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Cashing In

February 10, 2011

As a member of the silent majority (AKA tea party) you always hope that the terrible things that you think about politicians and big business are not true. But more and more they are proving, not only to be true but, to go beyond what you originally thought could be the worst case scenario. Such is the case with Jeff Immelt and Chairman Zero. Have a look here. As you all know Chairman Zero is the communist dictator of Amerika. But Jeff Immelt?

Jeff Immelt is the Chairman of the Board and CEO of General Electric (GE). Is that a conflict of interest? Did he appoint himself? I don’t know. Oh well, good work if you can get it. I don’t even think this guy quit his day job at GE to take this new appointment from Chairman Zero.

Anyway, many of you may have heard Glenn Beck speak of GE. He seems to think that they are some kind of evil empire. I think he was even talking about their deathstar one day. But all kidding aside they are one of the big players in the scam that is global warming. Curly fry light bulb (CFL)? That’s GE. Carbon credits? That’s GE. And the list goes on.

Too many times the Senator retires to a cushy six-figure income lobbying for the “company”. Or the Representative retires to a consulting position with the “company”. Are you beginning to see how this works? This is your tax dollars at work in all of this. Who is the only company in Amerika that makes the CFL? You guessed it, GE. There is even an e-mail circulating that demonizes the Chinese bulbs.

With this latest appointment has Chairman Zero secured that position on the board as the youngest Director of GE ever? Only time will tell but for now I just want you squishy libs to know that your fearless leaders are NOT as pure as the driven snow that rings in global warming. Until next time, screw environmentalists.