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The Cause Pt. 3

March 4, 2011

Gather ’round boys and girls it’s time for the third installment of our story of the environmental movement.

At the beginning of the environmental movement it was easy for the progressives because the people had truly trashed their land. Toxic crap had been dumped into the lakes and rivers and junk had been dumped all over the wilderness. In the early days of the industrial revolution the people of the country truly did some terrible things, one was called hydro mining. They basically took a high pressure hose and ate the planet away. Here‘s a video for those of you who are not familiar with this. From what I can gather hydro mining has been outlawed in the country for quite some time but still exists in other parts of the world. Pollution in lakes had gotten so bad that you could actually walk on some of the them. Here is a video showing that. Shortly after this video that lake actually caught fire. Filth was also dumped into the air, see that here.

Household sewage was often piped directly into the waterways untreated. Farming had become such a competitive business that farmers resorted to using chemicals that were not biodegradable and this also ran off into the water. As a final nail in the coffin of the environment toxic industrial waste was often stored improperly and even abandoned in the wilderness where it found its way into the water as well as the local food supplies, often with devastating results like Homer Simpson’s three eyed fish.

When this was brought to the attention of the people of the country they began to clean it up immediately. They started to put laws in place to prevent this from ever happening again. If you are under forty years old have you ever seen anything like this? You old folks, have you seen anything like this in the last forty years? I didn’t think so, so I’m guessing the laws are working. But remember, Royce and Hempha were not really concerned with that.

Royce and Hempha found a young guy who was going to one of the liberal colleges. His name was Al. They shared the same vision for the country and became instant friends. One of Al’s teachers, Roger Revelle, was toying with an idea about the environment and had spoken about it in school. Al zeroed in and fixated on it. The theory was called global warming but the teacher decided it was not correct and trashed the whole thing.

Late that night Al, Royce, and Hempha found it in the dumpster and took it. Their handlers in Overcastistan were thrilled with it so they ran with it. This would be the base of their plan to weaken the country. The people of the country were scared by what they had just cleaned up and they were ready to believe almost anything. The scam was ready. Next time we’ll explore those early years of the scam that is ‘global warming’. Until next time, screw environmentalists.