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Warning – Shut Down Is Imminent

March 31, 2011

The libs keep bleating about a gubmint shut down. They keep blaming it on the conservatives. The libs controled the whole show. House, Senate, and White House for two years. Where’s the budget? TWO YEARS! WHERE’S THE BUDGET? One more time. The darn libs controled the House of Representatives, the Senate and the White House for two whole years and did not produce a budget. Now they want to blame it on the conservatives? I’m really tired of these people.

I say shut the darn thing down. Who cares? You know who cares? The libs. Because the only things that will cease are the things that make life easy for them. Honest folks. The medicaid will keep on coming. The social insecurity will keep on coming. Even the darn welfare and food stamps will keep on coming, as much as I wish they wouldn’t. The things that will stop are things like the staffers won’t get a check. It may still be owed to them it just won’t be readily available. Now that’s good stuff. Shut it down and let the American people see what they have been threatened with all these years. Screw ’em!

Nancy Pelosi. Remember that name? She was responsible for getting the budget done in 2008. Did it get done? No. How isĀ it the conservatives fault. Conservatives didn’t even have a say in what got done until we fixed that in 2010. Nancy Pelosi is responsible for not having a working budget right now. Harry Reid. Recognize that name? He’s in charge of the Senate to this day. He had the opportunity to make some budgets happen but he opted out. The Senate don’t make the budget. The President don’t make the budget. The House of Representatives makes the budget. Once they pass it it goes to the Senate and they have to pass it. Harry opted not to on a few occasions if I remember correctly.

I remember the Ministry of Propaganda (media) blaming Bush for not having a budget in 2006 and 2007. How come they’re not blaming Chairman Zero (Obama) now? Again, the President doesn’t make the budget. He just signs off on it after the House and Senate pass it. They never sent Bush one that I can remember. That means these jackals have been on a tear for four years without a budget. Isn’t that just about how long they have been throwing around these trillion-dollar deficits? Is it treason yet? Could we drag them from office kicking and screaming with pitchforks and torches yet? That’s what they think of us you know? Funny, I think of them as filthy, thieving shyster types screwing us for all we’re worth.

Anyway, I just wanted to make one thing perfectly clear. A budget is on its way. The House will pass one now. What the Senate does with it is anyones guess. Harry Reid is one flakey idiot. And Zero is what he is. I will be sending more than my share of e-mails calling for accountability. That’s all a budget is you know? Accounting for your money, or in this case our money. And I want an account. Until next time, screw environmentalists.