Overcastistan were thrilled with it so they ran with it. This would be the base of their plan to weaken the country. The people of the country were scared by what they had just cleaned up and they were ready to believe almost anything. The scam was ready. Next time we’ll explore those early years of the scam that is ‘global warming’. Until next time, screw environmentalists.