College Degree Pt. 2

I’ll start today by admitting that I have been bullied by the libs. For twenty years I lived under the jack-boot of liberal oppression. As a youngster I was given crap advice by liberal school officials. Then I was coerced into pursuing a crap career. Then I was shamed into believing it was all ok because of my race. I would like to file a lawsuit against these people if there are any lawyers out there who would like to try. I vehemently hate liberals as a result but I focus on defeating them and restoring my country to its former glory. Without them. Send them off to Europe in a leaky greenpeace boat. Anyway, enough venom.

So now that we have this doctorate thing covered and the part about who is and isn’t “us”, we’ll continue on with the beholding part. This is what I started with today. The libs at  the gubmint schools have the program down to a science. And they start drilling it into you when you are young. They “feel you out” to see if you think like they want you to and if you don’t you are ostracised from the beginning. They don’t come right out and give you the bums rush they just keep guiding you towards a menial existence. The kind of thing like, “That’s ok honey, you just do your best.” It’s dumbing down on a gargantuan scale. It’s pure evil. Remembering school makes me feel filthy dirty. They were dirty evil people with an evil agenda that they were playing out on children.

It makes me so sick that when my kids were in school I told them to just get the diploma and get out the best way you can. I knew what they were going through because the schools I attended were extremely “progressive”. We thought that was good at the time. It takes a monumental effort to overcome it but that’s what we need now. The way to overcome this is to stop taking care of them. What do I mean? Well there are several things we will have to do. The first is to realize that you don’t owe them anything for their “great ideas”.

Think about it. What ideas? Have you noticed that your taxes keep going up but your wages don’t. As the tax rises do the services get better? Are the roads being maintained? But there are plenty of red light cameras and other “revenue generating” ideas aren’t there? If they ever have a really great idea they become capitalist in a heartbeat (Steve Jobs) and milk it for all it’s worth before going back to their liberal agenda and make it illegal or so difficult that no one can follow in their steps. After all, we can’t have a lowbrow like you competing with them now can we?

It looks like we’re going to go to three parts with this so until next time, screw environmentalists.

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