It’s Not Karma

The woman on the TV said the price of everything is going to soar. SOAR? How high? Everything? How can this be? We have the smartest President ever on the job. Right? Apparently not. It would seem our young President has spent money like a drunken moron. As you can see the debt, see here, is at $14 trillion and rising. That is just the value of securities we have outstanding. I think we should go ahead and look at that number dead in the middle. That total debt. That includes everything. How much you owe. How much I owe. How much GM owes. $55 trillion. WHAT? That thing is jumping faster than everything else on the board. That’s because it includes everything else on the board.

Here’s the thing, every body just worries about themselves. Nobody cares about anyone else. It’s all me, me, me. What can the world do for me? What does the world owe me? How can I get my fair share? I can’t believe people are willing to put this burden on their children. Then I go to the mall and look around. Sick and sad. That’s all I’ve got to say about the state of those people. Anywhere. Go. Look. I’m sure there are some good ones but most are just out for themselves. It’s scary.

Oh sure, some pay lip service, “Oh I love my kids.” “I’d do anything for my babies.” HEY! Try paying your debt! “Well, maybe not that, but anything else.” Ok, try not running up any more debt! “Well, I’ve got to have a flat screen, a new car, and a 4G phone, but right after that…” And there’s no end in sight because they are training their “babies” to be just like them. When their young adults need a lesson in frugality they are instead given a lesson on how to borrow more. Sick and sad.

You know? I’ve watched that program on TV, “My Name Is Earl”. It’s ok but it really doesn’t make much sense it’s just funny how anyone could be that dumb. The stuff he did and does. You know it’s not karma that makes his life better or worse it’s just acting decent. It works every time. If you just straighten out and act decent people respond in kind. Everything goes better. Anyway, that’s just my take on it, until next time, screw environmentalists.

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