College Degree Pt. 3

The next step is to quit paying them. We are well on our way to this and they are howling mad. This union thing going on in the midwest is a part of it. The unions haven’t ever produced a thing. What they did was provide a decent work place but the laws have long been in place to take care of that so what are the unions doing? I don’t know either but you owe them big money for it. Or do you? Again, quit paying them. Wisconsin has done just that, here‘s the FOX News take.

Most libs suck off the tax dollars. They stick their dirty little fingers in to every thing they can. What they can’t tax they regulate. Fees are just another name for tax. Let’s look at a car. When you buy a car here’s how you pay them. First you earn the money and pay an income tax. At least one. Then you spend the money on the car and pay a sales tax. Is this starting to sound a bit stupid? Wait until we get going. Then you have to title the car. You can’t just have the title signed over to you and record it at your leisure if you so desire. Why? Because they said so. That takes a fee. You may have to have the car physically inspected for one reason or another. Why? Because they don’t trust you or the seller. That is another fee. Then you’re going to need a licence on the car. Why? Because they said so and they don’t trust you. They want to keep track of you. That’s another fee. You’re going to need a license to drive the car. Fee. You’re going to need fuel for the car. Tax. You’re going to need maintenance on the car. Taxes. When is it enough?

Are you getting the idea? This is out of line. It really is this stupid when you start thinking about it. Cap and trade. Do you know what it is? Tax, pure and simple. Global warming scam. Do you know what it is. Tax, pure and simple. Climate change? Tax. Global cooling? Tax. Building permit? Fee. Septic inspection? Fee. Most times they don’t even look at these things they just sign off. WTH? These are schemes the libs want to use to separate you from your money. Remember, you owe them.

So let’s review. Realize that you owe them nothing, stop taking care of them, and quit paying them. Where are they now. They’re broke with no one to empty their septic tank so they’re knee-deep in feces as well. So how’s that “shifting towards a higher education” working out for them now? The problem is that there comes a time when there is no need for “higher education”. We’re on the moon for crying out loud, how far do we need to be? Yeah. Go ahead and work on cancer and the common cold but we just don’t need any more research in some areas. I don’t really care about the sex habits of the widgeon. FYI that’s a wood duck and the feds did lay out several million for this purpose. I really hate those guys. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

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One Response to “College Degree Pt. 3”

  1. rogerthesurf Says:

    Just think when you get that car serviced. You have to pay the overhead of the company, the income tax for the manager and the mechanic plus GST/sales tax if you have it in your country.

    Do you know its to your advantage to take a day off work to do it your self. A home mechanics course is a great investment.

    Same applies for your builder, plumber etc.



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