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March 14, 2011

So I’m watching “Apocalypse Now” and thinking how much Charlie Sheen looks like his dad and it occurs to me what a flaming lib Martin Sheen is. Then I think how if Martin Sheen had done what Charlie has done how the Ministry of Propaganda (liberal media) would have spun it to his benefit (I think they did). Charlie is an upstanding conservative you know? People do things. I’ve done things. I know you’ve done things. But we move on. I didn’t really care for Charlie until he got in this trouble. Now I will watch his career and support him just as I have avoided his lib dad.

You see, here’s┬áthe problem, I am watching the original version of “Apocalypse Now” not the spin doctored redux. I had to look that up to see what it meant. It doesn’t occur in my 1965 dictionary. It doesn’t occur in my 1975 dictionary. I found it online. They claim it’s Latin from 1650. WTH? So they grabbed some old Latin word to justify their doctoring of old movies? Have you ever seen the original version of “Blazing Saddles”? If the conservatives took some old piece of crap and doctored it up to fit their current agenda what do you think would be going on right now?

This is the double standard BS that we have got to quit allowing to happen. Teddy was such a piece of feces but they have made him out to be a saint. How much grief have the Kennedy’s caused over the years? They have caused me more than I want to remember. How many afro-american families are they responsible for breaking up? Is one too many? Or is that irrelevant compared to all the good they have done. Could you please list some of that good?

I just get tired of Ron Howard and Rob Reiner changing whatever they have done in the past to fit todays agenda. I have the old movies. I pirated them. And now, like everyone else, I have made them available on YouTube. Get them while you still can. If nothing else they are extremely embarrassing to the creators. It’s like they are saying, “I get a do over now that I have influenced the world to look at something a certain way.” So I am putting all my old VCR’s on DVD’s so the next generation can see what was actually said.

So now pictures can be changed via Photoshop, I’m guessing the next thing needed will be something to alter the movies so the libs can claim they never took a picture of Slim Pickens saying, “That uppity nigger went and hit me on the head with a shovel.” because they sure edited it out of the Redux. Until next time, screw environmentalists.