“All New” News

As a rule I don’t watch the news from the Ministry of Propaganda (media) but I was flipping by the other day and I heard the anchorette say the news was “all new” and I thought to myself, “So what have they been giving us?” In an attempt not to give you recycled news I have forged ahead and gone right out on a limb and researched for myself, often getting the information I need from the source of said information. Now actually that little piece about new news is one of those things I spoke of yesterday that I printed out and kept around because I felt I owed it to you but I couldn’t stretch it into a full post. So now, on to the real new news.

I went to The Library of Congress and looked up all the bills relating to funding the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Here‘s the results. Look at H.R. 235 sponsored by Kevin Brady of Texas. Check the title, Cut Unsustainable and Top-Heavy Spending Act of 2011, nice. But that’s not why I’m here, I was looking for the amendments to H.R. 1 and I noticed they have all been agreed to. This bill has been hanging around for quite some time, see here, it is kind of getting on my nerves that it hasn’t been passed and look at all the amendments. WTH?

At this time, boys and girls, I would like to point out that I haven’t presented any recycled news. But that’s all going the way of the honest and caring liberal as we look at an article from the Politico right here. Now, here’s an interesting factoid. The article referenced here is allegedly recycled from an article referenced in the article. But, if you go to the article referenced (“GOP led offensive”) by the Politico you will see that it was written an hour and thirty-four minutes after the article that references it. WTH? Oh well, I guess that’s why anchorette had to tell us the news was all new.

So this led me to some interesting reading (Not at Politico, don’t even joke about that.) where I found this item about Gina McCarthy. Who, you say? If I had said J-Lo would you know? Well let’s look at the sadness of that. J-Lo is not going to be able to raise your energy bills any time soon but this bimbo can. She is the Chief of the EPA’s Air Programs. Does that kind of sound like a full diaper to you? Well it probably is but back to the point. As you can see from this article she has no idea how much CO2 even exists in the atmosphere. Do you? It doesn’t really matter whether you do or not but you would think that this (insert expletive here) would. Anyway, I added the Energy Tribune to my favorites and moved along. I can’t find anywhere where it says that the EPA has been defunded yet so I guess reports to that effect have been exaggerated. Oh, by the way, 390 ppm or .039% CO2 in the atmosphere. Until next time, screw environmentalists.


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