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Let’s Protest

March 10, 2011

I want to be extremely clear here. Allah forbid I should step on anyones sandaled toes. No, we’re not talking about mooslims today, just good for nothing hippie , union thugs. You see the Wisconsin legislature did what they had to do to get the people’s bidding done today and this rent-a-mob tried to thwart them. The people in the Wisconsin legislature need to be honored by every American citizen out there. But here‘s what they got. The pieces of feces that ran away, the ones that should be prosecuted and jailed, they get the honor from the Ministry of Propaganda (media).

That was a piece from the Washington Post, not the most liberal rag out there but certainly in the running. Look at the picture of the protesters, what in the heck are they getting ready to do, the hokey-pokey? And when the heck did the filthy, good for nothing union become God, giving out rights? These were not union rights, they were ill-gotten advantages over the very people the employees were sworn to serve. Here’s a few facts about these ‘protestors’. 95% of them are not even from Wisconsin. They have pretty much occupied the capitol building in Madison for, I believe, 11 days, the locals are complaining that the building is starting to stink. Estimates of the damage they have done to the building and the grounds is around $7 million. Forty-some rounds of ammunition were found just outside the doors of the building. Does this sound like a tea party to you?

But it gets even better. The rent-a-mob got wind of the vote to take place today so they show up to try and stop it. So many of the jerks are there clogging up the halls of the capitol building that some of the Democrats, that might have been able to make a difference (not really) were unable to get to the chamber to vote. Now that’s darn funny. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot, but I’m sure these draft-dodging, hippie types have had experience with that before.

Now, before we wrap it all up and tie a nice bow, are you all even aware of what went on here? To sum it up the state workers belong to a union, let’s stop right here and examine this first. Who do the state workers work for? If you said the gubmint you would be wrong. They are the gubmint, they work for the people of the State, Wisconsin in this case. So if they are organized in a union who are they organizing against? Once again the people of the State. Does that make any sense? Is this starting to look like the self-defeating crap that it is yet?

Back to our sum up, the state workers belong to a union and the people of the State do not want their workers bargaining against them. This is not a for profit enterprise here, it’s the darn gubmint. So they elect Representatives to put a stop to this. The union thugs see their meal ticket getting punched so they throw a bunch of jerks in some busses and go to Madison to see if they can cause a problem. Undaunted, the Representatives do the job they were elected to do and that’s the end of this story. For now anyway, I’m sure these jerks are not going to just go away. So watch for the next installment of this prime example of bullying. Say, do you think FLOTUS could do anything about this? Until next time, screw environmentalists.