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Not Perfect

February 14, 2011

I was surprised when Chris Lee resigned over a picture of himself shirtless on the internet. What exactly did Slick Willie do again? Then he was impeached, and still he didn’t resign. Willie actually did the deed and didn’t resign, Nixon might have had knowledge of the deed and resigned in disgrace. WTF?

This perplexes me. I can’t come to grips with it. Why, if you’re a lib, you do as you please and suffer no consequences? But if you’re a conservative you run and hide in disgrace. You bury your face in your hands and weep bitterly like a little girl. WHAT? Chris Lee should have acknowledged his error, apologized and moved on. We lose more good people this way. I want this to stop. Just deal with it.

Oh, so now I’m some kind of slug or something, huh? Well let me tell you what. Here’s the way I see it, I’m not perfect I’m just conservative. Yeah, we make mistakes and do stupid things too. The difference is we feel bad when we do them. We have a sense of right and wrong and when we cross that line we suffer for it. But here’s the thing that I’m trying to get across. Ok, we suffer but why should everybody suffer?

I’ve made my great error in judgement but now, because I’m a Conservative I’m going to make my constituency suffer as well? NO! If they want me out that’s different but if I have made my apologies, I should continue on with my new-found knowledge of stupid actions and be more prudent in the future. I was elected to do a job, that I’m very good at, not because I do or don’t look good shirtless. If enough people really want me gone for such a stupid action they will let me know and take proper action.

Now. Here’s the other one that tweaks me. If you’re a Christian, you’re not perfect. Got it? Unless, of course, you’re Jesus, in which case please forgive me. But the rest of you are not really perfect in spite of what the Ministry of Propaganda (media) says. You know, when you do something wrong, you did something wrong. It’s ok. You’re not perfect. Apologize and move on. I always hate it when a WWJD bumper sticker puts itself in front of me in the fast lane then slows down but I realize that I’m just dealing with a moax. A Christian moax, but a moax just the same. Moax’s can be saved too.

Here it is. Bottom line. You are not perfect. You can not pay for sins. Admit your actions. Apologize. And move on. We need all the good help we can get. Until next time, screw environmentalists.