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The Cause Pt. 4

March 11, 2011

Gather ’round boys and girls it’s time for the next part of our story about the environmental movement. Contrary to popular belief Royce and Hempha were not the fun-loving hippies they had been portrayed as, and in spite of their dope addictions they were cold and calculating saboteurs. Now that they had their plan to weaken the country they needed an army and a vehicle to deliver their plan. They found both in an organization that was formed for all the right reasons.

Greenpeace was founded to protest the country testing nuclear devices in Alaska. From those humble beginnings it has morphed into the human hating crap of today. How could this have happened. See their Wikipedia page here. As you can see from the ‘Oil Fuels War’ banner they are attaching to the building they have trespassed on they do hate human achievement, but it wasn’t always that way.

In the beginning the organization had a real concern for humans and all life on the planet. They had many followers and very important people were among their ranks. But as often happens, when they went awry the very supporters that made them so great were the ones most well equipped to take them down. None more disillusioned than Lord Monkton. See one of his clips here.

As I said, the organization was formed for very noble reasons with the best of intentions by some of the brightest and the best the world had to offer. But soon after that it began to be a landing pad for some of the most dangerous individuals in the world. The Soviet Union was coming apart at the seams and the communist bloc was flying apart. Disillusioned dictators and commies were looking for a new venue for their brand of despotism, and Greenpeace was looking like it had quite a bit to offer them. Royce and Hempha were no exceptions and their plan was just what the mad doctors ordered.

Meanwhile, ol’ Al had weaseled his way into the political system of the country and was poised to spring his own version of the plan, so, due to blind dumb luck, the assault would be multi pronged. In addition there were many willing accomplices with in the country due to the dumbing down plan initiated by the original Royce and Hempha when they first came here. There were many sandal wearing, long-haired hippies that had a commie streak a mile wide running through them and they gladly took up the cause as if it were for their own good. The year was 1970. Next time we will start getting into the specifics of the whole diabolical thing. Until next time, screw environmentalists.