Rancor n: bitter deep-seated ill will. The National Institute for Civil Discourse  is tasked with eliminating rancor from politics. What the heck (WTH)? Why do they always throw money at what they perceive as problems? Libs and Republicans alike. I say Republicans because every true conservative out there is bleeding from their eyes after seeing this crap. But the Rinos? The Rinos have no problem identifying with BS like this. Look who’s in charge, one of the biggest Rinos ever. No, not Arnold. Read my lips…stop wasting my money on touchy feely crap like this. He didn’t listen then why would he now?

So ever since little “Gabby” opened her eyes and winked at Chairman Zero this has been in the works? Is that what I’m to believe? You know what? The “rancor” not only needs to be turned up a notch but directed at ALL the libs attempting to destroy this country, not just the Democrats. There is no compromising with these people. I’ve personally seen it all my life. They take and take and take. And when there’s nothing left to take they expect you to do. And do it their way. Well to heck with them.

Any self-proclaimed conservatives out there that agree with this type of thing need to reexamine their alliances because any Republicans that think they have a free ride in the next election are sadly mistaken. “Bipartisan” and “stepping across the aisle” are not, in themselves, bad things. But when you have limp-wristed conservatives that are willing to compromise their values and hard-nosed libs that have been tearing away at our way of life for a century and more, these things cannot be tolerated.

Why is it that the conservative way always has to give to the liberal way? I say no more. It stops here and we move steadily to the right from here on. We are not in the wrong and I will not be deceived into giving them one more inch. If the libs like their way so much there are plenty of places in the world they can go. France, as always, comes to mind. But Greece and Spain are looking quite gay lately. Yes, if you don’t like my “free speech” pack it up and move to Greece because that’s the way it still is here and as long as I’m alive that’s the way it will stay. The Wisconsin union busting is not just the right thing to do it’s GREAT! I wish I could go bust some union heads but alas, I am too old and no, I am not advising anyone to go start busting heads. It is what the entire country, nay, world needs. I have long known that unions were the root of most evil and insurance companies and lawyers account for the rest. So, with that said, until next time, screw environmentalists.

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