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Not Perfect

February 14, 2011

I was surprised when Chris Lee resigned over a picture of himself shirtless on the internet. What exactly did Slick Willie do again? Then he was impeached, and still he didn’t resign. Willie actually did the deed and didn’t resign, Nixon might have had knowledge of the deed and resigned in disgrace. WTF?

This perplexes me. I can’t come to grips with it. Why, if you’re a lib, you do as you please and suffer no consequences? But if you’re a conservative you run and hide in disgrace. You bury your face in your hands and weep bitterly like a little girl. WHAT? Chris Lee should have acknowledged his error, apologized and moved on. We lose more good people this way. I want this to stop. Just deal with it.

Oh, so now I’m some kind of slug or something, huh? Well let me tell you what. Here’s the way I see it, I’m not perfect I’m just conservative. Yeah, we make mistakes and do stupid things too. The difference is we feel bad when we do them. We have a sense of right and wrong and when we cross that line we suffer for it. But here’s the thing that I’m trying to get across. Ok, we suffer but why should everybody suffer?

I’ve made my great error in judgement but now, because I’m a Conservative I’m going to make my constituency suffer as well? NO! If they want me out that’s different but if I have made my apologies, I should continue on with my new-found knowledge of stupid actions and be more prudent in the future. I was elected to do a job, that I’m very good at, not because I do or don’t look good shirtless. If enough people really want me gone for such a stupid action they will let me know and take proper action.

Now. Here’s the other one that tweaks me. If you’re a Christian, you’re not perfect. Got it? Unless, of course, you’re Jesus, in which case please forgive me. But the rest of you are not really perfect in spite of what the Ministry of Propaganda (media) says. You know, when you do something wrong, you did something wrong. It’s ok. You’re not perfect. Apologize and move on. I always hate it when a WWJD bumper sticker puts itself in front of me in the fast lane then slows down but I realize that I’m just dealing with a moax. A Christian moax, but a moax just the same. Moax’s can be saved too.

Here it is. Bottom line. You are not perfect. You can not pay for sins. Admit your actions. Apologize. And move on. We need all the good help we can get. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

New Series

February 11, 2011

I miss the series on the Constitution every Friday so in an effort to recreate that feeling (my lib side poking out) I want to start a new series about the environmentalist movement. In the fine tradition of Mother Goose and the ‘Lord Of The Rings’ I will recount events that have occurred, with references where possible, that have led up to the sorry state of affairs that presently exist in this country. I will begin next Friday. I am not sure whether it will be the feature of the day or an addition but it will definitely be. So gather the kids ’round the fire for some fine story tellin’. Until then, screw environmentalists.

EPA, CO2 and Mother Goose

February 11, 2011

A lot of people are not pleased with the way Congress is attacking the problem of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). First you must remember that whatever the gubmint names an agency it actually does the opposite of what it says. Therefore we have an agency that would attempt to destroy the environment, but that doesn’t make sence, so in this case they are simply out to fleece the American people with stories about destroying the environment while actually having no effect on it.

It didn’t start out that way. Years ago the environment was taking some pretty tough hits and this agency was formed with the best intentions. Unfortunately, as usual, liberal intentions were not enough to fix the problem. So actual laws, that already existed, had to be enforced to fix the problem. After a few short years this left the EPA with no real purpose.

So in an effort to protect their phony baloney jobs the EPA began to invent problems. Kind of like in the Army when they have a make work day. You know, the famous old story about moving the pile of dirt over there and then putting it back where you found it. Some of the more memorable “problems” the EPA has addressed are leaded gas. Remember that one? The lead lubricated the valve guides in older vehicles but the EPA, in its infinite wisdom (and desperation to make work) decreed that the lead had to go. It’s a heavy metal like mercury.

Ah yes. Remember mercury. Fourth grade. The teacher brought that stuff into the classroom for you to play with. It got all over the place. It’s probably still lurking in the corners of that room because once you dropped it off your desk it lived up to its nick name of “quicksilver” and rocketed across the room in five different directions. I know some of you are laughing out there but the EPA has decreed that this stuff will kill you dead (or at least make you retarded). Are you scared yet because they really need their six figure incomes for coming up with stuff like this so a few decades later they can tell you that you must fill your house with lightbulbs full of it.

Next, the new hires in Congress can’t get anything done until 2013. We only gave them enough this time to stop the libs from inflicting more damage. Until then their game plan should be to keep the libs busy voting against nuisance bills to document their communist tendencies. In 2012 we better actively seek out the best candidates available and get them in office to repair the rest of the damage or we’ll end up like Spain, France and Greece. That “actively seeking” part is right now, in case you’re wondering. So get yourself ready to run if you have the ability to make things right. If you’re a lib, have another medical marijuana cigarette. There’s something that has puzzled me for quite some time. Smoking is allegedly bad for you yet when the libs want to smoke dope it’s all of the sudden OK? You can just eat that stuff you know?

Here‘s a guy who thinks they should defund the EPA but, in the end, he realizes that isn’t going to happen. See here, we really need to keep these guys’ moral up so they can keep hitting these libs for the next two years. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

Cashing In

February 10, 2011

As a member of the silent majority (AKA tea party) you always hope that the terrible things that you think about politicians and big business are not true. But more and more they are proving, not only to be true but, to go beyond what you originally thought could be the worst case scenario. Such is the case with Jeff Immelt and Chairman Zero. Have a look here. As you all know Chairman Zero is the communist dictator of Amerika. But Jeff Immelt?

Jeff Immelt is the Chairman of the Board and CEO of General Electric (GE). Is that a conflict of interest? Did he appoint himself? I don’t know. Oh well, good work if you can get it. I don’t even think this guy quit his day job at GE to take this new appointment from Chairman Zero.

Anyway, many of you may have heard Glenn Beck speak of GE. He seems to think that they are some kind of evil empire. I think he was even talking about their deathstar one day. But all kidding aside they are one of the big players in the scam that is global warming. Curly fry light bulb (CFL)? That’s GE. Carbon credits? That’s GE. And the list goes on.

Too many times the Senator retires to a cushy six-figure income lobbying for the “company”. Or the Representative retires to a consulting position with the “company”. Are you beginning to see how this works? This is your tax dollars at work in all of this. Who is the only company in Amerika that makes the CFL? You guessed it, GE. There is even an e-mail circulating that demonizes the Chinese bulbs.

With this latest appointment has Chairman Zero secured that position on the board as the youngest Director of GE ever? Only time will tell but for now I just want you squishy libs to know that your fearless leaders are NOT as pure as the driven snow that rings in global warming. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

New Reps And Tea

February 9, 2011

I see lots of articles in the news these days about the new Republicans and the tea party. I’m not sure if this guy is a lib or not but he seems to think the tea party wants the patriot act and the new Republicans have double crossed them. See that here. We do not need the patriot act and these new Representatives were sent there to get rid of this kind of legislation.

The hits just keep on coming. Here‘s one where the “freshman class began expressing doubts”. May I just be the first to say, WELL DONE! BRAVO! This is why we sent you there. Keep up the good work. Sorry Ministry of Propaganda (media) this is what we of the “tea party” want.

On this one all I’ve got to say is sorry libs. This is just bad legislation all around but particularly bad now that you have a commie in the White House. Chortle away.

How about this. “Democrats Pounced”? Like it was a secret agreement or something where the Republicans are always supposed to pass these kinds of things? Is that how it has always been done and now these new guys have come in and “mishandled” it so now they must be pounced on?

Now here‘s the rest of the story. As you can see, in this article it has become “a successful bid” instead of a “mishandled vote”. Are things starting to get clearer? Oh. Perhaps it was intended to be this way. You’re darn right it was. These guys (no sexism intended, if you’re offended go to the Politico now because wait ’till you read this) were sent there to take care of this kind of intrusive legislation. I want to see it all dead. Obamacare, welfare, medicare part ab&c to xy&z. Not to mention AC-DC and foodies. Yes,  ne’er-do-well’s do have a pet name for them and they know how to trade them for beer and cigarettes so raise the tax just as high as you like, your tax dollars will be paying it.

So now, as the smoke clears and things become a little clearer, we have the “old guard” Republicans looking to get on the band wagon before it runs them down next election cycle. Here‘s Orin Hatch (R-Utah) at work. According to the WSJ it’s not looking too good for Orin.

John Boehner (R-Ohio) isn’t doing much better. Look here. He thinks he should be a member of the “Tea Party”. Sorry John, the Tea Party is nothing more than a liberal media plant to confuse the weak of mind. If you are part of the “silent majority” you ARE a member of the tea party. Are you noticing the capitalization here. The Tea Party is just that, a liberal plant. The tea party is nothing more than the silent majority getting vocal in the only way that counts. We ARE, eighty percent of the population and will no longer be pushed around by the big-mouthed liberals. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

The Patriot Act

February 9, 2011

A short note here. The “inadvertent” demise of the patriot act is a very, very good thing. We do not want it to continue. It does not make America safer. It was not a good idea when Curious George got it rammed through and it is not a good idea now for Chairman Zero. I do not have time to make the case here and now. Time is of the essence on this. If you care anything about freedom in America contact your Senators and Representatives now and tell them to let this issue die. Here is your Representative and here is your Senator.

$53 Billion Down The Drain

February 8, 2011

Comrade Obama is at it again. He just won’t let his dream of ruling the world from the back of a train end. According to Reuters the plan is to sink, and I do mean sink, $53 billion of your tax dollars down this never-ending hole.

The reason I treat this so harshly is because I was a mere child when they flushed the Amtrak commode and it hasn’t stopped running yet. The money just flows down the train drain day after day, year after year, decade after decade and nothing gets better. Trains still suck. Trains still lose money. Trains are still subsidized with your tax dollars. People still die at train crossings. All for what? You can’t afford to ride the darn thing and if it gets you where you’re going you don’t have a way to get around while you’re there.

I don’t know why they are so dead set on doing this. Here‘s a story about it. As you can see even the transportation guy and the railroad subcommittee Chairman have “extreme reservations” about this. They compare it to giving  Madoff another shot at your investment portfolio. Again I ask, why?

Right at the beginning of the story you see where House Republicans demonstrate that they “get it”. This requires “private investment”. That’s the crux of the matter. The gubmint has no business in ANY business, much less the train business which is a proven loser.

Then they keep pointing to China as a model. China has no infrastructure. It is a prime subject for this sort of thing. The United States has a fantastic infrastructure that needs to be maintained, not replaced with some antiquated crap. Have I made this point clear? One more time. Trains are a step up from walking on jungle trails. Trains are a giant leap down from riding in custom comfort to your exact destination. Can this get any clearer?

Let’s examine this further. Almost every home in America has a garage and driveway attached to it. The driveway comes right off the road it sits on. Even the apartments have parking lots as do most of America’s destinations. China, on the other hand has none of this. They’re lucky if they have a road. Now, is Comrade Obama asking us to waste all of this? What are his plans? Does he even have any? I find this truly perplexing. The part that really tweaks me is that this all stems from the scam that is global warming. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

The Scam Returns

February 7, 2011

I warned you about this dead horse. Like one of those low-rent B movies it’s a zombie climbing out of the grave. Here’s how it’s working, it’s just Algore and the Krugmeister in a horse suit. Your guess is as good as mine as to who is the back-end. It seems that no matter how exposed this scam becomes the allure is so great that the libs just can’t resist coming back to it. Once again we are in global warming scam hysteria and I think snow might be the trigger. Who knows what drives these libs but here is one of the goofiest stories I have ever read. So really? In essence this guy is saying global warming is causing the riots in Egypt. Did you get that?

I think if we let this Krugman guy anywhere near Algore we’re going to have some kind of chain reaction of Biblical proportions. Two loons this far out in left field would be a catastrophe, much less in a horse suit together. If you get a chance just scan through some of this guys older stuff, a real nutbag. I was amazed at what he wouldn’t blame on global warming. I have a hunch his retirement is invested in Algore’s carbon credit company.

Right now let me set you straight, don’t buy your carbon credits from Algore Industries, go here and get them. Now wasn’t that much easier than you thought it would be? I got 6,875,642,968,821 myself. I figure that ought to cover the rest of my life with plenty to will to my children (although they have probably got just as many). So don’t let me hear about you not having enough for your future enjoyment. Now back to the libs.

As if the Krugmeister wasn’t bad enough look at the program here. These are your tax dollars at work. Are you happy? Wind energy is perhaps the most undependable. And, as an added extra bonus go here to see what happens when it goes wrong. Yeah. That was a lot of money going up in smoke. Just for the heck of it I included this link to the crazy cat lady. You’ll notice that not only was it true but it was one of two. Also, I saw no estimates anywhere as to how much energy was lost. Apparently no power outages were reported. WTF? You would think that a catastrophe this bad would have inconvenienced at least three people. Oh well, until next time, screw environmentalists.

Just Outlaw It

February 4, 2011

We’ve all heard the stories of stupid coming out of California regarding smoking but you had to know this was coming. If not California it would have to be New York City to do this. Outside, where cars are spewing unleaded, rotten egg, poison coupled with brake and rubber dust and burning coolant, where it floats up to the heavens and is whisk away in an instant, it’s really important not to smoke there? So they made it a law?

Of all the crap out there why would they do this. I hate the smell of fire, leaves, garbage, perfume, and animals. Are we going to outlaw these? It all makes me sick, but all these people have a right to do what they are doing. Right? The smell of oil in the cities is unbelievable. Should we make laws for that?

Where does it stop? I’m sick and tired of those stupid bass radios. Where I live if you can hear it more than twenty-five feet from the vehicle it’s a sixty-five dollar ticket. I wonder what kind of pain in the butt that is to enforce. Maybe I’ll start calling on the fourteen a day that drive by my place until they stop or the law gets repealed.

What about vision? If I can see the crap in your back yard and it’s ugly should we outlaw that? Who decides what’s ugly? What if I paint my house puke green? Should that be outlawed? You know, some places are what is known as “deed restricted”. That means people are so anal that they willingly sign away some of their land owner rights so nobody can paint their house puke green or put a ’55 Buick up on blocks in their front yard or paint a toilet flourescent orange and plant geraniums in it.

When I was a little kid my brother and I would ride along in a pickup truck with my mom and dad for like three hours and we would get to the point where my mom would have to sit between us because we were infringing on each others space. Then it would get to the point where we’d be whining about the other one just touching us. Does this crap sound familiar? Is that how juvenile these people are? If this is such a bad thing just outlaw it altogether and quit screwing around. Make it totally illegal. Is there a problem with that? Oh yeah. Money. Until next time, screw environmentalists.

What’s Wrong In Egypt

February 3, 2011

If Hosni Mubarak won’t be running again in September, and the “protestors” wanted him out, why is this still going on? According to the UN (for what that’s worth) world food prices have gone to record highs. Some believe that this is the thing causing the trouble. See that here. I think not. Apparently Kenneth Cole, a fashion designer, thinks they are rioting over his spring collection. See that here. There could be something to this as the Egyptian peasants are a stylish bunch, but I think we may want to delve deeper still.

Limbaugh has been Johnny-on-the-spot here. He keeps questioning why the signs the “protestors” are holding all seem to be in English. He too, wonders why the “protestors” continue on if they have already achieved their goal. What do you think? Are they after more? Are they just looting? Is it the price of corn? Greg Palkot and Olaf Wiig of FOX News were beaten as well as that gay guy from CNN, but an ABC News crew had an offer of beheading. See that here. Is there a hidden agenda that we are not being shown?

Is there something going on here that we are not being told? Who would keep such a thing from the world? Who…is the muslim brotherhood? Ah. We have struck a chord. Here‘s the cleaned up version from the gubmint scrubbed internet. Here‘s their official website. I don’t know, seems pretty docile. So what’s with all the rioting? What’s with this Egypt/Israeli peace deal?

Next order of business. Why is Chairman Zero so adamant about being a Christian all of the sudden. 147,000 results on that in my search engine today. Why so many? Could he be trying to live down that mooslim day thing at the White House? Why would this be important to him at all? How could being a mooslim possibly damage him any more than he is? You know, he never really has warmed up to being POTUS. Do you think he has a plan to become like Leonardo? King of the world? Does he have a Mooslim Brotherhood Official Membership Card? I don’t know. Until next time, screw environmentalists.