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For White Guys Only

February 28, 2011

Hey sports fans, is that a racist title? You betcha it is. Do I care. No way because that would be racist. Confused yet? Let me ‘splain. When you go to the institutions of higher learnin’ it takes a lot of cabbage. So some people look to all kinds of things for funding. There are grants and loans and one of these sources is scholarships.

Now you can get a scholarship for all kinds of things, basketball comes to mind. Football, baseball, art, being black, being female, and now, for the first time, for being a white guy. Yeah really. See that here. I saw this little article first thing this morning and it has just kind of stuck around all day. There’s really nowhere to go with it but the media has just kept it around hoping to incite violence or something. This would be what they call a ‘slow news day’.

The comments are a little racy but no serious fighting as of this writing. Everybody noticed the author looked deep into the founders’ backgrounds for dirt. But the part that really shook me was that it’s only $500.00. That won’t even cover books. But Allah forbid we should help out a white guy in any way, shape or form. Right?

I like the comment that said they fall under the same protection as others or no one does. Hey that sounds fair. WTH? Let me see if I can clear the water, now where’s my mud? Racism, how does it work? I’ve heard some laws quoted here and there. It seems that all are provided the same protection under the law. Does that sound about right?

Next I hear some Alsharpton interpretation of the law (at least I think it was big Al who said) everybody should have the same stuff in their house. Again, WTH? Ok, so I’m supposed to have the same silk feetie jammies that Al has? I don’t even want feetie jammies, and I’m pretty sure Al don’t want the same work boots that I have. Say, is that a racist statement? Think long and hard. Well, does Al want the same work boots I have? But I digress.

Then we have the giant brain (I forget who but I really think it was Al again) that said you must have power in order to perform a racist act. If that’s the case then I can do as I please because I’m low, low, low on the totem. Is that a racist statement? I’m part injun’ does that help? So anyway, back at the ranch, yes. I think the scholarship is racist. BUT. And that’s a big but (no, not Al’s) a lot of them are racist. If…it’s exclusively for some one based on their race, that, my friends, is racist.

Now. Is that a crime? Do you even know anymore? At this point in time do you really care any more? Should the white guys who can’t do their own checkbooks be allowed to give their money to whoever they want based on whatever they want? I’m sure Al has an answer that will make your socks roll up and down like window shades. Until next time, screw environmentalists.